Honeymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love

Honeymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love

Honeymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love

Honeymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love. Always considered a true open-air museum, Vienna is one of those capitals that. Once the wedding dress has been stored in a closet, will make you forget the whirlwind of the preparations, opening the casket of its beauties. A vital and welcoming capital to be counted among the destinations of the honeymoon especially for its romantic scenarios. Pack a formal dress and come and discover with us the wonderful city of Mozart and Strauss.

Between art and history resounds the splendor of a distant era

Vienna stands out like a true open-air museum. So full of buildings with period buildings exudes in all its splendor talking in a loud voice of a distant era. But never left, thanks to the artistic masterpieces left behind. Here’s what you can visit in this amazing journey between art and history:

The Schonbrunn complexHoneymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love

Composed of luxurious residences and a palace with beautiful frescoed rooms overlooking a lush garden stylistically similar to that of Versailles; take a walk to access the vantage point from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. It is one of the best destination Honeymoon in Vienna.

The Cathedral of Santo Stefano

On St. Stephansplatz St. Stephen’s Cathedral predominates. A marvelous Gothic-Romanesque building with a sloping roof entirely covered with majolica tiles that house the imperial coat of arms. It is one of the best destination Honeymoon in Vienna.

The Belvedere PalaceHoneymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love

Considered one of the most beautiful royal residences in Europe. It consists of two buildings (Upper and Lower) that look at each other through the filter of well-kept French gardens. The second floor of the Upper Belvedere houses the largest collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt , (including the famous opera “The Kiss”) subject of many  original wedding placeholders  for art lovers. It is one of the best destination Honeymoon in Vienna.

The Hofburg complex

That is the Imperial Palaces, a center of the old Austrian power. And today partly private and working seat of the president of Austria includes a series of palaces. And museums including the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The Austrian National Library, the imperial treasure. And the imperial stables. It is one of the best destination Honeymoon in Vienna.

Music, architecture, and entertainment: here where everything is perfectHoneymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love

Perfection in Vienna has the sound of sweet melodious notes. That enters into a sublime fusion with all that is around. That is where ancient and modern architecture finds its highest expression . An architectural forest with a variety of styles that hardly finds comparisons between baroque palaces. Gothic churches, modern and extravagant buildings. That’s why you can treat yourself to an evening in elegant formal dress for a theatrical show at the Burgtheater, visit Mozart’s house, get lost in the Museum Quarter, romp in one of the clubs along the Ringstrasse or play among the attractions of the Prater, the amusement park open to young and old that will be a valuable opportunity if you share the honeymoon in the company of your children.

On the banks of the beautiful blue DanubeHoneymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love

Then, this world of art and beauty is joined by the quiet. And gentle perfection of its landscapes. Vienna offers naturalistic works of great value even to those seeking tranquility. And peace between the green of its meadows and the intense blue of the beautiful Danube.

What to do? You can hike through the Viennese hiking trails, cycle along the cycle paths. And book an unmissable river cruise on the Danube, whispering sweet love phrases . The Danube cruise is also a way to admire the city from another perspective, discovering the natural beauties of the landscape.

Six good reasons to choose ViennaHoneymoon in Vienna for a modern fairy tale of love

Are not you convinced yet? Well, we thought of a succession of six good reasons to think of the Austrian capital as a destination for your honeymoon:

-It is a destination close to  Italy  and among other things well connected (even by train or by motorway) so perfect if you fear long air travel or if you travel with children;

-you can combine it with other cities or capitals such as Prague, Innsbruck and Salzburg;

-for those who will have to wait a while before their honeymoon, Vienna is the ideal destination for a couple of pre-trip , even a post-wedding weekend that will make you take off the last original wedding favors that you still have to distribute to guests;

-there are no seasons, Vienna is always beautiful with its white winter landscapes, between the Christmas markets, with the summer sun, painted yellow in autumn or with the meadows in bloom in spring;

-it is a European capital so you will have no problems with the currency , with the exchange rates, with the search of the various branches from which you can withdraw money or with the Bancomat payments in the various rooms;

-Vienna is the home of the sweetness between Sacher Torte, Strüdel di Mele and the Mozartkugeln better known as the “mozart balls”.

-If the charm of this extraordinary city has totally enraptured you, consider it for your honeymoon! In order for your guests to take part in fulfilling your dream, include in the wedding invitations all the necessary information concerning the agency you will be visiting for your honeymoon. Ready to spend romantic days full of culture, art and sweetness?


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