How to organize a perfect honeymoon

perfect honeymoon

How to organize a perfect honeymoon

Do not worry, arranging a perfect honeymoon is not an impossible task. It’s just a matter of planning ahead and taking into account some basic rules. It only remains to enjoy!

Among the many things, we must plan during a wedding, we can not forget to organize a perfect honeymoon as we deserve.

After months of nervousness, anxiety and emotions to the surface and the first trip as spouses must be perfect. Pay attention to the following tips to have a great time and enjoy to the fullest.

Tips for organizing a perfect honeymoon

The first married trip is very special, regardless of the destination chosen or how many days it lasts. To organize a perfect honeymoon and to be successful and unforgettable (for good) we recommend that you follow these tips:

1. Set the budget

A wedding is not very cheap, even if we want a simple celebration, it will be expensive. The same happens with the honeymoon. However, we can find the right destination more low-cost.

We can choose from an “all inclusive” on a Caribbean island or a backpacker trip through Thailand. The budget is a determining factor along with our tastes.

perfect honeymoon

The budget also helps us to have a notion of what we should save and what our “maximum” expense is. Thus we can foresee additional elements: excursions, gifts, souvenirs, etc.

Something very common in recent years is that the guests give money to pay for the honeymoon. The idea is that they can do it in advance and not on the day of the party. So the bride and groom know how much money they have to make the trip or at least to pay a part of it. You can use these presents to pay for hotels or excursions or also some extra expense that may arise.

2. Define the date

It is believed that the honeymoon should be immediately after the wedding, but that is not the case. Although many boyfriends take advantage of work permits and holidays to have more days, the truth is that we can travel at the time we want.

Defining the date in advance serves to get better prices on flights or hotels. It also allows us to request days at our job, organize excursions, etc.

Organizing a honeymoon requires great planning.

3. Determine the type of trip

To organize a perfect honeymoon it is essential that both agree on most decisions. That is based on a healthy and balanced couple. Therefore, before deciding the destination, determine what you would like to do in the first married trip. You may also choose this 7 destinations for a honeymoon in winter.

perfect honeymoon

Maybe you love the idea of ​​lying on a beach all day or going through a city from end to end. Maybe you are more “adventurers” and you want to go free to Southeast Asia. Or winter skiing in the Alps.

The important thing is that you can combine the tastes of both to make the trip beautiful. If there is no agreement, you can “split in half” the stay and fulfill the dreams of each one. For example, go a few days to the beach and others to the mountain.

4. Choose “all-inclusive” options

It is true that they can be more expensive than “going for free”, but when it comes to organizing a honeymoon you will not want to complicate your existence. The packages “all inclusive” are the salvation for not occupying us or worrying about anything.

They take us to the hotel, they offer us all the daily meals, we can choose different excursions, they include medical insurance … the couple only has to think about enjoying and nothing else.

Analyze if a trip of this type does not end up being cheaper than one organized by yourself. And also, keep in mind that you’ll be busy with the details of the wedding to also add the honeymoon to your worries.

To organize a honeymoon you should always have your partner’s preferences.

5. Download some useful application

The brides of the 21st century are very well assisted with applications that are downloaded to your mobile and that help them in every detail of your wedding. There are also some that include a section for the perfect honeymoon.

These apps allow us to save time and money, save our search history, recommend destinations, make a “countdown” of the trip, offer us a list of things we need to carry, etc.

6. Make a list of essentials

perfect honeymoon

Finally, to organize a wonderful perfect honeymoon, it is essential that nothing is missing. We refer to both documents and money, going through clothes or information. The lists work very well if we want to have everything in view.

Make a list with what you should pack, another with the important data of the stay, places to visit, etc. It may seem boring, but it will avoid many problems.

7. Be flexible

Perhaps the honeymoon of your dreams included a cruise on the Mediterranean, a hot air balloon ride or a beachfront cabin on the Maldives. But for reasons of money, time or tastes of the other, it will not be possible to fulfill that desire. Do not be discouraged! You will always have the possibility to make that trip in the future.

The important thing now is that you can enjoy the first experience away from home as a couple as a couple. Even if the budget only reaches for a weekend getaway to a farm a few kilometers from home.

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