How to prepare a party on the beach

party on the beach

How to prepare a party on the beach

Summer is as short as it is beautiful, why do not you celebrate it by preparing a party on the beach? In the collective imagination, summer is synonymous with the beach. Warm weather and long days invite you to spend more time outdoors. The beach puts us in touch with nature. In addition, it is the place where we get rid of our clothes and our daily obligations. By the sea, we are more authentic. That’s why it’s a perfect place to organize carefree parties that can last even until dawn. If you have the privilege of living or vacationing on the coast, take note of these ideas to make a unique party at your favorite beach.

Suggestions for a party on the beach

party on the beach

The first thing is to choose the perfect place. It must be an area where activities are allowed and no one is disturbed. Once our beach is located, we can get to work.

Marine-inspired decoration

It may seem redundant, but in reality it is about achieving a much more tropical and marine environment. We suggest you use decorative items such as treasure chests, jars with candles, shells and starfish, umbrellas with mobile decorations or fishing nets as awning. Take your imagination.


The good thing about summer is that we can spend the night outdoors without the cold being uncomfortable. And both the sunset and the sunrise on the beach are spectacles worthy of contemplation. So not to spend the evening in the dark, use lanterns or paper lamps that will give a very cozy atmosphere. Find out if bonfires can be made on the chosen beach and if it is allowed, take advantage of it. A party on the beach around a bonfire can be an event that touches perfection. You can also use torches stuck in the sand.


The parties on the beach ask for simplicity and naturalness, so the theme of the meal should not be too complicated. Fresh fruit is the most appealing and healthy option on hot days. If you care about the presentation, it will be at the height of the sweetest treat. In juices, smoothies or skewers. Chopped into fun shapes, with yogurt or sorbet. If you want to offer something more elaborate, it is best that conditions a zone for a brunch and present snacks , sandwiches and snacks for diners. And, of course, do not forget the cocktails!


To be outdoors, you have to create corners where guests can feel comfortable and sit or lie down to see the stars without your piney cola is filled with sand. Use rugs, lounge chairs and cushions to create chill out  areas to relax.


The finishing touch of any party worth its salt. It does not take an orchestra, because as we have said, an event on the beach should be something casual and natural. A friend who knows how to play an instrument such as the guitar, the ukulele, some percussion, even a violin! And your party will have become the perfect plan.

If what you have in mind is to organize a more formal event like a wedding on the beach, here you can find some ideas that are sure to be useful.

Do not forget to leave the place as you found it, or even cleaner. Collect all the rubbish and remind your guests to do the same.

Summer has its days numbered. Although the beach is beautiful all year round, the holiday season is complicated after the holidays. So take advantage of these days and organize a special day or night for you and your friends.

Plan your event: where to start

best party on the beach

A perfect party on the beach party starts with the perfect beach. Look for beaches in your area that are large enough for your party and have crystal clear waters for swimming. Check if on the beaches it is allowed to celebrate parties late, consume alcohol and make bonfires. On some beaches it may be necessary to make a reservation or request a permit weeks or even months in advance.

When you submit a request to use a beach space, always indicate the size of your guest list, the supplies or resources you need, when your event begins and ends, where party on the beach you want to carry it out, if you are going to Serve alcohol and the party format you have planned. If you plan to mobilize materials for the design of the space, such as a stage or tables and chairs, indicate when and how you will transport those items to and from the beach.

Prepare a plan B in case of inclement weather. Bad weather or extreme weather conditions can ruin the experience, so you must have an adequate alternative space so that the party is not over. Celebrate your event in a hotel next to the beach that has the necessary equipment for activities party on the beach.

Find the perfect activities for your party

top party on the beach

Activities party on the beach, such as finding objects, games, sports or dance parties, are ideal for entertaining guests and making them relate to each other. In addition, contests such as karaoke or sand castle construction competitions can generate camaraderie. If your party has a specific theme, brainstorm activities that maintain the same focus. For example, would it be a good idea to project a classic summer movie on ​​a screen?

Promote your event

If your event party on the beach is a party with a closed list, add a personal touch by sending themed invitations to your guests, such as a sand cube or a beach ball. Send the invitations well in advance to give the guests time to respond and prepare properly. Do not forget to include the relevant information for the guests: the location of the event, the dress code, the availability of parking, the participation guidelines and the plans in case of inclement weather.

When planning a public event on the beach, establish a maximum number of attendees or refer to the beach rules. You can use a digital ticketing automation service to sell the tickets, control the registration of the event and transmit the relevant information to your guests.

Make sure everything goes smoothly

discover party on the beach

It’s the big day! Be sure to get to the beach with a copy of your permit, license and any other relevant information. If you are worried about the weather, keep your eyes open and determine when  to move the guests in case you need to relocate them. Clearly mark all available parking spaces for guests arriving at the event in their own car. Also indicate the path to follow if the parking lot is far from the event site.

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