Hotels with the most spectacular Christmas trees

Christmas trees

Hotels with the most spectacular Christmas trees

One of the things that most moves us the Christmas spirit is its decoration, its colors and its brightness; For this reason, different Christmas motifs such as garlands or Christmas trees are incorporated into homes during this time. It is increasingly common to find establishments and streets that generate great expectation for its amazing decoration. Something similar happens with the Christmas decoration of the hotels. Therefore, below we collect some of the hotels with spectacular and original Christmas trees , as well as emotional: we invite you to know them personally and to enjoy the Christmas spirit also in the hotels.

Hotel Maria Cristina, San Sebastian

spectacular Christmas trees

This hotel is one of the jewels of the city of San Sebastian, full of sophistication and elegance, where it is always a good idea to go for a few days. But, also, during Christmas you can enjoy Christmas decorations throughout the hotel, including the Christmas tree, and special lighting in the rooms.

Sebastian Cartridge’s Hotel, London

 It is one of the best hotels in the British capital and proof of this is the spectacular Christmas tree that they mount every year decorated with crystals, gold and silver; All proof of the luxury and sophistication that makes up this hotel.

Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

top Christmas trees

It is not just any Christmas tree: in 2018, the hotel collaborated with the Sonar Desperate Foundation, so that guests could help to make dreams come true for children in reception centers, who had posted their requests in the Christmas tree. So, apart from being a precious tree, it is also a solitary tree.

Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

the most spectacular Christmas trees

In this city everything is big and the Christmas tree is no less: it is the most expensive tree in the world. Among the pieces that decorate it are diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.

Grand Hotel de Bordeaux & Spa, France

Hotels with the most spectacular Christmas trees

This hotel, next to the National Opera of Bordeaux, has made a Christmas tree with costumes from the opera itself, including lace and crystals, so that its decoration makes it a completely baroque tree.

Ritz-Carlton, North Carolina, United States

discover Christmas trees

For those who want to know a different Christmas tree, in this hotel in North Carolina the tree is made of macaroni, specifically 8,000, with which they invest in their assembly for 58 hours. These are some of the hotels that we find around the world with original and spectacular Christmas trees, inescapable destinations for lovers of these important dates. Cheer up to know some of them during the next Christmas holidays and imbue the Christmas spirit that emerges this time in places where you have not been before.

  Ideas for Christmas trees hotels

Christmas trees

#1. Put your hotel in a Christmas attitude: Christmas is magic, love and happiness, and when we smile we transmit those emotions and feelings to other people. Start by motivating your work team. Good energy is perceived and if the employees work with genuine enthusiasm and good attitude, then they will better serve the guests and transmit the joy of the Christmas spirit. Likewise, guests will be more willing to share their experience at the hotel with other people and on their social networks.

#2. Boys and girls are the heroes: They are the main protagonists of Christmas and their parents are happy if the hotel manages to get their attention with a pleasant experience. An activity that can work is to create a space next to the Christmas tree, where children can paint cards and share their good wishes with other people.Then the cards can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, or they can be displayed on a wall as if they were works of art.

#3. Custard, donuts and sweet Christmas: At Christmas we are all willing to eat some extra, even more with the exquisite variety of cuisine found in different regions of the country. Decorate a table with Christmas motifs and surprise your guests with a selection of delicious sandwiches and snacks. It does not have to be anything complicated, what matters is the gesture and the detail. Sweets, cookies, chocolates, biscuits and gelatin, everything tastes more delicious because it’s Christmas!

#4. Ninth of Aguinaldo: Colombia is a country of traditions and the novena from December 16 to 24 is essential for many families and people of all ages. The ninth involves the ideas described above, such as the Christmas attitude, the custard with fritters and the protagonist in the children. If you do not have many guests during the week, you may prefer to do the novena only on weekends and to be extra-special. The important thing is to ensure that guests have a great experience at the hotel, which results in recommendations and good comments.

#5. Christmas card by email: A Christmas greeting and a happy year are not denied to anyone. Hotels can resume contact with former guests by sending their good wishes through an email. The email can also inform about the activities that are scheduled for the Christmas season, and invite you to discover more of the hotel on their website or their profile on Facebook. If you are one of those who do not keep record and contact information of your past clients, then this may be the ideal time to start doing it. In the future it will be very useful.

#6. Reach more customers through Facebook: Facebook allows more people to know the activities scheduled for the Christmas season in their city and are interested in knowing a little more about their hotel.

Finally, December arrives with its joy, and with it thousands of tourists looking for accommodation and accommodation throughout the country. It is also the perfect opportunity to make the stay of your guests an extraordinary experience and in this way they choose it again or recommend it to their friends on special dates.  The custom of decorating a Christmas tree comes from the Celts of northern Europe when they celebrated the birth of Frey, the sun god, decorating a fir that symbolized the Universe.  Christmas is already here and many lodges put on the reception with its spectacular trees. Light, color and lots of magic flood the hotels around the world to offer their clients an unforgettable vacation.

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