Babies on the beach

babies on the beach

Babies on the beach

Babies on the beach- Nothing better than being on the seashore to cool off during the summer . In addition to attenuate the heat by the breeze, the sea is relaxing and very stimulating for children. However, although the beach is good for you, it is not a suitable destination for babies, especially if you are newborn or have a few months of life. If you like to spend all day on the beach, take lots of sun and bathe until the afternoon falls, and now you have a baby, the beach is not the best place to take you on vacation .

Limited time for babies on the beach

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Babies under six months of age can not walk on the beach  because they can never be exposed to direct sunlight. Babies over  six months old  should not go to the beach, because even if they are under an umbrella, the simple reflection of the sun on their skin can cause sunburn, since their skin is very sensitive.

If your baby is more than 8 months old, you can go down to the beach, but within a limited time . For example, 9 to 10 and a half in the morning and afternoon, from 17:00 hours . This will ensure you are protecting you from the most damaging and dangerous sun rays, which are those of the central hours of the day. Early in the morning and at the end of the afternoon you will enjoy the freshness of wetting your feet in the sea, if you wish, and feel the soft touch of the sand without any danger to your health. Once on the beach, do not lose sight of it if you put something in your mouth .

Young children enjoy playing with sand, but try to be under an umbrella at all times. The sand also reflects the radiations. For this reason, keep your child always dressed in a cotton shirt and a cap . If your child has played in the morning on the beach, it is advisable that before or after lunch, the child rest and take a nap. In the afternoon, you can choose a different ride instead of going back to the beach.

Care at the seashore with children and babies

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For those who have chosen to go to the babies on the beach, here are some tips that will guide you when diving in the world of the sea.

#1. Avoid taking babies under 6 months to the beach. Babies of this age do not have the skin prepared to apply protective cream. It could cause allergic reactions . After six months, it is convenient to do a test: apply the cream on the inside of the forearm and see if it is well tolerated.

#2. Protective cream for babies and children. Choose a special photo protective cream for children and baby’s skin, with a protection factor greater than 30 and that is water resistant. Make sure to spread it all over your body, including the nape, feet, hands and ears, at least half an hour before going to the beach. Once there, do not forget to renew it frequently, especially after the bath.

#3. Summer walks. When going out for a walk with your child, do not forget to always display an umbrella or an awning in your car seat so that the baby goes in the shade, and protect your head with a well-placed cap.

#4. Light and light fabrics. Dress your child with very light clothes , cotton, which is breathable.

#5. Fresh water. Always carry in your baby’s bag a bottle of water or a bottle of water for your child. Young children can easily become dehydrated. The smallest, the infants are hydrated with only milk (breast or bottle). To guarantee a cool water, a good idea is to bring a thermos or a small portable cooler. In it you can also take some fruit and / or something refreshing.

The skin of babies

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Babies have soft and extremely vulnerable skin, the slight rubbing of the diaper causes irritation.

When the heat increases it is common for them to develop a rash on various parts of the body, especially in the chest.

The skin of babies is more exposed to infections than adults and needs special care to stay hydrated.

This important organ must be sanitized with products made for babies that contain little perfume and lack other chemicals that could damage it. In each bath, it is recommended to wash it only with our own hands so that the friction is as smooth as possible.

Small children should be dressed with comfortable textiles and according to the season. Your clothes and all blankets, towels and diapers to be used should be washed only soap.

No little baby enjoys the beach, it is only from 1 year of life that, you could fully enjoy the sand and waves.

Finally, babies on the beach an unknown aspect of the rays is that they also have positive effects, since they allow the production of vitamin D in the body, which is responsible for the formation and generalization of bones. They also improve mood and fight pathogens. Taking the baby to the beach is a matter of debate among specialists. No pediatrician agrees with the best age to take the child to the beach for the first time. Some advise not to do it before the first 6 months of life, others after the first year. As we are not judges or parties, we chose to provide you with various information so that you can choose when to take your child to know the sea.


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