Honeymoon low cost in New York

Honeymoon low cost in New York

Honeymoon low cost in New York

Honeymoon low cost in New York. You’ve never been there yet you seem to know it already: there are so many movies, TV series, music videos and photos that talk about her, New York, the megalopolis, the city where all cultures meet and coexist, where they talk all the languages and where you can try all the cuisines of the world. So, if you have always dreamed of visiting it, the honeymoon will be the perfect opportunity to live a unique experience in the city that never sleeps!

We are all aware that it is not the cheapest city in the world, not for the value of the Dollar itself compared to the Euro, but for the high cost of living. Of course, doing thorough research will understand more or less what are the neighborhoods where you can find the right relationship between quality and price for sleeping. One possibility is to stay in Brookling : a rather “cool” and young neighborhood that in recent years has seen its prestige increase and where a not indifferent artistic culture has taken hold. Prices are on the rise, but they will certainly be more affordable than in Manhattan. After this premise, let’s see what to include in your tourist itinerary, without spending anything or almost!

Central ParkHoneymoon low cost in New York

The green lung of the city. It is not simply a park, it is an island within the island. With its 3.41 km2 offers a variety of places to visit. And activities to practice that you will be spoiled for choice! From the walks along The Mall and Literary Walk, where you can enjoy the largest elm forest in North America, play a game of chess at the charming Chess & Checkers House. If you feel like you’re in the mood for sport , a race or a hike around the Reservoir, an artificial lake built in the 19th century. And used as a temporary water reservoir for the city, you will enjoy a picturesque natural landscape . Central Park is also the scene of many eventsand performances such as theatrical performances, concerts and baseball games .

MoMa, Guggenheim and Brooklyn Botanical Garden

-In addition to being absolutely must-see places, they provide free entry under certain conditions:

-MoMa : every Friday from 16 to 20.

-Solomon R. Guggenheim : every Friday from 18 to 19:45 with free audio guide in English.

-Brooklyn Botanical Garden : every Tuesday and Saturday morning.

Times SquareHoneymoon low cost in New York

It is the central node of Manhattan, the best known place in the world, symbol of a city that is always on the move. You will really feel in New York! If you want to know more, we advise you to contact the Big Apple Greeter volunteers : they organize guided tours for a few hours throughout the city, in different languages and totally free ! The reason: they are fans of New York, can not wait to accompany you. And explain everything they know, just like a friend. An excellent idea to be guided on an architectural tour of Midtown with its striking and emblematic buildings.

Coney Island

A nice hot dog, a walk through the historic playground , for the walkways. And then on the beach : with a few dollars you will live a truly authentic experience even if it seems surreal!

Ferry to Staten IslandHoneymoon low cost in New York

Another tip to save money and see the beautiful New York skyline as well as a close-up view of the Statue of Liberty is to take the Staten Island ferry back and forth. It’s free , it’s also in operation at night and will allGospel mass in Harlem.

Gospel mass in Harlem

Honeymoon low cost in New York

On Sunday mornings, get up early and head to the African-American neighborhood par excellence: Harlem . You will be amazed to see how this moment of prayer is lived. The function of the morning at 8 is advisable. But you have to arrive on time, better 5 minutes in advance. And dress well for respect (no Bermuda shorts, tank tops or suits …).

Walk on the Brooklyn BridgeHoneymoon low cost in New York

If possible at sunset , to admire the New York skyline. It is a magical and romantic walk , you will feel like you are living in a movie. And all at no cost !ow you to take wonderful pictures of Manhattan. Absolutely not to be missed!

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