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Many children, like their parents, are concerned about the question: when will the summer holidays begin in 2019? The last call in most schools will ring on May 26, and from May 27, students will go on a well-deserved rest. But this does not apply to high school students, because they have yet to pass the exam, the main stage of which will last until June 30.

Some schools do not follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and decide for themselves how many of their students will go on long-awaited summer holidays. As a rule, the changes are minor and the dates for the end of the school year are shifted by no more than a few days.

Summer holidays in 2019 for school children

Duration of summer holidays at school

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, the summer holidays for schoolchildren should be at least 8 weeks. This is a single recommendation for all school institutions, regardless of the form in which training takes place, in quarters or trimesters. This period is recognized as optimal in order to have a good rest, recuperate and tune in for the new academic year.

Why was the summer chosen for the longest vacation, and not autumn or winter, when there is a breakdown and the period of exacerbation of respiratory diseases begins? For the first time, summer vacations appeared in church schools, when teachers noticed that attendance at the school was significantly reduced during this period. And this happened due to the fact that children had to help adults grow crops and could not fully devote themselves to learning. Modern schoolchildren are not so burdened with household chores as students of past centuries, but also have the right to well-deserved rest.

Summer holidays in 2019 for school children

Summer vacation 2019

School holidays are a time when a child must not only walk and sleep until dinner but also receive new impressions, positive emotions and strengthen their immunity. Therefore, even during the school year, you should plan your vacation in order to devote as much time as possible to interesting and rewarding activities.

Summer holidays in 2019 for school children

Where to relax during summer holidays:

  1. Children’s camp is a great opportunity to make new friends and have a good time under the guidance of experienced teachers. Children’s camps are both countries, in which the child is around the clock for two or three weeks, and urban – organized on the basis of educational institutions and work as a group of extended hours.
  2. Holidays in the village – if you have relatives living far from the city, feel free to send a child to visit them. Children who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially away from gas roads and industrial enterprises, are much less likely to get sick than their peers.
  3. Vacation at sea is a very useful form of recreation for schoolchildren, which not only gives a lot of vivid impressions but also strengthens the immune system. Useful sea water, walking barefoot on the warm sand, sunbathing, swimming – all this will only benefit the children’s organism.
  4. If you can’t go on a trip for a holiday, this is not a reason for the student to spend all the holidays in his room in front of the computer. Try as often as possible to go on nature, attend various recreational activities with your child, play football and volleyball, ride bikes, skates, skateboards, go to the rink. When classes begin at school, there is always not enough time for such varied leisure, so use the moment!
  5. For high school students who are bored during the summer holidays, you can find a side job. The advertiser, promoter, the animator is a simple job that takes only a few hours a day and will allow you to spend your free time with benefit.

Useful tips for parents

Rest is, of course, good, but do not forget that the three summer months will pass quickly and school days will begin again. The modern curriculum is very difficult and if at least a few hours a week are not devoted to classes, it will be difficult to join the learning process. In most institutions, teachers themselves make recommendations for classes during the summer holidays. You do not need to learn something new, the main thing is to periodically repeat already acquired knowledge.

Summer holidays in 2019 for school children

It will be very useful if the child reads at least some literary works provided by the school curriculum for the next academic year. Firstly, it is very useful, and secondly, it will be possible to save some time while studying. If a student has poor academic performance in any subject, the holidays are a great opportunity to “improve” your knowledge on your own or with the help of a tutor.

Three months of summer holidays will fly very quickly, but as the traditional September 1 in 2019 falls on Friday, the beginning of the school year in many schools and gymnasiums will come on Monday – September 4.