The most STRANGE spas in the world

The most STRANGE spas in the world

Restaurants set in the Star Wars saga; hotels with rooms decorated in the purest style of the 20s; amusement parks based on our favorite fictional characters; food menus inspired by Hollywood recipes…

All these places have attracted the attention of thousands of people who do not hesitate to invest large sums of money in order to be a little closer to the field of fiction that they most idolize.

But … why does this happen? Undoubtedly there are some key factors:

  • These types of places evade us from reality and our routine. Labor obligations, stress, lack of time to devote to leisure activities or enjoyment … turn these sites into an escape route in which to enter a parallel universe that unknown to us.
  • They represent worlds outside of space-time, reserved a priori only for the field of fantasy. Unlike the disconnection to this world, mean taking a glass of wine after the day with our friends to the gastrobar. Always these spaces are presented as idealized and perfect dimensions in which any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.
  • These are centers of enjoyment in which everyone has a place. In these places everyone can have a good time and have fun: big, small … which allows you to enjoy with all your friends and family without restrictions or impediments.
  • They are the epicenter of happiness and fun. Spending a night in a Sherlock Holmes style room or tasting the mythical hamburger and Pulp Fiction milkshake, without a doubt makes us immensely happy. We cannot always live in comforts and makes us feel much happier and in better mood.

And what does all this have to do with the Wellness and Spas?

Very simple: this thematic trend has also reached the Wellness Centers, becoming a claim to attract potential clients willing to live incredible experiences, beyond spending a relaxing day in a facility. Next, I’ll show you what the most original Spas in the world are… We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Take note and dare to experience it in the first person!

The TscHuggen Bergoase, Switzerland

In the heart of the Swiss mountains stands this hotel complex with a luxury Spa. For lovers of architecture, design and nature, the visit is essential. The Spa was conceived by the architect Mario Botta, whose aim was to integrate the building into the mountain by means of the composition of different volumes that appear and disappear between the foothills of the mountain. And if we add to that a snowy landscape … a fairy tale, right?

Yunessun, Japan

The Japanese are the number one lovers of the thematic sites and therefore, they would not be less in this field of health. This Spa is a spring theme park with incredible landscape views in which you can try such curious experiences as bathing in pools of coffee or wine (with giant bottles pouring liquid while you bathe). More on that, it has an outdoor area decorated in the Japanese style with rocks and rivers where you can escape from reality.

Galos Caves, Chicago, United States

Unlike the previous ones, these curious caves do not imply any water bath, but rather they are caves built with Crimean salt, coming from the Black Sea. Within the concavities a microclimate is created that becomes an oasis of peace and relaxation for all those who visit them. In addition, you can enjoy many of the benefits of these salts, natural remedy for many body conditions. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

The Integratron, California, United States

On this occasion, you will not required bathing clothes to visit this curious wellness center, because you are about to enjoy sound baths. The building that houses them is a kind of electrostatic generator built in order to travel through time and rejuvenate. However, today there are sessions of one-hour sound baths in which the history of the complete and the qualities of sound are explained; you can hear sounds produced from quartz glass and relax on hammocks and mattresses to evade your body and soul…

Bota Boot, Montreal, Canada

Imagine entering an old ship anchored in the port of Montreal and … be a Spa! As you hear it, it has now been converted to the Wellness Center where you can enjoy an excellent Aquatic Circuit composed of pools of very hot water, other frosts, vapors, saunas … an adventure in true Finnish style!

Yes, it is one of the first underwater spas in the world. Imagine yourself receiving a massage while you open before you all a glass with views to the diaphanous depths of the sea of ​​this paradisiacal area of ​​the globe. They have six treatment rooms with these views under the sea; sanctuaries of treatments in the gardens with outdoor baths, relaxation areas … A delight!

Beer Spa, Spain

Although you can also find this type of Spas in other parts of the world, in Spain it has been a revolution: immerse yourself in beer barrels while you taste typical products and have free beer, lie down in barley beds or receive body treatments with hops that will leave your skin like new… Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

Do you want to try it?

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