How to make a low cost safari in kruger National Park, South Africa

safari in Kruger National Park

How to make a low cost safari in kruger National Park, South Africa

The safari in Kruger National Park is the largest natural reserve in all of South Africa . With more than 350km of extension it has a forest the size of the province of Ceres where animals of all kinds of South African fauna live in freedom .

The visit to the safari in Kruger National Park is essential for all those who travel to South Africa , but it is very large and has very diverse areas, so we recommend that before you go, plan your visit and be clear about what kind of safari you want to do.

In this post we leave you our experience and how we did a low cost safari in one of our stages around the world . Always from our experience and under our criteria.

Find out before visiting the safari in Kruger National Park

low cost safari in Kruger National Park

Before visiting the safari in Kruger National Park it is vital to get informed . It is the largest reserve with wild animals in the country  and to take advantage of the time you have to plan routes , schedules, etc.

You can do it on the official website of the organization that manages it:  South African National Parks . The best sighting areas change with the times of the year. The South African winter (from June to October) is good because there is less vegetation and the animals look better. It is also low season, that is, more space and less price. And they say that the southern and central zone is where more animals are concentrated. We moved through that area and saw many (except the lion and the leopard).

But there is no bad time for a safari in the safari in Kruger National Park , in fact it is fascinating to see the African Savannah in its different seasons . The experience changes from one month to the next. During the summer the temperatures are warmer, it is very hot. The landscapes are painted green and are more spectacular but it is true that it is more complicated to see the animals because of the abundant foliage. On the other hand the temperature of the winter months is ideal during the day, but do not forget to keep warm during the night and first thing in the morning and it is true that the sighting of the animals is easier.

Where to sleep inside the Kruger National Park

safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa

As we have previously recommended, in relation to the safari in Kruger National park it is not worth improvising . We did it and we had no place to sleep inside the park. The offer is large but the demand much higher.

 At present, the reserve has 21 camps, as well as 7 private refugee shelters and 11 private shelters. The public camps have many accommodation options (bungalows, tents, apartments, cabins, etc.) so the prices vary a lot but, nevertheless, you can find low cost possibilities  .

The choice of the most suitable camp you will have to make it after studying the map of the park. Sleeping inside the park is the best for many reasons: no time is lost in leaving and entering the park every day, you can follow a more orderly route and there are more possibilities for public safaris and  cheaper prices .

In the case that the camps are full there are always alternatives . As the park workers are, in general, very inefficient and rude, it is better that you bring some lodgings pointed in case you do not want to or you can sleep inside the park. They will not help you. At each gate, a few kilometers away, there are always small towns offering hostels,  bed and breakfast  or luxury hotels.

Entrance to the Kruger National Park

 Considering the extension of the Kruger park, there are several entrances to the park, the best known and used are those previously mentioned as Paul Kruger Gate Gate and the Numbi Gate.

The single day ticket costs 264 rands for foreigners. The ticket gives access to the park from the opening time until the closing time. Outside of these times it is totally forbidden to circulate in the park. The  schedules change  according to the time of the year so it is good that you know in advance the time with which you have.

Safaris in the Kruger National Park on your own

The cheapest option for safaris is to do it in your own car . The normal thing is to get to  Johannesburg . There you can rent a car and in four hours you can get in one of the entrance doors of the park.

Once inside the reserve you can drive freely on the asphalt or sand roads enabled for that purpose. It is very important not to leave these roads and not exceed the speed. As the English word says to refer to game drives , that’s what it’s about, a game. You are driving and when you see an animal , you are made for one side and you observe it calmly . Car collapse can occur when lions or elephants are seen, it is best to have patience.

Public safaris in the Kruger National Park

make a low cost safari in Kruger National Park

The Kruger Park also offer the option of public safaris , both day visitors, ie those who do not sleep in camps in the reserve, and visitors staying in Kruger facilities.

The prices for visitors sleeping outside are approximately 384 rends and includes the price of admission to the park. The price goes down if you are staying in some of their camps.

Offer two types of safari to day visitors who do not sleep in the camps: safaris at dawn (about 6 in the morning where it is very cold and you can see species that are difficult to see during the day) and at dusk. For those who sleep in the camps, in addition, nocturnal safaris are offered , to see the fauna that does not sleep, and day walks.

Where to eat in Kruger National Park

discover safari in Kruger National Park

To make the safari at dinner time as much as possible, you can resort to take your own food and prepare it in one of the picnic areas of the camps or specially prepared areas.

Outside these spaces it is completely forbidden to do so since it would be a risk for the presence of animals, so we do not recommend it, keep in mind that these animals are in their natural habitat so they can go to the smell of food .

Equipment necessary for a safari in Kruger National Park

make a low cost safari in Kruger National Park

In the Kruger there are only small shops, bathrooms, bars and gas stations inside the camps, but the prices are more expensive than abroad . That is, the ideal is to be well provided with everything you need.

If you opt for the low cost option that we propose, do not forget to pack your backpack with the necessary food for the day and bottled water. Fill the gas tank with the car and do not forget to take warm clothes , especially if you visit the park in the winter months where the temperatures are pleasant during the day but when the sun goes away it starts getting cold (even a blanket if you go to make the safari at sunrise), sunscreen, hat and, very important, good binoculars and camera to not miss a detail of the wonderful show you are going to witness.

Comply with the security measures of the Kruger National Park

If you do not want the safari to leave you with a gift, you must comply in detail with the Kruger’s extensive safety regulations so as not to receive an unpleasant and expensive fine.

The most important thing is not to run on the road . The speed limit is 50 km / h in the asphalt race and 40 km / h in the sand road. There are many speed controls in the park, so be careful. Also at this speed you avoid frightening the animals that live in the surroundings.

Another important issue is security . Do not forget that we are in a natural area where animals are in their natural habitat. That is why it is strictly forbidden to get out of the car . Not only can you take a fine, but the anger of the South Africans who pass by your side. And, logically, in any case, you avoid many problems with the wild animals that you encounter along the way.

Enjoy the animals in the Kruger National park

Once all the procedures are done, play the best, enjoy the wild life . It is amazing as in your step you are seeing animal life live and direct. As a child on the day of kings you are shouting with joy every time you see a new animal.

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