Where to stay in chefchaouen? Cheap price hotels for you

Where to stay in chefchaouen

Where to stay in chefchaouen? Cheap price hotels for you

Where to stay in chefchaouen? Discover the best hotels and accommodations in Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen is an amazing city to visit. Its history, beauty and relaxed lifestyle attract millions of tourists every year. Discover in this article the hotels and accommodations where to sleep in Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen or Chaouen is a town located in the mountains of the Rif owes its name to its Berber origin and its location since its name means the horns, in reference to the two mountains that are on each side.

Where to stay in chefchaouen

Where to stay in chefchaouen? Cheap hotels list

  1. Hotel Abi khancha: $23
  2. Hotel Casa Khaldi: $34
  3. Dar Touijar: $24
  4. Dar Antonio: $30
  5. Hotel Molino Garden: $34
  6. Casa Blue Star: $31
  7. Hotel Souika: $14
  8. Hostal La Joya: $20
  9. Hostel Mauritania: $19
  10. Touraghine Hotel & Cafe: $23

The room rent is only for 2 person. The attached bathroom is also available.

Many are the stories and legends that surround this city among them, one of the theories of the origin of the hand of Fatima and especially the legend of the twinning of Vejer and Chaouen.

Due to its geographic location and religious and cultural extremism, it was considered a sacred city. For this reason, this town has a very special charm because even today, when entering its medina, you feel you are traveling in time marveling at its blue and white houses and its landscapes.

Painters, photographers, and writers visit her every year and pay her tribute through her works. For all this, it is more than clear that it is a city that must be visited if you are in Morocco and therefore, most of our circuits to Morocco make a stop in Chefchaouen.

Luxury hotels to stay in chefchaouen

But for those who prefer to simply spend a weekend or a few quiet days in this place, we recommend the following hotels to make the most of this trip. We will start our list of hotels in Chefchaouen with the best value for money and then we will go to the best:

Hotel Chams

Hotel Chams: $74 per night

The Chams Hotel in Chaouen is a small hotel, located in the heart of the medina of Chefchaouen. It opened in December 2006. It has 8 rooms, 4 of Hotel Chams chefchaouen 17 them with the bathroom.

Very nice treatment and a lot of charm. Terrace with panoramic views of the medina. This hotel is clean but somewhat simple. It is a place with a very affordable price for tightest budgets. Although for very little more you can stay in more recommendable hotels.

Hotel Tarek

Hotel Tarek: $48 per night

The Hotel Tarek is located less than 10 minutes walk from the HOTEL TAREK CHEFCHAOUEN MOROCCO 01medina (by the way, a very nice and simple walk). It has a terrace with views of the mountains where you can have tea with wonderful views and free Wi-Fi.

Also, the property serves a traditional Moroccan breakfast each morning. We recommend this hotel as it has a very low price and the quality is good under European standards, perfect for a relaxing weekend.

Hotel Parador

Hotel Parador: $45 per night

The hotel Parador is located in the middle of the Medina, two minutes away HOTEL PARADOR CHEFCHAOUEN MOROCCO 36from the main square of the town. Therefore as you can imagine, in terms of location the hotel is unbeatable. It is a four-star hotel. The rooms are simply decorated with clean and comfortable decoration. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi in all areas, private pool and free private parking.

Hotel Dar Echchaouen

Hotel Dar Echchaouen: $85 per night

This hotel/Riad Dar Echchaouen is close to the Chefchaouen medina and the Ras el Ma airfield. It offers rooms with private bathrooms, free parking and free Wi-Fi.

Rooms at the Dar Echchaouen are air-conditioned and decorated in a traditional Moroccan style. All rooms have a attached bathroom with shower and designed tiles. The suites have a seating area and a fireplace.

Dar Echchaouen’s restaurant serves typical dishes such as couscous, tajine and Moroccan pastilla. Guests can relax in the garden or by the pool. A great place to spend a few days.

Hotel Lina Ryad & Spa

Hotel Lina Ryad & Spa: $154 per night

This luxurious 5* hotel is located in the heart of Chefchaouen, with a rooftop terrace overlooking the medina, as well as a Hotel Lyna pool spa with an indoor pool, hammam and hot tub.

The elegant suites at Lina Ryad & Spa offer views of the mountains or the medina and include air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a seating area. The price of this hotel is higher but it is well worth it.

These are just a small selection of hotels in Chefchaouen for all kinds of tastes and budgets. In a place as rustic and charming as Chaouen, we would also recommend you to stay in a Riad, but …

The existence of the riads in Morocco goes back several centuries back in time. The most refined was the residence of noble and high government officials.

If for 15 years, many of these dwellings have been rehabilitated with the greatest care, choosing the materials with care and staying as faithful as possible to the traditional style. Dentist of the riad we will find examples of traditional Moroccan crafts: the zellige, the stucco, the tadelakt or the work of the cedar …

In addition to its decorative originality and its large living spaces. The riads propose you to discover a personalized and high-quality hotel service. If you want to discover more about chefchaouen, do not miss our previous article!

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