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Things to do in Murcia

14 Things to do in Murcia

Murcia is a beautiful city in Spain that is not usually one of the first options that go through the…

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Cruises to Antarctica:

Cruises to Antarctica: unique and exotic trips

Antarctica, an icy, challenging, and almost pristine continent in southern South America could be your next cruise destination, why not?…

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tips for flying with kids
Traveling Tips

10 tips for flying with kids safely and carefully

Traveling on a plane with babies or small kids can be an adventure with safety. I grew up as a…

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15 things to do in Geneva: With practical information and map

Geneva is the Swiss city of peace and luxury watches, but it also has other lesser-known faces. We tell you…

Christmas market
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Top selection of Christmas market

Christmas market– Winter is already rampant on our continent, and after bringing you ski , gastronomic  or cultural plans ,…

save money
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5 Ways to Save Money on Honeymoon Travel

Save Money– With the average wedding in America costing around $33,000, the last thing many newlyweds