Beach or city Where to spend New Year 2019?

spend New Year

Beach or city Where to spend New Year 2019?

Do not you know where to  spend new year? Here we tell you everything you can do  in seven beach and city destinations  during the end of the year parties. Get inspired with these ideas and make a very fun trip.

Spend new year in Acapulco

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Go to the  Mega Imperial Fair of Acapulco  that is celebrated the last two weeks of the year. Its musical billboard has concerts for all tastes; of electronic music, Cumbria, reggae ton and band. Every year the main concert is the night of December 30th.

The night of December 31  wins a place on the beach to see the fireworks that explode all along the bay; it is estimated that more than 100,000 shots of lights are launched. This show can be enjoyed from several of Acapulco’s beaches such as La Condense, Tamarinds, Cal era and Puerto Marques.

The best clubs in Acapulco also have parties for the spend new year ; the best atmosphere is lived in the Palladium, the Classic of the Sea, the Algebraic and the famous Baby O’.

What to do in Acapulco?

Acapulco is one of the best places in Mexico to enjoy the sea and the beach.  If you like sports here you will find many options for diving, surfing, snorkeling or river rafting.

Going to see the cliff divers of La Queered  is an essential part of your visit to the port. The presentations start from noon and are repeated every hour until ten o’clock at night.

New Year in Plays Del Carmen

spend New Year

On the Fifth Avenue  of Plays Del Carmen  are  thousands of people gather in the mood to party to spend the last day of the year . We suggest you arrive early and enjoy the restaurants, bars and boutiques of this famous cobblestone street. At 12 o’clock at night the fireworks shine and hugs and good wishes abound.

If you want to be among the first  in Mexico to receive the new year,  go by ferry to Ila Murderess, where Punts Sue is the easternmost point of the entire Mexican territory and as such, where the first rays of the new year’s sun are received. .

What to do in Plays Del Carmen?

Spend a full day at  Xcaret Park,  which has the perfect mix of adventure, entertainment and contact with nature. We recommend your cenote tour  that takes you to know four different, where you can swim and snorkel.

 Take the opportunity to go to the  Archaeological Zone of Tumult and see that this place fills you with energy and transmits the power of the Mayan ancestors.

New year in Puerto Larval

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-Go to the pier to see the  fireworks that form throughout the bay. The joke is to arrive early and enjoy the music and atmosphere that is armed in the main square.

 Schedule a boat tour  to start the new year on the high seas. We recommend the so-called Rightmost de la Niche, which includes a stop at a private beach to dine under the stars and enjoy a Mexican dance show.

What to do in Puerto Larval?

Larval is one of the best destinations for adventure sports. It’s your chance to try new sports like the  Fly board, a board that fits your feet and makes you fly pushed by jets of propulsion.

 If you want to spend a day without hurry or complications, settle in the papal of Plays DE loci Puerto that have drinks and seafood service from local restaurants at very good prices.

New year in Los Cabot

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The Medan Beach, in Cabot San Lucas is the perfect place to watch the fireworks either sitting on the sand or from the terrace of some restaurants and bars in the area scenario.

The Casa Dora hotel celebrates the most lit New Year’s party in Los Cabot, in which the dress code is white. Here you have the fun resolved throughout the night as live music groups and also a DJ are presented. The entrance includes a buffet dinner and unlimited drinks.

What to do in Los Cabot?

San Jose led Cabot is to relax with the rhythm of small town that still conserves, there you will enjoy excellent restaurants, art galleries and craft shops. Cabot San Lucas is the part where all the action happens: sports, adventure,  luxury resorts and lots of parties.

Take a yacht tour to get to the iconic  Arno DE Los Cabot, having “that” photo is indispensable to be able to show off your trip.

New Year in Mexico City

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If you want to dance and drink in the capital, go to the bars of the Condense neighborhood and the Roma Nortel neighborhood.

The restaurant  Au Pied de Cochin , inside the President Intercontinental Hotel celebrates the night of San Silverware on December 31, following the tradition of France. Your seven-course menu will satisfy any pending cravings you might have before closing the year.

What to do in Mexico City?

 Mexico City is one of the cities with the most museums in the world. The indispensable for all Mexicans is Anthropology and History, if you like art the Soumaya Museum and for families the Papalote Museo del Niño.

Nothing like a theater night to feel cosmopolitan. The novelty is the musical of The Lion King that is presented at the Teatro Telcel and continues its functions during the holiday season.

New year in San Miguel de Aliened

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Spend the afternoon of December 31  in the Plaza Aliened to see how it is filled with atmosphere, music and flares. At 12 o’clock at night the fireworks explode in the sky over the beautiful Cathedral of pink quarry.

The most exclusive place to welcome the year is the rooftop  bar at the Rosewood hotel; In his Luna bar they serve delicious tapas, wine and cocktails.

 The MOXI Restaurant at the Hotel Matilda celebrates the New Year with a luxurious dinner surrounded by works of contemporary art and the unique design that distinguishes this place.

What to do in San Miguel de Allende?

Walk the cobblestone streets to experience the bohemian atmosphere  of this city; check out the galleries and buy handicrafts and textiles in the Center’s boutiques.

 Enter the E Romanticize Cultural Center to enjoy its wooded patio and see the free art exhibitions.

New year in Vaquero

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On the night of December 31 go to the New Year’s Eve at the Zeneca Garden. Musical numbers are presented in the central kiosk and they count before 12 o’clock at night. This square is filled with stalls of snacks and hot drinks.

What to do in Vaquero?

Enjoy the squares and gardens of the Historic Center, spaces surrounded by beautiful Baroque architecture. During December and January, Christmas parties are organized with students, parades of cars and serenades that run through the most traditional neighborhoods of the city.

Dedicate a day to do the  wine and cheese route in the magical towns of Equidistant, Caretaker and Bernal. We recommend visiting Finch Sale Rive de Frenetic, to toast the spend New Year with sparkling champagne.

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