5 romantic activities for a California honeymoon

5 romantic activities for a California honeymoon

5 romantic activities for a California honeymoon

5 romantic activities for a California honeymoon. Famous throughout the world for its libertine culture and its cutting-edge technologies, California will also surprise you as a romantic destination for your honeymoon. We invite you to take a break from writing wedding invitations to read our article about it, hoping that – when you’re done – you’ll know exactly where to go to celebrate the wedding vows that you’ll exchange!

1. Admire Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory5 romantic activities for a California honeymoon

If your honeymoon is in California, a stop in Los Angeles cannot miss. Here you will find the Griffith Observatory: an astronomical observatory open to the public, located on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood, in Griffith Park. Every day (except Mondays) you will have the opportunity to admire the iconic city of angels from a truly exclusive point of view and exchange phrases of love under the last lights of the sunset. Do you prefer to wait until the downtown lights up with magical skyscrapers? Don’t worry, the observatory remains open until 10 pm.

2. A wine tasting in the Napa Valley5 romantic activities for a California honeymoon

Yes you know, Italian wines are famous abroad as among the best in the world, but did you know that California also boasts excellent labels? If you are a wine lover or simply a wine tasting enthusiast, your honeymoon in the States cannot exclude a visit to Napa Valley. This wine-producing land is located north of San Francisco and is full of wineries where you can try exclusive bottles of local production, in a valley so big that you completely abandon the beauty of the surrounding nature.

3. Swap a kiss under the arch of Pfeiffer Beach5 romantic activities for a California honeymoon

Is the sea your element and can’t you resist its charm at any time of day? Treat yourself to a relaxing day by the ocean, soaking up the sun on Pfeiffer Beach. Here you will not only be able to walk with your feet immersed in the characteristic “purple sand” of this part of the Californian coast but also take a truly exclusive photograph. This place is, in fact, famous for its sun portal, a rocky arch that at sunset is crossed by the rays of the sun, creating a really suggestive play of lights. What better setting for one of the first kisses you will exchange as a husband and wife?

4. A romantic dinner in North Beach5 romantic activities for a California honeymoon

San Francisco is perhaps the most attractive of the cities of California, for its famous cable cars that go up and down the city, for the charm of the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in the fog of the bay and for its restaurants of first choice. Among these, you cannot miss those that enliven the North Beach neighborhood with the chatter of the patrons, among whom we suggest you mix. It is, in fact, the Italian quarter of the city, where you can taste authentic Bolognese lasagna, pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven as per tradition and starred dishes worthy of a truly special honeymoon.

5. How, how much and when?

Finally, here is some practical information to fully enjoy your California honeymoon. To begin with, you will have to take into account that from Italy the air journey will last about 15 hours, including a stopover in a city like Rome, Frankfurt, Paris or Amsterdam. When is it best to leave? Basically always: throughout the year, temperatures never drop below 15 degrees, with the sole exception of the San Francisco Bay, which tends to be cooler especially in the summer months. To move from one place to another we recommend renting a car, due to the vast American distances and the lack of more effective public transport.

Finally, we suggest that you plan a trip of at least two weeks. It is, in fact, the time necessary both to recharge the batteries after the intense day spent wearing the wedding dress and groom and to adapt to the 9 hours of the time zone that you will have to face.

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