10 things to do in Italy for the first time travel

things to do in Italy

10 things to do in Italy for the first time travel

Best things to do in Italy for the first time travel. There is a place where it trembles every 20 minutes. For the inhabitants of the place, fear and surprise for telluric movements are nonexistent issues. Living on the slopes of an active volcano has taught them to know and respect it. However, for tourists who attend it is difficult to maintain serenity completely … But they are willing to deal with a few minutes of anxiety in order to experience this beautiful Italian site.

You will be able to know this and other amazing places in the following list of the 10 things to do in Italy for the first time travel when traveling to Italy for the first time:


10. Listen to music from Taorminathings to do in Italy

You can not lose this; It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and of course, a must to visit in Italy. In the third century, it was a Greek amphitheater. In the place there is a natural terrace with a unique view of the sea; If you want to maximize your experience, you must attend while a concert sounds from there.

9. Drink a cold beer in Trasteverethings to do in Italy

After taking a stroll through the bohemian streets of this Italian neighborhood and visiting the Piazza di Santa María – where you will find its beautiful and ancient Basilica – you can enter one of the local intimates and order a cold beer. Meanwhile, you will see passersby be amazed at the small charms of the place while shopping for souvenirs at nearby stores. It is one of the best things to do in Italy for the first time travel.

8. Sleep in Materathings to do in Italy

To the south of Italy is Basilicata, an ancient region where you will find the town of Matera. The peculiar thing about the place is that the houses are caves. The Sassi, as they are named, are found right on ancient cliffs. Staying one night is economical, as well as being perfectly set for rest and comfort. If you have a chance to sleep there one night, do not hesitate.

7. Immerse yourself in Saturniathings to do in Italy

Located in Maremma, in the city of Saturnia, you will find hot springs on top of a hill. Several springs receive visitors who look amazed at the landscape that Mount Amiata gives them and the hills of Albenga and Fiora. On top of that, the relaxing heat of its waters will revitalize you completely. Admission is free, so there is no excuse for not enjoying it.

6. Dance at a carnivalthings to do in Italy

Another of the charms of Italy is its carnivals. It will depend on the season you attend so you can choose the one that best suits your time. You will find food and drink, music, dance and the parade of characters dressed in eccentric clothes. Carnivals begin on January 7 and are held in various regions, from Tuscany to Piedmont. It is one of the best things to do in Italy for the first time travel.

5. Eat the best gelato in the worldthings to do in Italy

Italy is the paradise of lovers of this sweet icy. Made with natural ingredients and with less sugar, it is a dessert that you will want to repeat every day. To make your experience even more unique, ask for flavors that are not common where you live or one you’ve never tried. Stop to enjoy every scent released from the palate. Throughout Rome, there are iconic places where you will find them, but there is nothing better than following your instinct and choosing them yourself.

4. Travel by gondola, but at nightthings to do in Italy

As you know, taking a gondola trip on the canals of Venice is not entirely cheap. In addition, during the day it is common to find dozens of travelers on the tour, so taking pictures or enjoying the trip sometimes becomes complicated. Therefore, if you decide to do it at night you will know a different, bright, beautiful and much freer Venice.

3. Travel by trainthings to do in Italy

Plan your itinerary so that you can travel by train from Milan to Lago di Como. The ticket costs approximately five euros. Once on the banks of the lake, you can get on a steamboat that will sail the beautiful lake while you enjoy the scenery. If possible, do it during the sunset, which will give your experience a plus. It is one of the best things to do in Italy for the first time travel.

2. Book a guided tour at the Uffizi Gallerythings to do in Italy

Whether or not you are an art lover, you cannot miss this place. In it, you will find countless of the most emblematic paintings and sculptures in the world. The works of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rafael, and Titian are exhibited in this wonderful place. Naturally, her fame has made her extremely crowded, so she plans to make a reservation on your trip. If you do it with a guided tour, you will enter without queuing and passing through, you will learn from the most enigmatic works in history.

1. Beat your fears in Strombolithings to do in Italy

At one end of Sicily, in the Aeolian Islands, is the Stromboli volcano. The place is full of small islands that make up a majestic archipelago. If you want to be in touch with nature, this volcano – which is the most isolated of all – will give you that opportunity. Every 20 minutes it erupts, so small earth movements happen and from time to time an alarm will sound for you to go to the coast. However, if you decide to go at night, you can see the volcano’s explosions from the sea.

As you can see, Italy is much more than the Tower of Pisa or the Roman Colosseum. There are many other unique experiences that you can access in this beautiful European country without spending a fortune. These places can make your first time in Italy an unforgettable trip.

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