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Some reason why you should visit dolomites. The Dolomites are called by the locals ” the most marvelous work of architecture ever created “, and it is hard to blame them. They are very particular and ancient mountains, made of dolomite, a mineral deriving from petrified corals. Corals? Yes, because 250 million years ago they were a coral reef, then the displacements of the plates have destroyed that tropical marine environment. And now remain “only” of the huge towers of rock that rise towards the sky.

Also, for this reason, the Dolomites are not simply mountains. Every visit, every trip, every walk in this extraordinary place is a life experience capable of leaving a mark. You do not have to go far to find simply wonderful places. And the Dolomites are one of the most striking examples. This area of Italy should be visited far and wide. But there is a specific destination that is incredibly undervalued considering the beauty it has to offer: the Cadore.

The Cadore is certainly our favorite reason to tour the Dolomites but is not the only …

5 reasons why you should visit these Dolomites

1. Stay speechless in front of the 3 Cime di LavaredoSome reason why you should visit dolomites

The Cima Piccola, Cima Grande, and Cima Ovest are the most beautiful and breathtaking postcard of the Dolomites. It is very popular to go around these mountains, because it is an easy walk of a few hours but suitable for everyone, even for families. Not for this is a tourist destination: on your way you will find many real travelers attracted by the irresistible call of nature. There are shelters every few kilometers to recharge and the scenery is gorgeous on every side. Some expert hikers climb these spectacular mountains even in winter, with snowshoes, when the only company is that of eagles. For everyone else, summer is the best time to enjoy a travel experience that can fill your soul with beauty.

2. Relax on the shores of the wonderful lakesSome reason why you should visit dolomites

Not far from the 3 Peaks and partly in the Cadore valley are several Natural Parks full of beautiful lakes, mystical and frozen water: Misurina, Braies, Sorapis, Auronzo, Centro Cadore, Carezze and Dobbiaco are the best known. All of them have a legend that characterizes them: there is what guarded the gateway to the underworld, the one that hides the palace of a siren and many other stories of the local tradition that has as protagonists fairies, elves and princesses imprisoned. Each of them has crystal clear waters and is nestled between the peaks and fir forests. The views you can enjoy simply by sitting down to observe these lakes are worth the whole trip price.

3. Satisfy your thirst for adventureSome reason why you should visit dolomites

The beauty of the Dolomites is that you can go all year. In winter they are covered with snow and are perfect for skating, skiing, sledding and the incredible walks with snowshoes. Autumn and spring, everything is filled with colors and it is easy to see hares, foxes, and fawns. In summer you can practice any imaginable sport: via ferrata, trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, slackline in the woods and on the most majestic peaks of the Alps …

Every moment is good to visit the Dolomites, especially if you are one of those people convinced that life should be experienced in adventure, in the world out there and not within four walls. Because the Dolomites have a magnetic charm and when you step in you can not stop: they have too much to offer. You will want to spend as much time as possible in the open air, immersed in beauty.

4. Taste the local cuisine and wineSome reason why you should visit dolomites

When it comes to the Dolomites, many may not immediately think about the culinary tradition. And yet one of the best ways to discover this area is through its extraordinary flavors. On the Dolomites, especially in Cadore, you can find local products that leave you literally speechless. These same products, often created in a traditional way, according to ancient customs, are then used by restaurants, some of which starry, where you can enjoy a total food and wine experience.

The typical products of the area meet the needs of any visitor. Because there are traditional meats and sausages. But also many dishes based on vegetables, in addition to the famous cheeses suitable for any time of day. And let’s not forget the drinks: among red wines, sparkling wines, grappa and the Dolomiti beer you’ll be spoiled for choice.

But in addition to restaurants, there is another way to travel among a thousand flavors: an aperitif at sunset. It is a ritual that you can hardly give up, not only for the quality of local wines. And cheeses but also for the breathtaking views of the mountains, the woods, the lakes. And all that characterizes the Dolomites at first sight.

5. The CadoreSome reason why you should visit dolomites

Il Cadore is one of the most extraordinary territories of the Dolomites, a magical valley full of fascinating places surrounded by a dominant and uncontaminated nature. Despite being just one hour from Venice. And a few kilometers from Cortina d’Ampezzo. And the three peaks of Lavaredo, it remains one of the lesser-known places in the Dolomites.

The reason? Over time the genuineness and purity of this place have kept the “lights of the spotlight” far away. Today, with more and more people living the journey in a very conscious way, hundreds of travelers are realizing the unique beauty of Cadore.