How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?

When the preparation of the wedding is far behind and, it would seem, you can easily breathe, anticipating the expectations of the upcoming celebration, it is time to think about a well-deserved rest. Many newlyweds want to go on a honeymoon trip right away, which is the right decision: this is the perfect way to spend a romantic time together, dedicating it only to each other. What can be more beautiful than a beautiful honeymoon trip to Europe? It remains little by little: to decide on a list of countries, to organize a trip.

How to organize a honeymoon trip to Europe?

The organization of the honeymoon is a painstaking, solid event that requires a careful approach to each issue, special attention to individual details. Not without reason, the majority of newlyweds prefer to turn to a proven travel agent than to plan their own honeymoon trip by themselves. The reason for this is simple: in such an important matter should take into account a whole list of points based on your own preferences, opportunities. Nothing can be missed here:

  • Type of transport for a honeymoon trip to Europe (plane, bus, you may want to rent a private car).
  • Desired cities that should be included in the wedding tour of Europe.
  • Hotels of the desired class (number of stars) for a successful honeymoon trip.
  • Registration of tourist visas for the purpose of unobstructed movement across Europe.
  • Cult urn and entertainment.
  • An estimated budget for the whole trip to Europe.

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?

Thanks to an organized approach with many years of experience, experts will always help you determine the choice of travel for the newlyweds to any corner of the world where Europe is not an exception. You will be told which places to visit, where you need to book rooms, which should include maintenance, what type of transport will be most appropriate, etc. Moreover, many hotels have a lot of gifts and lucrative offers for newlyweds who have settled, so you will be doubly pleased to stay in recommended hotels.

What cities of European countries should be visited?

Carefully considering your ideal trip, clearly define the countries of Europe that you would be pleased to visit during such a trip. Start from the motive that led you to this undertaking, personal preferences. Try to build your trip so that later it will leave you pleasant romantic impressions, memories, back to which you would like again and again. Therefore, consider below in more detail each of the countries of Europe, which is worth a visit during the wedding tour.


France – perhaps the first country in Europe, which simply must be included in the honeymoon trip. Paris – this corner of the world – is traditionally considered the capital of love, romance, and tenderness. Literally, every girl dreams to visit the city of lovers, and especially if it is a honeymoon trip. Here you will find a lot of beautiful places, spectacular landscapes, saturated with a loving atmosphere, and get an incredible experience. You do not want to leave France without seeing its evening lights with the beaming Eiffel Tower in Paris.

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?


Italy is another country created for romantic stories, and each has its own: happy or sad, touching or tearing heart. There are many interesting cities here: Milan, Pisa, Rome. How many centuries, with its beauty, humanity is soaring Venice floating above the water – its canals are created for walking lovers on gondolas, miniature streets with bridges give a special romantic charm to the city.

Verona, which entered the world history, where Romeo and Juliet lived, simply cannot be included in the list of obligatory visiting places during a honeymoon trip to Europe. And do not forget to try the local cuisine, which does not leave anyone living on this land indifferent to their delicious and original dishes. Be sure: you will come back here more than once!

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?


Be sure to include Switzerland on your wedding tour of Europe. You will get a lot of impressions from the beauties that were created many centuries ago by nature. The amazing combination of city life with mountain ranges and lake landscapes will make you admire your harmony and beauty. Here you will breathe the purest air of untouched nature, which is carefully kept by local residents of large and small cities, towns and villages. It will be an unforgettable experience.

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?


Another European country worth visiting during a honeymoon in Germany. It can surprise you with its beautiful places: exemplary European streets and buildings, many fascinating Gothic cathedrals, ancient castles, located on the banks of the Rhine for many kilometers. Be sure to visit the southern part of this wonderful country: Munich, Baden-Baden, the picturesque Black Forest, spread out in an unthinkable territory and many other places. You will certainly fall in love with this beautiful region of Europe.

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?


To the budget type of tourism, which is able to surprise with its primordially European architecture, beautiful centuries-old historical places, landscapes, it is possible to attribute the Czech Republic. Visit the astronomical clock on the central square of Prague, go on an excursion to Karlovy Vary, drink delicious Czech beer (this country is secretly considered the republic of delicious beer and the national dish to it – pork legs) in one of the sweetest local pubs. Local flavor will not leave you indifferent, and you will definitely get a lot of pleasant unforgettable impressions.

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?


Austria is a wonderful country that will give you a lot of pleasant romantic memories. Be sure to include it on your European wedding tour. Here you will see many luxurious places with original architecture: what are the only beautiful palaces, theaters and world-famous opera in Austria! Visit the Austrian capital Vienna during the Vienna Ball, put on your evening dresses and walk along the walkway along with the local elite of society.

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?


Certainly in your honeymoon should be included sunny Greece and its original island of Crete. This country, breathing with antiquity, will easily plunge you into the atmosphere of heavenly bliss and unearthly beauty. You will be conquered by clean local beaches, picturesque bays, warm sea and a huge variety of fascinating routes. Here, at every step, you will find historical sites and feel the spirit of the times, which left its mark a few thousand years ago.

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?

Approximate cost of travel

If you are going to travel on a honeymoon trip to Europe, it is important to understand how much you should count on. However, immediately offhand to answer this question is very difficult because it directly depends on what preferences you include in your tour, what type of transport you will use and many other points. Tour operators, as a rule, offer lucrative offers with complex linking of each of the places to visit Europe, which do not seem to you too expensive option.

The approximate cost of a bus tour of Europe will cost you from 500 euros per person, which will include a full 12-day trip organization. This is considered the most budget option for a honeymoon. Maximum prices are based on increased comfort with the appropriate attributes for the newly-married couple – these are expensive rooms, service, transfer, etc.

How To Plan For A Honeymoon Trip To Europe?

Visa for a honeymoon trip to Europe

In order for the honeymoon to not cause you problems with crossing the border, in advance, take care of obtaining a visa to enter the European Union. The easiest and fastest way to get a Schengen visa for a tour in Europe is to contact the travel agency that will issue you a trip. A travel agent will solve the issue with Schengen without your participation. All you need to do is submit your documents: passports, marriage certificate and prepare money to pay the state duty.

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