Honeymoon with children: 7 countries to go to

Honeymoon with children: 7 countries to go to

Honeymoon with children: 7 countries to go to

For a honeymoon with children, the preferred destinations will be European ones as a matter of proximity and therefore of comfort, but without excluding any possibility. Are you curious to know which ones? Read on: these 7 countries could also inspire you to design original wedding favors or a sophisticated design of wedding invitations. So put aside for a moment the wedding dress magazines and agenda. Let’s start with your husband and … your children!

1. EnglandHoneymoon with children: 7 countries to go to

England is waiting to be discovered. Have you ever been to beautiful Cornwall overlooking the sea? If you prefer the hinterland, you can visit for example the city of York: here you will find a fantastic Viking museum that your children will love. London is always a great choice. While husband and children will rest after having visited the Natural History Museum together, you will have plenty of time to make a trip to Camden Town: here you will find the most original elegant shoes ever.

2. Spain

Any place in Spain is suitable for children. In all Spanish cities, it will not be difficult to find play areas for children along the streets and popular festivals where the role of children is always important. Among the Spanish cities most suitable for children there is undoubtedly Barcelona (this is where the Pronovias wedding dresses are made ), but also Bilbao, from where beautiful trips to the villages and mountains overlooking the Ocean start.

3. Italy

Home of good food and fashion (by the way, have you already taken a look at our gallery of wedding dresses 2019 ?) … choose our Italy! It would be nice to take the opportunity to make a traveling trip to discover the beauty of the “Stivale”, perhaps taking advantage of high-speed trains, which are suitable for children and will not force you to tire yourself out of driving.

4. Germany

Germany is a country where the standards of services to citizens are high and for this reason, it is well suited to be visited even with children. If you are looking for a city that is also romantic, Heidelberg is the answer: fascinating thanks to the river that crosses it, rich in history and walks surrounded by greenery.

5. Switzerland

Give a twist to your honeymoon by choosing a surprising and exciting route: the Bernina Red Train. It is a journey in stages that starts from Tirano in Italy and ends in Sankt Moritz in Switzerland, reaching an altitude of 2,256 meters. Perfect both in summer and in winter, it will give you and your children unique emotions.

6. Greece

Change the scenery and imagine yourself now on a fantastic island in the Cyclades, because Greece is not only the wild fun of Mykonos but also the relaxation of Naxos. This island will give you breathtaking landscapes that will inspire the most beautiful romantic phrases, while your children play peacefully on the beach.

7. Non-European countries

What’s wrong with wanting to have a honeymoon with your children outside of Europe? None, if you have considered any eventuality: necessary documents, length of trip, costs. With good organization and lots of patience, you can do it all! The advice is to choose a suitable structure, which includes services for children such as the games area, babysitting, dedicated menus and in a city that is also attractive for them (will it be time to take them to Disneyland?).

These are just some suggestions on how to best conclude your wedding celebrations. It will be nice to imagine a different honeymoon, in which to involve your children too because even that day they will shine in the midst of all those ceremonial dresses. Finally, once the wedding is over, you can loosen up your wedding hairstyle and relax with your family … organizational anxieties will already be a distant memory.

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