Honeymoon in Thailand: Yes I want it!

Honeymoon in Thailand: Yes I want it!

Honeymoon in Thailand: Yes I want it!

After having prepared a list of all the guests, choose the wedding participations, selected the restaurant, having thought of every bureaucratic aspect, decided for the menu, the animation, the wedding favors, the flowers, including the bridal bouquet, the clothes bridal and wedding sandals … here comes another important moment after the preparation of the ceremony and the wedding banquet: the honeymoon!

In this article we want to offer you Thailand as a paradise destination for your journey as a newlyweds. Indeed, Thailand is certainly an ideal place to spend an exotic honeymoon between temples, markets, royal palaces and dreamy beaches.

In such a large country, the ideal would be to concentrate on just one area (north or south). Although it is certainly not impossible to visit both the northern and southern parts in a single trip. You will need to evaluate this based on the time you have available. And your profile of travelers. In any case we advise you to travel by plane.

BangkokHoneymoon in Thailand: Yes I want it!

Initially you will stop in bustling Bangkok, where you will land. But if you only have two weeks for your journey. We advise you to stay a maximum of three nights in the chaotic. And sultry capital , time to settle in and recover from the journey. It is one of the best destination honeymoon in Thailand.

Here you can shop in the large Chatuchak market, the market par excellence, visit the Wat Pho Temple, known for hosting one of the largest buddhas in the world (the famous lying Buddha). And organizing a day at Damnoen’s floating market Saduak, with its maze of canals.

Northern Thailand

Ideal for those who love wild nature, Northern Thailand offers a spectacular landscape thanks to its rich and varied flora and fauna. The cities that once were the capital, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are full of temples and museums , as well as craft markets to discover. It is one of the best destination honeymoon in Thailand.

Far from the main cities, the landscape of Northern Thailand will impress you with its mountains, waterfalls, forests, national parks. And rice fields located in extensive green valleys . Here you can immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the temples of Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Lampang, thus forgetting all the simple and elegant wedding dresses and all the details for the preparation of the wedding you have created.

Southern Thailand

The South of Thailand is synonymous with beaches with palm and sea colors of precious shades: it is here, in the Andaman Sea, that the best beaches in the country can be found . Most tourists head to one or more islands on the coast: Phuket, Ko Samui, the hippie Ko Pha-Ngan or Ko Tao, renowned for scuba diving . It is one of the best destination honeymoon in Thailand.

The island of Phuket (known as the Pearl of the South) is certainly one of the most popular destinations thanks to its characteristic white beaches made of fine sand. Its natural landscape includes the Khao Phra Thaeo park located on a wooded hill. An area where you can get lost in a virgin jungle and where you will certainly not need jeweled sandals to walk.

Ultimately, don’t hesitate to choose Thailand as a destination for your honeymoon. Because it combines leisure with culture and incredibly colorful natural landscapes. It will help you to forget all those wedding phrases you want to remove. As well as all the time spent searching for the best wedding dresses in 2019 as well as preparing wedding placeholders.

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