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Honeymoon in Malta: the 7 most fascinating attractions. After having organized a great wedding event and having exchanged the phrases for promises of marriage. We believe that you deserve the best: in Malta, you will find a vital atmosphere, which smells so much of history as of uncontaminated nature. We have chosen for you a destination definitely known to most but selecting the most fascinating places for a honeymoon. Courage, write the last wedding participate and enjoy themselves reading what could be the perfect honeymoon for you!

Art in VallettaHoneymoon in Malta: the 7 most fascinating attractions

The center of the life of the Maltese archipelago is undoubtedly Valletta. The capital located on the island of Malta which looks like an intact city-fortress. There are so many things to do here, starting with a romantic walk in the historic center. Where you can admire the balconies of the ancient noble palaces with their bright colors. And discover the two works of Caravaggio that are preserved in the Cathedral of St. John. It is one of the best destination Honeymoon in Malta.

Another priceless work of art is The Palace of the Great Master: it is a building from 1571, which for over three centuries has hosted the headquarters of the Grand Master of the Knights of St. John. Today, in addition to being the residence of the President of the Republic. And the seat of the Parliament of Malta, it has two rooms open to the public. It will be fascinating to dive into the history of Malta admiring the beauty of the tapestries that decorate the Council Chamber or the frescoes guarded in the Supreme Council Hall, representing the great siege of Malta by the Turks in 1565.

Spirituality and romanticism … giants!Honeymoon in Malta: the 7 most fascinating attractions

Whatever your religious beliefs, you will be able to remain fascinated by the spirituality of Gozo’s megalithic temples. Be aware that such Temples of Ggantjia date back to an era prior to the Stonehenge complex (we are talking about 3,600 BC). And that, due to their colossal dimensions, they were believed to have been built by giants. It is no coincidence that the complex was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and certainly deserves a visit: the romantic phrases that you will exchange in this place can only have a colossal reach!  It is one of the best destination Honeymoon in Malta.

The mysterious Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni

Honeymoon in Malta: the 7 most fascinating attractions

Another Maltese attraction that could interest your romantic honeymoon is the mysterious Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni, the only prehistoric underground temple in the world. Even this historic site was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and its construction dates back to 3600 BC The hypogeum was discovered by chance in 1902 following some works and deserves a visit because it goes down three levels underground. As you follow it, hold hands together … think that more than 7000 skeletons were found here! But still, fear will soon leave room for wonder, once you enter the  Oracle Room: here is a hole from which the voice of a man (but not a woman) can be heard throughout the hypogeum … can you believe it?  It is one of the best destination Honeymoon in Malta.

In the blue painting of Blue LagoonHoneymoon in Malta: the 7 most fascinating attractions

After all these cultural routes, you absolutely deserve a little relaxation with the smell of saltiness. But if you are people who can not stay still even at sea, know that Blue Lagoon is the perfect place for you. The so-called Bejn il-kmiemen is located on the island of Comino, overlooking transparent waters rich in fish, white sand, shallow water. Here you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and a swim to the small island of Cominotto, which is a short distance away and you can explore on foot.  It is one of the best destination Honeymoon in Malta.

What do you think of this idea of a honeymoon? To us, it seemed a great combination of relaxation, culture, and sport. Also, know that the immense natural heritage of Malta is the other strong point of an area for which tourism is the main source of income. We bet that now you can not wait to deliver the last wedding favor to start immediately your honeymoon!