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Lake Erie Beaches

Lake Erie Beaches For A Relaxing Getaway Anytime Of The Year

There is a Lake Erie beach for every bather. Touching the Canadian province of Ontario in the north and the…

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Things to do in malibu

Things to do in malibu

Romantic, luxurious, and extraordinarily beautiful, Malibu is a seaside town frequented by many rich and famous people. With cliff-top homes…

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Things to Do in Spokane

Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Spokane

Just 20 miles from the Idaho border and more than 280 miles east of Seattle. Spokane is the cultural center…

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Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia
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Republic of Khakassia On The Map Of Russia

The Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia and the world. Each of you, of course, knows where Russia…

Balloon Festival
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The 13 Best World Balloon Festival You Have To Attend

Balloon festival have become festivals that gather huge crowds worldwide for the spectacle of seeing dozens of aerostats flying and…

things to see in Marseille
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10 things to see in Marseille: A city of great charm

Marseille is the second most important city in France, just behind Paris, which exceeds in size in the same way…

mountain day

Mountain day: weekend getaways to enjoy the best summits

This December 11 is the International mountain day, reliefs that cover around 22% of the earth’s surface . And have…