Sozopol Bulgaria: tourist resort on the coast of the Black Sea in Bulgaria

Sozopol Bulgaria: tourist resort on the coast of the Black Sea in Bulgaria

Sozopol may get lost a bit in the shadow of cities like Sofia, Varna, and Plovdiv, however, those who discover it and have the opportunity to spend a shorter or longer period there realize that on certain points of view it can give much more. It is located in the Burga district and is a city ​​in Bulgaria that overlooks the beautiful coasts of the Black Sea. It has just under 6000 inhabitants.

If you are a lover of Eastern Europe and you like to spend summers on the beach, I am sure that you have already heard about it and you would like to organize your next holidays right here!

The Bulgarian cities bordering the Black Sea can count on a milder climate even in winter. Not compared to ours, of course, but to that of mainland Bulgaria which in winter can reach really low temperatures.

I, therefore, recommend that you visit Sozopol between May and October when the temperatures are favorable and you can also enjoy their beautiful sea.

What to see and what to do in Sozopol

Maybe you don’t want to dedicate a whole holiday to it, but one or two days do. It is a viable choice as it is located only 35 km south of Burgas. The first thing I suggest you see is the Historic Center as well as the Old Town. It is located in the bay of Sozopol, on the Stolez peninsula. It is connected with the island of San Cirillo thanks to an artificial isthmus.

The whole city is within this tiny peninsula and is considered the oldest city in Bulgaria overlooking the Black Sea. Its historic trading port also makes it quite popular among traders.

Sozopol Bulgaria Beaches

Let’s start with the beaches. When it comes to places on the Black Sea, I think they are the first to name. It certainly does not happen every day the opportunity to lie down on the fine beach that points to this beautiful sea. The most beautiful are:

  • Djuni beach: it is located around a large bay and the water is really clear and crystalline. The sand is golden and what makes it truly unique are the suggestive dunes. It is about 4.5 km long and 100 meters wide. Find all the things you need nearby. From snorkeling services to tennis courts, up to restaurants and bars.
  • Golden Fish Beach: it is the oldest and most suggestive seaside resort. It is large and is equipped with all comforts. Behind it then there is a beautiful campsite. The clear and clean water attracts surfers from all over the world and there is a surf school not far away.
  • Harmani Beach: There are only two lidos in the city and one is Harmani. The beach is wide and is made up of fine golden sand. In high season it has the pride of being quieter than many other beaches. The blue sea becomes deeper and deeper towards the open sea. Be careful though, especially if you have children with you, because some parts of the sea are dangerous due to the whirlpools underwater. Near the beach you will find various restaurants and kiosks where you can drink and eat. It is also well equipped for sunbeds and umbrellas.
  • Central Beach of Sozopol: it is the other beach of the city. Between July and August it is very crowded and you will hardly find a place. So I advise you to go there early in the morning. It shares with the others the beauty of the sand and the clear sea.

If the beaches of Sozopol during the day are perfect for relaxing, in the evening they become a meeting point for young and old who want to have fun and go dancing. In fact, the beaches come alive.

Night activities in Sozopol

In Sozopol the night is alive. You can in fact go for a drink in the many small clubs present or go dancing. Do not clearly expect to find the nightlife of Sofia, Plovdiv, or Varna, in any case, you can still have fun and spend pleasant evenings.

Sozopol Bulgaria Architecture

Old Town is a point of interest in Sozopol. Take the time to walk within its walls and if you have time, do it in the evening. It is well lit and there are many restaurants on the terrace that overlooks the sea.

Ravadinovo Castle

The tour in this castle takes about 3 hours and is open from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. Describing it is not enough, you have to see it. The gardens all around are very well kept and when you arrive in front of the castle you feel like you are in front of a fairytale castle. Pure coincidence? I would not say. It was built precisely with the intention of achieving this effect. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail and it is the perfect destination if you have children with you. They will be struck and fascinated. Some areas of the castle are still under construction.

The old part of Sozopol

You absolutely must see all the old parts of Sozopol, enriched by the characteristic Bulgarian wooden houses. There are many restaurants and also several churches to visit. The view is also beautiful, it points to the rocks and the sea.

Church of the Holy Mother

The Church of the Holy Mother is one of the oldest in Sozopol. It is inserted in a small but characteristic garden. Here you can really find some peace, it is as if it were an oasis. Inside the church, you will find various wooden sculptures. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take photographs.

What to eat in Sozopol

When you enter a restaurant in Sozopol you are really spoiled for choice. Menus are almost always translated into English too and most of the waiters speak the language. You can eat the typical dishes of Bulgaria which often involve the use of yogurt, a fundamental element of their gastronomy. Bulgarian yogurt is made from cow’s and sheep’s milk. The meat dishes are exquisite, with pork and lamb being the most popular. In fact, the meat is seasoned with yogurt.

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