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Best Beaches in Belize

10 Best Beaches in Belize to visit this 2020

Belize is an English-speaking Central American country that borders the Caribbean Sea and is recognized worldwide for the majesty of…

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Things to Do in Napa Valley

Top 5 Things to Do in Napa Valley

Located in California, the Napa Valley wine region is home to some of the most prestigious wineries in the United…

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10 Tips to enjoy the trip more

Time has become our worst enemy, the pace of life we ​​are getting used to, increasingly prevents us from enjoying…

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Romantic getaways for Valentine's Day
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Romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day

Romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for unusual ideas and destinations for a romantic trip to celebrate…

where to stay in sao paulo
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Where to stay in sao paulo? Best areas to stay safely

Are you confused or have zero information about where to stay in sao paulo? Choosing the right place to stay in…

Andalusia Day
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Andalusia Day: Eight charming getaways through the Andalusia provinces

Andalusia Day– The Day of Andalusia is celebrated in commemoration of the referendum held in 1980 that gave autonomy to…

tips for flying with kids
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10 tips for flying with kids safely and carefully

Traveling on a plane with babies or small kids can be an adventure with safety. I grew up as a…