12 paradisaical destination for the honeymoon

paradisaical destination

12 paradisaical destination for the honeymoon

Are you going to get married soon and are you looking for a truly paradisaical destination for your honeymoon? A place where you can disconnect and find the tranquility you need in a wonderful natural environment. We are going to talk about 10 unusual destinations that can become the perfect honeymoon.

Maldives, a tranquil paradisaical destination

 paradisaical destination

The favorite paradisaical destination for most newlyweds is Enjoyably Christmas with children. Its 203 inhabited islands are renowned for their turquoise waters, white sand, and tropical palm trees. You can rest and enjoy its beaches and also make unforgettable experiences like a jet ski ride or an afternoon of diving. At  Arena tours they  will help you organize an exciting trip to the Maldives. Specialized in several selected destinations, they organize original and quality travel packages.

The Philippines, the country of the 7,000 islands

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If you want to find a different paradisaical destination, the Philippines is a magical country where you can enjoy the tranquility of transparent water beaches such as Robocall and E Lido. You will also be surprised by its impressive active volcanoes such as Mayo, Baal and Pinatubo. If you like to dive, the Philippines will be your dream because of its great variety of marine species. You can enjoy its wild nature in places such as Banana rice terraces , Chocolate Hills, waterfalls or the rain forest.

The world of the Philippine islands is very varied and multifaceted. The different cultural influences, the rich and colorful Asian tradition and the friendliness of the people, combine in a way of life that makes it more exotic and fun to travel to the country and immerse yourself in all its aspects. If you dream of an exceptional honeymoon , the Sapphire Vitiates team will help you to make the most of it. They will offer various activities such as discovering reefs diving, swimming with the whale shark, enjoy a sunset cruise on the islands, stroll through extra walls in Manila, play golf in Maracaibo and many more experiences that you will want to repeat again and again.

Mauritius Island, the wonder of nature

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Beaches of Mauritius such as Mont Choosy, Belle Mare or Le More are considered the best in the world for its white sand and crystal clear water. It also has wild wonders  like its mountains and dormant volcanoes, its dunes, its botanical parks and its nature reserves. You must visit unique places such as the Chameleon waterfall or the Land of the Seven Colors. In  Vitiates Atlantis they  organize tours designed to discover the best paradisaical destinations for traveling as a couple. They do not have a physical office, but you can consult and acquire all kinds of information through their website, phone numbers and emails.

Bali, tradition and rest

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If you want to visit an incomparable natural paradise , you have to travel to Bali. You will be surprised by its long beaches like Trimaran with 4 kilometers of sand or the crystalline waters of Seminary. Besides resting, you can visit Bud, the home of Balinese artisans, where you will find lush vegetation and fascinating temples. Also a good idea is to spend a few days in Jogjakarta visiting Javanese temples like Borobudur and Precambrian declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In  Vivian 2 they  organize the most requested paradisaical destinations for the couple at the best market prices. They have a specialized team at your disposal and fully involved in organizing the best trip.

Thailand, the paradise of rest

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If what you are looking for is a quiet honeymoon to rest, Thailand is the best place. Not only can you enjoy the peace of its numerous temples and beaches, but you will also have the opportunity to perform treatments to improve the health of your body and mind. For example, you can visit a spa , take a relaxing bath of petals or enjoy one of its incredible relaxing massages. In Viajes Mundinovios they  are specialists in organizing quality honeymoon trips to paradisaical destinations such as Thailand. Located in  Madrid, they  offer telephone customer service anywhere in the country.

Costa Rica, wild nature

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For lovers of wild nature, Costa Rica is a discovery. There you can enjoy its beaches in the Caribbean and the Pacific, its tropical jungles , its wonderful butterflies and its more than a thousand species of orchids. You can make all kinds of excursions and sports activities among which  rafting . Surely it will be an unforgettable experience if you let yourself be carried by the current in the Prepare River rapids !

