15 rules to enjoy the honeymoon trip from beginning to end

honeymoon trip

15 rules to enjoy the honeymoon trip from beginning to end

We offer you a series of practical tips and ideas so that you can get the most out of your first married enjoy the honeymoon trip and that it is truly the best adventure of your life.

After the races that are supposed to prepare the wedding, of all the hours spent defining every detail, from the paper for the marriage cards , the dishes of the banquet, the colors and elements of the decoration for marriage and planning the minute by minute of your great day, they will wait with joy and enthusiasm for the magical moment when they can spend some time alone, to pamper themselves, to pamper themselves and to strengthen their commitment.

Gone are the emotions of walking to the altar wearing the wonderful wedding dress and groom suit chosen for the occasion, excited to tears with the words that their godparents have dedicated or open the dance with that song meaningful to both. Now begins a new stage as a couple and nothing better than starting it with an unforgettable trip, in which every minute counts and becomes one of your most precious memories. We tell you, from the planning, how to make this trip enjoy from beginning to end.

Make decisions together

the honeymoon trip

One of the first recommendations for an unforgettable trip is that the honeymoon trip are made together. Well popular culture says that travel is lived 3 times: when they plan, when they live and when they remember. Explore your possibilities, the two will make you both excited and guarantee that the chosen option will enjoy it equally.

Define budget

The most frequent reasons for stress in the middle of a trip are related to money. Having a clear budget, including the cost of accommodation, travel, food and of course reserve an amount for tastes and whims is very important so they can relax and take care of what is really important: you two. They also define the means of payment of their expenses , whether debit, credit or currency cards.

Book early

This guarantees them to be able to find availability in the places they want: hotels, restaurants, tours and surely get better prices , offers, very important especially, if they are looking for where to go for an economic honeymoon trip. Making reservations will allow you to travel more peacefully and enjoy the destination from the planning.

Discover together the attractions Investigate previously

the honeymoon trip from beginning to end

Offered by the place they chose for their honeymoon trip, it will allow them to define activities , trace a route and even find the most romantic places to share a candlelit dinner by exchanging short love phrases . In addition, it will surely be a fun and lively experience that will enable you to taste the trip even before you start it.

Establish if you do it or with agency

This will depend on your personality. If you are one of those who enjoy exploring the internet, asking friends and leaving the plans a little random, go for it! But if your temperament is more orderly and you feel peace of mind having everything planned and safe, our advice is to advise the travel experts , in our portal you will find the best options that will make available to you different honeymoon packages , designed to measure .

Make the appropriate suitcase

enjoy the honeymoon trip

Investigate the weather that will be in place during your trip, so that they wear the appropriate clothing and shoes , also taking into account the type of activities they want to do. If possible, travel with small and comfortable luggage, especially if you have to make stops or make connections. If you planned a trip with treks to the mountain or different stops, you prefer to take backpacks to the sword to avoid bulky transports. Traveling light of luggage is always a relief that will make them feel much more comfortable. Of course, do not forget to include a smarter garment or a short party dress to wear at a romantic dinner or a night out.

Leaving labor issues at home

It is a trip that you have planned for months and with which a wonderful couple stage begins, so leave everything neat and without slopes at work, so that you can dedicate yourself exclusively to the two of you. Nothing to answer calls that were not planned.

Forget themes related to the celebration

As in the previous point it is important that you forget the details that the day of your marriage escaped to the planning and did not go exactly as you wanted. It is a trip to rest and disconnect , it is time to forget and devote the honeymoon only to the good moments of your big day.

Explore options

One of the best ways to enjoy the destination you chose is to explore the possibilities it offers. When you have defined the place, inquire about the specialty, with what attractions it has : monuments, museums, palaces or most emblematic plans, whether you are going to enjoy a honeymoon trip in Colombia or outside. Make a list or if you have a map, the things you would like to know or where to start. This will make the most of your stay.

Improvise from time to time, it’s okay

Not everything can be plans. So propose to spend a few hours or a few days of the trip to improvise and let the place you visit surprise you . This will help you find new facets of yourselves and discover options outside the script. Of course, must be willing to enjoy both the wonderful discoveries, and those experiences not so pleasant, which surely will be very good stories.

Without worries, you also have to enjoy

discover honeymoon trip

Many couples in the effort to cover the place they visit completely, stick to a strict schedule that leaves them exhausted in a few days, which can even cause dislikes. Remember that this is a trip for you, a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your ties and begin to enjoy the commitment of life together. Take your time to walk slowly, get lost and even spend a morning between the sheets.

Prevent rather than regret

Although the trip is a celebration, avoid excesses that may cause indigestion or discomfort after a night of many drinks, which makes them change their activities for a visit to the hospital.

Create an emergency plan

Although we want your honeymoon to be a trip without major setbacks, it is good to have clear policies, insurance or medical services that cover them and have emergency telephones and a family member to contact if needed. This will prevent them, in addition to the inconvenience additional angers or misunderstandings.

Contact the family

It is a time of both, so dedicate it with the least possible distractions. Parents and loved ones can worry about not knowing if you made it to your destination. In such a way that, if you want to give them that peace of mind, let them know that they are well and that there were no incidents during the trip. And if you want to be disconnected for a few days, also inform them of your lack of communication.

Now, enjoy honeymoon trip!

rules to enjoy the honeymoon trip

This is the golden rule. Go to your honeymoon trip ready to enjoy yourself until what goes wrong, try to practice tolerance, not get angry over the unexpected and laugh at even the clumsiness that each can commit. No one is exempt from confusing a train, losing the camera or not knowing which street they are on. So make that a funny anecdote more!

The honeymoon trip is a wonderful and very enriching experience, live it and enjoy it with the best attitude. Do not miss any opportunity to remember through  love phrases  what you feel for the other and make this the unrepeatable trip.

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