Honeymoon in China: discover the unmissable destinations!

Honeymoon in China: discover the unmissable destinations!

Honeymoon in China: discover the unmissable destinations!

Beijing, Shanghai, the Great Wall are names that evoke images of mystery and remote events in the world. If you are thinking of facing an adventure honeymoon. There is no doubt that China will be the right destination for you. On the other hand, you deserve a bit of healthy relaxation after months of intense prenuptial preparations characterized by endless tests of wedding dresses, menu research, choice of floral decorations, sending of wedding invitations and so on!


From this point of view, China will not betray your expectations as it is an ideal country for any type of traveler thanks to the diversified. And fascinating territory that it presents. And that ranges from mountainous areas to the plain, passing through the crystalline sea in the southern part of the country, particularly in the island of Hainan, called “the Hawaii of China”.

In this article, we want to show you the unmissable destinations of this suggestive continent that will make you forget in a blink all the Pronovias wedding dresses that you have tried and tried again. As well as those jeweled sandals you have been struggling to complete your bridal outfit.

Beijing: what to visitHoneymoon in China: discover the unmissable destinations!

Beijing (or Beijing) is an ancient and at the same time modern city, very lively. Where you will be able to visit ancient ruins like the incomparable Great Wall of China with its powerful structures that date back to the Ming era. It is one of the best destinations honeymoon in China.

Another architectural site that deserves interest is represented by the immense Summer Palace. One of China’s largest imperial gardens. Where you will immerse yourself in a succession of magical places, in which – it must be said – you will also walk a lot, so it is important that you wear a pair of comfortable shoes for the occasion. Finally, the Forbidden City. In the heart of Beijing or the imperial palace of the Ming. And Qing dynasties is another of the must-see attractions to see.

Shanghai, the metropolis par excellence

Shanghai is the international metropolis of China where you will hear more English than Chinese. Here you will find a wide range of museums, buildings built according to colonial architecture, gardens, parks, and commercial areas. But if you are a fan of modern buildings, Shanghai will give you a lot of satisfaction thanks to the succession of skyscrapers. And buildings like the World Financial Center or the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. It is one of the best destinations honeymoon in China.

From Beijing to the ancient Silk Roads

4 days in Beijing will be enough to know the tourist places of interest. From there you can travel by train or bus to Datong in Shanxi province to see the Buddhist splendor of the Yungang caves just outside the city. You can then reach Wutai Shan, the sacred mountain of Chinese Buddhism.

Where you can stop a few days before leaving for Taiyuan. And then travel back to the wonderful city of Pingyao. From Taiyuan, you can also go to Kaifeng and enjoy this historic city for a couple of days. It is one of the best destinations honeymoon in China.

It is from the latter city that you can head to Luoyang. And admire the Longmen caves by train and, finally, you can travel by train to Xi’an, the ancient capital of the Tang dynasty where it is advisable to stop for a few days to see the world-famous terracotta warriors and visit Mount Hua Shan. Xi’an is traditionally considered the starting point of the silk roads. It is from here that you can then return to Beijing by plane, thus concluding your journey.

Other classic itineraries

Obviously, there are innumerable tourist itineraries for your honeymoon in China. Another classic route involves exploring the south-east area from Hong Kong or another area of ​​the coast and commercial ports from Beijing to Hong Kong and Macao, passing through Shanghai.

You will be spoiled for choice and the security of being transported on a journey to a fascinating millenary culture. That will make you forget so much the tests done for bridal hairstyles for long hair like the stress felt for the tailored modifications of your lace wedding dress.

Trust, the one in China will be an unforgettable honeymoon where you can get lost in the mountains, visit big cities or reach the sea to discover the coastal life. To you the choice! Its multitude of environments, together with its architecture. And its cultural spirit will transform your honeymoon into something you will never tire of telling. Ready to go for a unique honeymoon after carefully preserving your wedding dress and bouquet?

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