Aruba honeymoon: a journey with feet in the sand

Aruba honeymoon: a journey with feet in the sand

Aruba honeymoon: a journey with feet in the sand

Aruba honeymoon: a journey with feet in the sand and a heart that beats at the Caribbean rhythms. Global Tourist – Aruba Tourist Office – has no doubts: the island of Aruba ranks among the most requested destinations by Italian tourists, especially those who have just exchanged phrases for marriage. Couples choose it to call themselves romantic phrases as they stroll along its white beaches, to the picturesque architecture of its cities and to the quality of the services offered by resorts and clubs where the Caribbean rhythms follow. Are you wondering if this is your ideal honeymoon? We tell you all the secrets of this paradisiacal destination, in the heart of the Caribbean.

Paradise is made of sand Aruba honeymoon: a journey with feet in the sand

The most famous bays on the island are Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. The first houses the best luxury hotels in the area and water sports center while the second is ideal for those who love tranquility. It is a secluded oasis protected from chaos, where it will be easy to indulge in total relaxation. Here you can also admire the famous Divi Divi, trees with trunks woven like wool threads … a true work of natural art. It is one of the best places for Aruba honeymoon.

…and culture with Caribbean rhythms!

But not only! Aruba also reserves beauties for architecture lovers: the capital Oranjestad, located on the southern coast, is famous for its picturesque multi-chromatic architecture, the result of the fusion of Dutch and Spanish styles. Here the houses are all clad in pastel shades, almost like marzipan. Of course, there is no shortage of museums, typical small shops, and restaurants where you can enjoy excellent fresh fish, and then end the day admiring the sunset, lulled by sweet phrases of love.

If instead, your ideal evening follows the rhythm of merengue, salsa, and bachata, you are in the right place. In Aruba, music is not just a background, but a real company that. together with the inevitable presence of the sun, earned the island the title of ” One Happy Island “. It is one of the best places for Aruba honeymoon.

A 100% green islandAruba honeymoon: a journey with feet in the sand

You may not imagine it, but the Caribbean island is lined for 18% with a nature reserve: the Arikok Park. Among the cacti and the rich vegetation of this green area, there are numerous historical sites, unique geological formations, and many animal species. Book an organized excursion in one of the agencies on the island, without missing the experience of using a compelling quod or an off-road vehicle. It is one of the best places for Aruba honeymoon.

But the island of Aruba is also green from another point of view: it is a virtuous example of collective conscience aimed at fighting global warming, as it invests in alternative energies and shows the intention to become one of the first islands totally eco-sustainable on the planet. The projects and initiatives that are taking place on the island range from education and training on good environmental practices to urban redevelopment, from the protection of the ecosystem to the use of green energy and new technologies.

Under the Aruba sunAruba honeymoon: a journey with feet in the sand

Aruba seems “too perfect” and are you wondering if you are hiding some flaw? We regret to disappoint you, but during your stay, you can easily reproduce the bridal hairstyle for long hair … the risk of getting wet or getting upset is very low. Being outside the hurricane route, Aruba is indeed safe from storms and boasts a pleasant climate all year round. Moreover, the island is the Caribbean one with more sunny days, still keeping aired thanks to the trade winds that blow you every day. As for the average temperature, it is around 28 degrees and, no … it’s not humid at all!

The Caribbean you don’t expect: Aruba street art

But it is leaving the most beaten paths that you have the opportunity to discover the most hidden and unique sides of the island. Move south and reach the town of San Nicolas: you will come across so in its colorful murals, which will make you the backdrop to splendid photographs, making you wish you had brought with you the lace wedding dress to replicate the wedding photo report. Created by artists from all over the world and local talents, they are renewed every year during the Aruba Art Fair, in which San Nicolas becomes a festive riot of colors.

Practical info (and some curiosities)Aruba honeymoon: a journey with feet in the sand

Just to give you an idea, the island of Aruba is tiny but full of beauty: along its 180 square kilometers, you can walk on sand rich in shells and corals, which stays fresh even during the hottest hours of the day. At certain times of the year you may even encounter sea turtles and, if you are lucky, witness the thrilling spectacle of hatching.

But how do you get to this little paradise? First of all, know that there are daily air connections with Air France-KLM and American Airlines from the main Italian cities, in addition to the possibility of booking tour packages in conjunction with the United States or South America. It is one of the best places for Aruba honeymoon.

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