10 unforgettable honeymoon trips in Europe

honeymoon trips in Europe

10 unforgettable honeymoon trips in Europe

You do not need to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon trips in Europe. Europe offers unique places for all tastes: beach, city and mountain. We present you with a different face of Europe. Which one do you prefer?

Top 10 best unforgettable honeymoon trips in Europe

Azores Islands: pure nature

the honeymoon trips in Europe

The Azores are perfect for couples who love nature and adventure. This volcanic archipelago is made up of 9 islands that enjoy a mild subtropical climate; that is to say, the temperatures are not extreme in any season of the year. The biodiversity of the islands is immense and the region is committed to sustainable tourism. The offer of activities to do as a couple is endless: diving, cycling routes, fishing, surfing, whale watching, horse riding … Too much adventure? Do not worry, the islands have many natural hot springs where you can relax with your better half; we recommend the Ferraria Hot Springs and the ferruginous water pools of Furnas, in San Miguel.

Croatia: for lovers of beaches

best honeymoon trips in Europe

From the Atlantic Ocean we went to the Dalmatian Coast in the Adriatic; Croatia has hundreds of islands of paradisiacal beaches just 3 hours by plane from Madrid. We recommend the island of Brac: golden white sand beaches perfect for honeymooners looking for a honeymoon of sun and beach. In addition, Croatia offers an extra cultural touch for couples who want to combine the beach with the city. Dubrovnik is one of the oldest cities in Europe; its old town is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Croatia is the perfect choice for couples who want a honeymoon that combines beach with tourism.

Capri: Italian dream

top honeymoon trips in Europe

The Italian island of Capri is situated on the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of the city of Naples. This island was already a holiday destination in Roman times; Thousands of years later, its turquoise waters and sea caves continue to attract visitors. Capri is a perfect destination to enjoy the sun, taste Italian cuisine and take small excursions through the Roman ruins of the island. Travel to the island of the famous Blue Grotto and stay for a week from just $ 584 .

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Greek Islands: wonders of the Adriatic

a honeymoon trips in Europe

The islands of Greece are perfect for couples who want a short (and economical) honeymoon trips in Europe. Santorini is the most romantic island and Skíathos is the most exclusive; Here is the beach of Koukounaries, one of the most beautiful in Greece. You can visit more than one island by ferry or relax in one of the luxury villas with swimming pool and sea views.

 Alps: for snow lovers

unforgettable honeymoon trips in Europe

From the sun and the heat we went to the mountain. A honeymoon trips in Europe does not always have to be a place of coastline to be paradisiacal; It can be in the heights! On this occasion we propose you the Swiss Alps; Choose between a romantic cabin in the middle of the mountain or a luxury hotel with spa like the wonderful  Hotel Martterhon Focus , in Zermatt. The Alps are perfect for alternating between romance and skiing activity, hiking, hiking, etc. We recommend you visit the  Matterhorn glacier paradise; You can go up with the cable car up to 3883 meters and enjoy spectacular views of the Alps and glaciers.

Norway: Nordic paradise

top honeymoon trips in Europe

The next destination is ideal for couples wanting tranquility seeking to get away from tourists. Western Norway is a region of fjords that cut down high mountains, waterfalls and glaciers that never melt. A spectacular nature and ancestral traditions will make your honeymoon trips in Europe a unique experience. In this area you can practice all kinds of saltwater sports such as diving, kayaking, fishing; or walk the paths and villages hidden among the mountains.

Iceland: for adventurers

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Our last mountain destination is also in northern Europe. Iceland is a destination for newlyweds wanting to be cold (and snuggle after, of course), and contemplate the most spectacular landscapes, possibly, of all Europe. It is best to tour the island and visit its geysers, waterfalls and meet the famous Icelandic horses.

Prague: classic romanticism

the honeymoon trips in Europe

The Czech capital exudes romanticism at any time of the year. It is also perfect for couples who love classic European cities with a low budget: one euro equals approximately 27 Czech crowns. The offer of activities for couples is endless: romantic walks along the Vltava River, tours of the “hill of lovers”, walks through the old town or tasting of Czech wines. Yes, although Czech wines do not have a great reputation worldwide, they also have their own. We recommend you visit Viniční Altán, a traditional wine garden where you can taste the local grapes.

Venice: the city of the canals

a honeymoon trips in Europe

From the Czech Republic we travel to the idyllic city of the canals of Italy. One could argue that Venice is the most romantic city in Europe: crossed by hundreds of channels, it is the destination of the newlyweds wanting to do tourism, but at a leisurely pace. Some places to visit with your other half are the Basilica and St. Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal or the Rialto Bridge.

During your trip to Venice, in addition to the obligatory gondola ride, do not forget to try the typical aperitif of the region, the spritz. Venice is full of taverns where you can taste this cocktail prepared with wine, Aperol (or other) and siphon water. If you want to surround yourself with authentic Venetians, we recommend the Osteria Ae Forcoea, 5 minutes from the Rialto Bridge.

Paris, je t’aime

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We could not close our list without including Paris : the city of love, the city of lights … The French capital is always a success for a couple in love; Historical monuments, bucolic parks, small cafes and romantic bistros where you can dine by candlelight with a good bottle of French wine. Although it is a very tourist city, you do not need to visit the most famous places to enjoy the essence of Paris. Do you need inspiration? Remember the famous movie Midnight in Paris.

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