Tick these experiences off your bucket list

Tick these experiences off your bucket list

Many people make lists of achievements and goals they want to reach before their 30s or 40s. They may not be spectacular, and everyone’s bucket lists may vary, from wanting to pay off a mortgage to holidaying in one of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

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Quit the job and pack your bags

Moving abroad is a popular goal that people often aim for. Some will be brave and bold and quit their day job and pack their bags. According to experts, your 20s is the ideal time to make mistakes with your career as there is always plenty of time to make a u-turn. The 20s are also the best time to enjoy a gap year and experience different countries around the world, which will open minds to other cultures.

It may not be too far from home, but music buffs may want to include a weekend at Glastonbury on their wish list. They want to experience the mud and the atmosphere, along with the famous pyramid stage.

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Adopting a pet may seem like a simple task, but it brings with it challenges and commitment. Experts say the best time to adopt a pet is early in your adult life.

Set sail and see the sights

Seeing sights around the world, such as the pyramids, Venice, Mount Everest or the Inca Trail, are popular bucket list items. The Inca Trail involves a long mountainous hike in Peru and it spans from Cusco to Machu Picchu.

If you want to stay closer to home and enjoy the thrills of tank driving, then visit Armourgeddon is the place. One to consider for the bucket list, it’s one of the more easily accessible options.

According to New England Cable News, a Massachusetts cancer sufferer wanted to cross a Super Bowl visit off his bucket list.

Taking up a new hobby such as parachuting or rock climbing is often on a bucket list. Facing fears is one big reason extreme sports often make the list. It’s good exercise and it keeps people’s bodies strong.

Fitter people may want to aim for a half marathon or a full marathon. The training gives participants a sense of discipline and commitment. It’s also a good way to get fit and meet other like-minded people.


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