Tanzania, the country of adventure

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For the more adventurous, one of the best paradisaical destinations is Tanzania. You can enjoy incredible safaris in the most important parks and reserves in northern Tanzania, such as the Serengeti National Park or the Clangorous Conservation Area. Mounted in 4 × 4 you can see how thousands of wildebeest and zebras travel the Savannah fleeing their predators. In Wau Viajes you will design an exclusive and personalized trip adapted to your tastes and preferences . A company that likes the original bets so that you live a unique and unforgettable experience, always at a good price and based on your own experiences, since you have visited Tanzanian six occasions, in addition to other nearby places. You can do the safari in Jeep, by truck, van, bicycle or on foot. They have the perfect formula to leave worries aside, stress, pressure and  connect with the wonderful world of creatures and their natural balance in its purest form , because as this extraordinary team defends, “going out on safari is not only a physical act, it is also spiritual “.


paradisaical destination

For those who seek an unforgettable experience in one of the best capitals in the world, Singapore, the most advanced city in Asia, and possibly the entire world. A show for the senses with its buildings and dream hotels, its endless shopping areas or its terraces and luxury restaurants, where you can enjoy an incredible mix of cultures and gastronomy. If you decide on this city, you will discover very special corners of the city: the Marina Bay Sands, the Casino, the Santos Island, the Biological Park and the Financial Center.

New Zealand

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The so-called ” land of the great white cloud ” is one of the most original destinations for a honeymoon. You can enjoy its incredible nature in its paradisaical beaches and also in its mountains, fjords, lakes and volcanoes. A country that will surprise you with its traditions such as the Whirlpool welcoming ceremony in which the Maoris welcome you. At Xvi Fernandez Vitiates they  offer a personalized service when it comes to organizing and managing your honeymoon. They have an excellent quality and price in all your travels and all guarantees for the trip to go perfect.

The beauty of Seychelles

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A classic destination for newlyweds is the Seychelles. An archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, composed of 115 islands, of which only 33 are inhabited. It enjoys a tropical climate between 20 and 30 degrees throughout the year and a surprising natural beauty . Almost half of the archipelago is protected territory and highlights places like Abracadabra atoll with a large population of sea turtles.

The Vale DE Mai Nature Reserve on the island of Praline has a jungle where we can see the black parrot, the national bird of Seychelles.

A cruise together through Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Croatia

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The honeymoon is one of the greatest experiences of your life, so, what better way than to start on board in Italian territory and border the entire Mediterranean Coast . We all know that you do not have to fly so far to enjoy breathtaking landscapes or spectacular beaches. Europe is one of the richest continents culturally, gastronomically and touristy. And Carefree Travel  offers a wonderful cruise through Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Croatia for you to live a unique, romantic and unforgettable experience.

A company that is a guarantee seal as it is one of the most important distribution groups worldwide and has more than thirty years of experience in the travel agency sector in Europe. They will offer you everything you need to travel with the best advice, since they have the best professionals and resources to offer you a wide range of products and services that cover all your travel and leisure expectations. For a magical and unique wedding trip!

Australia and Polynesia

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Can you imagine a combination that takes you from Australia to French Polynesia? Well, stop dreaming because Vitiates Mort era are specialists in designing bespoke honeymoon trips , fully customized so you can enjoy an authentic honeymoon and the best services and benefits. And with this trip they assure you fun, rest, pure magic and romanticism.

In Australia you can enjoy beautiful and different landscapes, you can discover all the corners of Sydney, a city with a lot of style and personality, walk its famous Great Ocean Road coastal road that offers unique landscapes, get lost by its giant rock formations fixed in the Sea just a few meters from the beach, dive on the most spectacular seabed on the planet and walk among its blue forests full of eucalyptus from the Blue Mountains.

And after all these wonders, the earthly paradise, French Polynesia , will be waiting for you , sculpted by large peaks of green moss that point to the sky and surrounded by vivid turquoise lagoons. Without a doubt, the ideal place to relax and soak up elegance.

In Bora Bora , in addition to relaxing and losing the notion of time watching its beautiful sunsets, you can do all kinds of water activities such as diving, sailing, jet skiing or even feeding the sharks and rays. Can there be a better plan?

Finally, do you dream of visiting this year that comes places with palm trees, clear sands and crystal clear waters? Well, get ready for a good dose of passion for travel because in this blog post, we share with you a compilation of the paradisaical destination. It is easy to see the reasons why today’s travelers are so burned. Our globalized world is full of tourist traps, disappointments, overvalued paradisaical destinations and crowds. But what if there was still a way to escape from that and be able to visit a place before it starts to receive herds of visitors? Run, visit these wonders to the upside before it’s too late and someday you can say: “I was there before …”

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