Honeymoon in the Maldives: a luxurious desire that comes true

Honeymoon in the Maldives: a luxurious desire that comes true

Honeymoon in the Maldives: a luxurious desire that comes true

The Maldives is a state entirely composed of islands that have nearly 350000 inhabitants in total: For many Europeans to be able to visit them is the dream of a lifetime. Here’s what to visit if you have made this decision. And plan to venture out to discover these enchanting places after the bridal bouquet is launched. And the wedding favors are delivered. Prepare the pareo and flip-flops, forget the high heels of elegant shoes and the worries …

General guidelines: identikit of the Maldives

The islands of the Maldives are immersed in the Indian Ocean. And is located between Africa, India, and Singapore. The capital of the Maldives is Malè and the official language is Maldivian. Or Dhivehi, a language that comes close to the Crawley type since the closest state to the Maldives in Sri Lanka. Since 1965 the Maldives has been an independent Republic. It bases its wealth and livelihood mainly on tourism. The currency of the place is the rufiyaa (or rupee) of the Maldives. This dreamlike place has temperatures ranging between 26. And 31 degrees Celsius, but at the same time, it is subject to a monsoon climate. Whose cyclic winds affecting the area also bring rain, so it is advisable to travel to the Maldives from December to April.

What to visit: Maldivian cultureHoneymoon in the Maldives: a luxurious desire that comes true

As many as 26 atolls and many places to visit: for the confirmation. And for the incredible natural resources, the Maldives is an ideal place to do water sports and not. So forget the beautiful lace wedding dress. And throw yourself into the wildest adventure, juggling scuba diving that will leave you “breathless” due to the wealth of marine flora. And fauna presents here or get ready to live the dream of flying. And landing on the water with a seaplane.

And, still, go in search of adventurous whale sharks, dolphins or turtles, like little explorers; without forgetting that you can snorkel among the reef (reef) the most beautiful of the globe, in these areas. If you love experiences, there is something for everyone here. And if for months you have felt swallowed up in the frenzied preparations of marriage. Lost among the various ideas for wedding favors. And in the chaos of the floral decorations to choose, now you can take a moment all for you, with oceanfront yoga sessions or with the incredible SPAs of the island.

You can even enjoy a special show, seeing the locals dance the Dhandi Jehun, a typical Maldivian dance. Finally, if you love the peculiarities you can’t miss the underwater dinner. With a place immersed in the sea, where you can admire fish and coral reef, enjoying great food.

Typical dishes: the delights of the Maldives

It is important to know what to eat . The Maldives offer a simple and tasty cuisine, with dishes based on rice, fish, but also coconut, chicken, cooked vegetables and bananas. Don’t miss the Cutlu, a typical dish made with tuna and potatoes, but also Mashuni, which is a dish made with tuna and coconut, generally served for breakfast. If you do not fear anything and want to try something very characteristic, here is the Chichandaa satani, a dish that has snakeskin as a base. However, it is also possible to find dishes based on rice and spices, eggs and even typical dishes with beef.

Routes and beaches … for lovers of the sea

To the west of Male, there are the most visited atolls, like that of Ari. It is the ideal place to admire sea unmatched and to swim with sharks. Here you will find perfect beaches for relaxation. And the sun, such as Rangali Island (where the famous underwater restaurant is also located) and Halaveli Island. Moreover, always in Ari, it is possible to dive in the Manta point. The places where to meet mantas and cleaning fishes. In the Baa Atoll, you will find the tropical forest and the sea, for truly unique explorations, even on land and not only in the ocean.

The Malol Atoll is a high strategic point because here you can find the capital, where you can visit the fish market and Hukuru Minsky and the large Male mosque built in 1656. In this atoll, however, you will also find many beaches and, to the south of the capital, in particular, you will meet Honky’s breaks and Jailbreaks: two must-see destinations for surfers! In Malè Nord you can get close to Gaafaru, a well-known site where you can dive for wrecks. In case you are trying to forget any “hatched” thoughts in the past few months compared to wedding invitations or catering and want an absolutely pristine and uncrowded place, where relaxation is total, then Faafu is the perfect atoll for you!

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