Buddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

Buddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

Buddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

Buddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends! Do you have any dear friends with whom you have already traveled in the past and have been very close to you even during the wedding preparations? Have your best friends been instrumental in helping you choose the perfect wedding dress for all of you? Are they helping you make your own wedding place cards? If you want to involve them even after the wedding, here’s an idea that comes overseas: the Buddy Moon!

What is a Buddy Moon?Buddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

Imagine your wedding trip surrounded by your dearest friends: that’s what the Buddy Moon is! Buddy in English means “friends/companions” and moon “moon”: it is literally a honeymoon in which the newlyweds bring the best friends with them! This new form of interpreting the honeymoon is known since Vip as Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have made it a real trend: the couple inaugurated the Buddy Moon in 2015 when they disappear in Bora Bora with their closest friends. Since then honeymoon offers have multiplied offering packages with travel, accommodation, and activities for newlyweds and their friends!

Romance and funBuddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

Both things. With Buddy Moon, you can enjoy romantic moments with your partner and at the same time, you can have fun with your friends. Before deciding who will bring with you it is desirable that you think well to consider only the most intimate friends, your confidants, those who know your love story closely and of whom you have deep trust.

Preserve your intimacyBuddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

Do not forget, however, that it is your honeymoon! With the excuse that the newlyweds should also enjoy exclusive moments in pairs, reserve enough time to pass only the two of you. In this way, you will leave time and space for your friends to do what they prefer and avoid situations of tension: the friends themselves will be grateful to be able to move freely as they want.

PlanningBuddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

The idea is that the honeymoon is for the bride and groom to rest and detach from the stress due to the wedding preparations, so the ideal is that your organization will not take away more time. In the case of Buddy Moon, it is customary for your best friends to plan everything, obviously respecting the couple’s preferences. Usually, destinations that combine relaxation and some activities are the favorites, followed by adventure trips. It is important to plan a “travel plan” and pass it on to the chosen friends sufficiently in advance. Looking for a specific package of Buddy Moon or simply an all-inclusive group trip could be the best option to simplify all the steps to follow and to make it even cheaper.


Buddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

Traveling in groups it is preferable to establish a quota limit per person and establish a collective fund for common expenses: in this way, everyone will be engaged with the same amount and there will be no unpleasant surprises that can ruin the party. In some cases, if they can afford it, it is the friends themselves who invite the married couple by paying them the cost of the trip, but the general rule is that everyone pays his own.

The sooner it is better

Buddy Moon: the honeymoon with friends

When does the Buddy Moon start? Immediately! You should leave immediately after marriage to dissolve as soon as possible the stress accumulated in the previous months. Also because if you postpone the trip due to problems of availability of your friends, you risk that in the end, you will not do it anymore.

Is it better to announce it to everyone?

If you have neighbors or close friends who will not be with you, it may be that they may be hurt by knowing that your best friends will participate in your honeymoon. Perhaps the idea is to keep silence and perhaps to tell it later, without giving it too much importance. On the day of your wedding, you will have to stay calm and serene towards all the guests.

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