How crochet can boost your social circle

How crochet can boost your social circle

Why do people enjoy crocheting?

Crocheting has become a wonderful way of meeting people, with clubs meeting all over the country. For some people, getting together with like-minded people can be a real lifeline. It is also an excellent way for beginners to learn new tips from those who are more experienced.

Learning to crochet can be one of the best decisions you will make as not only is it a lovely pastime that can see you creating all kinds of wonderful garments, but it can be good for your health, with its stress-busting properties.

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According to the BBC  one young lady described crocheting as therapy, when learning to deal with her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She learned to crochet after being unable to enjoy her more energetic hobbies and has since been able to crochet the entire cast of Strictly Come Dancing 2022.

Crochet kits, such as those seen at can be a straightforward way of learning to crochet and the satisfaction you get from creating your first cushion or blanket will have you planning your next creation. Crochet blanket kits can provide you with everything you need to get started.

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Benefits of crocheting as a hobby.

Crocheting can be done anywhere, with little equipment, making it portable and easy to do on a lunch break at work, whilst travelling or even on holiday. Once you have picked up the basics, you can maintain a conversation or watch television whilst crocheting, ensuring it fits around family life.

Crocheting can be an excellent hobby for those with arthritis as it can help with dexterity. Whilst we recognise the importance of working out the rest of our bodies, our hands can be forgotten about.

It is a relaxing pastime that does not require a lot of focus, so it can be helpful to those with mental health issues or even learning difficulties, giving them much-needed tranquillity and downtime. The sense of achievement at the end, has wonderful mood-boosting properties.

Importantly, crocheting is an inexpensive hobby to begin, making it accessible to all.

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