An Introduction to Camping & Hiking


An Introduction to Camping & Hiking

Before we begin..

Hiking and camping is a good way to get away from whatever is going on in the world today.

It’s a great way to exercise and keep your body in shape but camping and hiking can also be a good way to relax and enjoy the magnificent beauty of nature. It depends on why you go camping and hiking.

People who truly enjoy camping and hiking have been blamed for escaping from reality. The problem is, reality is often mistaken with everyday modern life.

Are the tall buildings and sky-scrapers more real than the beautiful mountains in nature? Is what we watch on TV more real?

We live so long in a dream that we think it’s the only reality. Nature is the other reality that has been around a lot longer but most of us forget what it’s like to be in nature.

We invite you to experience the exciting world of trekking in the woods, climbing mountains, campfire cooking, sleeping in the open and the great wonders of nature.

Hiking Trails – Five Popular Hiking Trails from Around the World

When you use a hiking trail you are less likely to get lost than if you were hiking in virgin territory. It’s also a lot safer and predictable. There are a thousands of hiking trails from around the world.

Some are good and some are bad but the ones we’re going to mention are the good ones that have variety, scenery, unique offering and are very popular.

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a 2,174 mile hike along the ridgeline of the gentle mountains of eastern America. This hiking trail is 3 hours drive away from most east coast cities.
The hiking trail offers both backcountry hiking experience and a glimpse of small town American rural life. They’re also known for their vibrant community of long distance hikers.
If you go the whole way, it takes 5 months on average to complete this hiking trail. We recommend that you go in spring for the magnificent view of the hills colored with wildflowers.

West Highland Way

This is the oldest hiking trail in Scotland and runs from Milngavie near Glasgow to Fort William. It runs along the shores of the largest freshwater loch in the UK and follows historical roads.
The hiking trail is about 95 miles long and it takes about a week to complete.
There are a lot of excellent lodgings on the way are really quite cheap. Camping is only permitted in designated areas.
This hiking trail has a lot to offer from lochs to farmlands to moors. Magnificent views are quite common.
It is popular in summer and lodgings are usually fully booked so if you want to go in the summer you need to make early bookings for the lodgings.

Inca Trail

The Inca trail in Peru is a high altitude hiking trail that leads to the sacred city of the Incas in the cloud forests of Machu Picchu.
The 42 mile hiking trail climbs two highland passes via a series of Inca ruins before reaching Machu Picchu through “The Gateway of the Sun”.
Since this is a high altitude hiking trail you need to spend at one day acclimatizing in Cusco before you start you that you don’t get altitude sickness while hiking.

Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail goes through some of America’s most stunning wildernesses including Yosemite National Park, the John Muir Wilderness and the Glacier Peak Wilderness.
The 2,700 mile hiking trail has a variety of landscapes, from scorching deserts to alpine peaks, and elevations form sea level to 4,023 metres. It takes 5 months to complete the whole hiking trail but shorter options are also available.

Pyranean Haute Route

This hiking trail straddles the Franco-Spanish border running from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.
Here you’ll find terrain that requires some cross-country navigation skills and a high level of fitness. This hiking trail is not for the beginner.
The 600 mile treacherous hiking trail hiking trail takes 40 to 50 days to complete and some parts of it are one the most remote and least populated areas in Europe.

Now, if you’re travelling abroad you need a camping equipment like hiking backpack that’s more towards the travel spectrum.

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