If after pronouncing your wedding phrases you can’t wait to enjoy an experience in one of the most beautiful. Caribbean paradises in the world, between crystal clear sea. And fine sand in which to engrave with a piece of sweet love phrases. Then Punta Cana can be the solution for you. The Dominican island in which calm. And harmony hovers under the perfumed essence of the flamboyant. The trees with the amaranth flowers that you would like so much to include in your bridal bouquet. Here are the tips for Honeymoon in Punta Cana.

When to leave?Honeymoon in Punta Cana: tips to know before you go 

We know that once you take off your wedding sandals you will not want to do anything else than leaving for your honeymoon. But choosing the right time to travel is by no means a foregone option. Many times the decision of the destination of the journey begins with the fateful question in the agency: “when would you like to leave?”. Automatically excluding those beautiful. But impractical places at certain times of the year are the first step to live an unforgettable experience without regrets. For Punta Cana it works a bit like in the rest of the Dominican Republic: the temperature almost always settles at 23 ° (the minimum) and 29 ° (the maximum); the perception of the degree of humidity and the rains have the greatest impact, which seems to be less frequent from February to April and then intensifies in the other months of the year. In any case, Punta Cana, being south of the island, enjoys a generally more stable and dry climate.

What are the tours not to be missed?

If for months you have dealt with renovations and DIY wedding favors. Punta Cana is your ideal destination for those who want to regenerate after the energies spent. But not only: activities, mini tours and a myriad of attractions will fully immerse you in the Dominican climate, giving you a stay like no other. Here are some suggestions for you:

snorkeling and small catamaran cruises to the island of Sanoa. The peninsula of Samana, the beach of Macao and the Catalina island to get lost in the crystalline paradises and enjoy some underwater exploration; It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Punta Cana.

cultural tours also on segway to Altos del Chavon. Considered the City of Arts par excellence, El Cortecito, a destination to mark in the agenda for souvenir shopping. And, of course, a stop in the capital Santo Domingo ;

naturalistic adventures towards Manati Par, the famous theme park where you can meet parrots and all the local wildlife species, the Fun-Fun Cueva, one of the largest caves in the world, the El Limon waterfall in the heart of the tropical forest.

What to pack?

Not much is needed for a vacation essentially dedicated to relaxation. And exploration around the island. Swimsuit, pareo, some elegant vestment for candlelit evenings on the beach candle, sunscreen with high protection. Sneakers or tennis shoes for nature tours. And a layered clothing for those who want to venture into verses inner zone the parks. It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Punta Cana.

What will you eat in Punta Cana?

Food is one of the most feared topics by Italians on their honeymoon. To the desire to savor local food, there is also a certain apprehension about the use of spices. And in general completely unusual foods for our culture. Among the musts on the table in Punta Cana you will find: fresh fish, shrimp, crabs, squid, snapper, grouper, cassava, and tapioca. Fish is often cooked or seasoned with garlic. And Creole, accompanied by a spicy sauce; for barbecue lovers, there is no lack of various meat specialties served with rice and beans.

What animals will you meet?

Do you know the fashion of the moment where weddings are pink- themed famingo with lots of miniatures as original wedding placeholders? Here, in Punta Cana, you will have the chance to meet the famous pink flamingos live. Swim in the company of dolphins, see the rhinoceros iguana up close, take a selfie with turtles. And manatees and maybe spot whales and rind, the bird considered the emblem of the country.