The best areas to enjoy Asturias, natural paradise

natural paradise

The best areas to enjoy Asturias, natural paradise

 Natural paradise– To think of Asturias is to think green. And this is because the nature of Asturias is one of its main resources and tourist values. The Asturias motto, a natural paradise, is not only a publicity claim. Since Asturias’ greatest pride is its landscape. Its mountains, its forests. and  best lakes, its rivers, its fauna … Its rugged best  mountains. And its raging sea have made that their culture and customs remain unchanged.

Of all the nature destinations that you can find in Spain, Asturias is one of the best. For this reason. And to continue conserving this natural paradise. The Regional Network of Protected Natural Spaces has been created. The environmental wealth of Asturias is so great that Unesco has declared a third of its Biosphere Reserve territory. Currently six of the natural areas of Asturias are Biosphere Reserve. And there are more than 60 protected areas.

Cheer up to know the nature of Asturias through its natural spaces and let yourself be seduced by its beauty. You will be like in paradise!

Top 5 places to enjoy the nature of Asturias

National Park of the Peaks of Europe

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The National Park of the Peaks of Europe is a Biosphere Reserve in Asturias since 2003. It is located in the Cantabrian Mountains And is shared by Asturias, LeOn and Cantabria. In it you will be able to contemplate stunning mountain landscapes. With rugged limestone mountain ranges, modeled by ice and water, deep valleys, gorges, rivers and lakes of dreams.

There are two main points that will allow you to access the Peaks of Europe National Park: Cangas de Onis in the west and Panes in the east. Although Benia and Arenas de Cabrales are also good points from which to access. The main focus of attraction is Covadonga with its famous lakes. They are glacial lagoons composed of three lakes. The Enol, the Ercina and the Bricial. And for mountaineers the most famous summits are Torrecerredo and Naranjo de Bulnes or Pico Urriellu.

Somiedo Natural Park

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The Natural Park of Somiedo is a Biosphere Reserve since 2000. It is one of the places where you can enjoy nature in its pure state. And one of the best preserved natural spaces of Asturias. Its landscape highlights the beauty of its lakes. Which can be accessed through spectacular hiking trails such as those that allow you to access Lake del Valle.

During your excursions through Somiedo you can contemplate some of its brañas, with the famous ” cabanas de teito “, used by the vaqueiros de alzada as a refuge. This is one of the best nature areas of Asturias. Through its steep slopes, lush forests and hidden valleys, some of the most endangered species of our fauna such as the Cantabrian brown bear and the capercaillie walk .

Natural Park of the Fuentes del Narcea, Degana and Ibias

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It is the largest Natural Park of Asturias and borders with Leon and Lugo. It is a Biosphere Reserve since 2003. In this area there are two natural areas of great interest: the Integral Nature Reserve of Muniellos Forest and the Partial Natural Reserve of Cueto de Arbas. Although it has a great diversity of landscapes, the forests are the main protagonists of this area. There are many reasons to travel to Cangas del Narcea and enjoy this wonderful natural area. You can visit beech forests such as the Monte de Hermo or the largest oak grove in Spain, located in Muniellos .

If you decide to visit the amazing Bosque de Muniellos. One of the best places to enjoy the nature of Asturias, you should bear in mind that for conservation reasons, only 20 people can enter a day. And you need to request a permit beforehand. To process it you have to call this telephone number: 985 279 100.

The Eo estuary

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The Eo estuary is included in the Oscos-Eo Biosphere Reserve.  Which is the only one that has a coastline. It is one of the best preserved estuaries in Asturias and it forms a deep gap in which the sea enters, separating Asturias from Galicia.

It is one of the best areas of Asturias to observe birds. Since it is an important wintering area.

The Natural Park of Redes is another good area to enjoy Natural Park of Redes

areas to enjoy Asturias, natural paradise

the nature of Asturias. It is a Biosphere Reserve since 2001 and  It houses some of the most spectacular landscapes in Asturias. It has an orthography of medium. And high mountain, is dominated by limestone rock.  Atlantic forest, meadows and grasslands in the bottoms of the valleys.

The beech forest is the forest that predominates in the mountains of Redes. Although it also has important areas of oak.

The action of the rivers has led to the appearance of open valleys or the impressive limestone cliffs, like the one you can enjoy on the Ruta del Alba or the Arrudos Route.

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