5 surefire tips to get perfect honeymoon photos. The art of photography certainly cannot be explained in a single article. But there are some simple rules to follow that anyone can experiment with their smartphone. If, for example, you are strolling hand in hand at the beach, with your jeweled sandals in your hands and feet in the sand. You might come across a fabulous sunset to want to capture. For these and other situations that will happen after launching the wedding bouquet. And leaving for the honeymoon, here are 5 essential tips!

1. Locate the horizon line 5 surefire tips to get perfect honeymoon photos

First of all, you will have to identify the horizon line. This does not mean that the photo should necessarily be taken outdoors: you could, for example, find it in a horizontal element that is the background to the place you want to capture, whether it’s a table, a line on the wall, the skyline you see out of a building. Imagine, for example, being on the terrace of a hotel, having a candlelight dinner and exchanging romantic phrases … make sure that your shot is not “crooked” unless you want to give it an artistic cut. It is one of the best honeymoon photos.

2. Avoid unnatural cuts5 surefire tips to get perfect honeymoon photos

Another very important thing to consider in the field of photography concerns the cutting of the same. Do you want to photograph a colorful stall that you have just discovered in the Medina of Marrakech? Try to identify the subject first: a specific product or the entire spice bank, for example. In this way you will have in mind the boundaries to be included in the shot, avoiding unnatural cuts.  It is one of the best honeymoon photos.

3. Choose the best point of view5 surefire tips to get perfect honeymoon photos

Very important, the point of view of the photo is what can determine its final result. Not necessarily it will have to be frontal and central: for example, you could choose a particular angle that manages to capture the entire figure of your wife (or husband) wearing a colorful elegant formal dress, both the mural that is admiring at that moment.

If instead you are a chronic perfectionist and adore geometric precision, then you can not help but follow that imaginary cross between you and the wonderful Gothic cathedral you are about to capture with your camera.  It is one of the best honeymoon photos.

4. Develop the eye for the composition5 surefire tips to get perfect honeymoon photos

The following step to take perfect pictures is about the composition. It must be harmonious and take into account the so-called “visual weight”: this means that there are some elements that, by color and size, “weigh” more than others. This is the case with dark and large figures, compared to light and small objects. Developing the eye for the composition is not something immediate, but can be improved by shooting after shooting. After the first picture, try to ask if it is biased left or right, up or down … and then retired. Our advice is to change often subject, so as to have different and colorful memories of your honeymoon.

5. Attention to time!5 surefire tips to get perfect honeymoon photos

The last factor to evaluate before taking a picture is the time of day. Around midday, especially if your honeymoon is in the summer, the light is very intense, almost perpendicular, and has a very high color temperature. This fact has several negative effects, such as not very intense colors (because saturation is reduced), an increase in contrasts that create sharp differences between bright and dark areas, the creation of accentuated reflections that hide surfaces that you would like to capture.

How to do it then? The advice is to favor photographs taken during the morning, afternoon or evening. After all, it does not seem a bad idea to indulge in an intimate lunch break, followed by a well-deserved siesta in the hotel, after having been pampered with sweet phrases of love … what do you think?  It is one of the best honeymoon photos.


We hope that these tips can be useful for your next trip together and that you can treasure it also to keep forever the wonderful future experiences that you will live as a family. For now, why do not you start practicing yourself using simple elements as a subject? If you have already prepared them, wedding invitations are a great place to start!