Honeymoon in Colombia: 10 must-see places

Honeymoon in Colombia: 10 must-see places

Honeymoon in Colombia: 10 must-see places

Colombia is not only sea and dream beaches, but also culture and tradition. If the wedding preparations see you engaged in the choice and packaging of wedding favors, take a break and dedicate yourself to organizing your trip to Colombia, the perfect place to exchange romantic phrases of love.

1. BogotaHoneymoon in Colombia: 10 must-see places

Bogotà is not a capital like the others, located in the so-called “Savana di Bogotà” located exactly at 2640 meters high entering the primacy of the highest capitals in the world. It is one of the best places on honeymoon in Colombia.

A populous city rich in tourist and natural attractions, this stage cannot be missed in the roadmap of your honeymoon. Although it is only a few steps away from the equator, its altitude leads it to have a temperate and therefore very bearable climate, especially if you have every intention of visiting it far and wide.

2. Colombian AmazoniaHoneymoon in Colombia: 10 must-see places

The trip to the Colombian Amazon forest will be among the most beautiful and intense experiences of this journey. The starting point for exploring this portion of dense and pristine nature is the town of Leticia, a town that tells very well the lives of the peoples who inhabit the borders of the world.

Usually, the tour operators offer the possibility of making the first trip by plowing the waters of the Amazon River on a private boat, thus reaching the Maikuchiga Monkeys Sanctuary or animal sanctuary. It is one of the best places on honeymoon in Colombia.

3. Tatacoa Desert

The Tatacoa desert is actually a tropical dry wood that covers a surface of 330 km2, in fact, it seems that originally this place hosted flowers and plants that were anything but dry.

Get lost in this magical game of shapes and colors of unspeakable beauty. It takes photos that will immortalize this moment forever dedicating to your phrases of love that will remain in your memories as in your heart. It is one of the best places on honeymoon in Colombia.

4. San Andres

You dreamed of this moment since you took off your wedding sandals, San Andres is the island that best embodies the spirit of vacation and relaxation that is often imagined on a honeymoon.

Turquoise waters, breathtaking flora and fauna, white beaches, reggae music and, as in every moment, respectable relaxation, excellent quality food, and drinks. It is one of the best places on honeymoon in Colombia.

5. Isla Mucura

The beaches on the island of Mucura are short strips of white sand on which you come after a short walk in the verdant forest. But it is not for this reason that we recommend this island but for the unmissable experience of swimming at night amid the plankton that in contact with your arm will light up. And sparkle more than your jeweled sandals on your wedding day.

6. Tayrona Natural ParkHoneymoon in Colombia: 10 must-see places

This natural park is located about 30 km from the oldest city in South America. a pristine stretch of land is bathed by the Caribbean Sea which gives it a dreamlike and timeless atmosphere. It is one of the best places on honeymoon in Colombia.

Among all is the attraction least frequented by mass tourism which makes it even more precious. Besides the fact of welcoming the history of the peoples. And civilizations that have inhabited this part of the world protecting its culture from the passage of time.

7. Medellin

A victim of her past, who saw her at the mercy of narco-traffickers and criminals, Medellin found her way to redeem herself by finding the way that led her from the edge of the abyss to the highest peak of splendor. Today Medellin is an innovative city so much that it has beaten.  New York and Tel Aviv in the competition organized by the non-profit Urban Land Institute. Thanks to its project aimed at increasing the mobility of citizens living in poor communities.

8. Cartagena de IndiasHoneymoon in Colombia: 10 must-see places

Without doubt among the most colorful and multi-faceted places in the world. Rich in colonial houses, clubs and restaurants, shops and monuments. This city is much more complex than what it wants us to believe. Its mix of history and culture makes it surprising under many points of view, all to be discovered.

9. The axis of the coffee

How not to refer to one of the most famous products of this country: coffee. This area, also called “Eje Cafetero” includes the departments of Caldas, Quindio, and Risaralda as well as Salento. A small village that houses the highest palm trees in the world! It is one of the best places on honeymoon in Colombia.

So, if you are returning from good evenings in some San Andres beach. A trip to the coffee places to recover some energy will be of great help!

10. The Lost City

Also known as Buritaca or Teyuna it is thought to have been founded about 650 years before Machu Picchu. The inhabitants of this city were known to be excellent goldsmiths. The lost city remained unknown to the world until the date of its discovery in 1972.

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