6 things to do in Lake Tahoe

things to do in Lake Tahoe

6 things to do in Lake Tahoe

Best things to do in Lake Tahoe. Fall in love with the beauty of a lake that has the ability to wrap you in incredible adventures within a turquoise blue landscape exploring in Kayak during the summer and skiing in the winter with more than 40 km visiting the nearest villages that border these crystalline waters. Lake Tahoe is that paradise destination for all those travelers who want to explore new horizons; Arriving at Emerald Bay, discovering its wild side with beautiful and big bears or relaxing with a beautiful sunset is what makes this lake an unmissable place for adventurers in Nevada.

You find this natural beauty less than an hour from Reno. And, although its beauty is perfect to take a well-deserved break on your vacation; Lake Tahoe invites you to take out that curious thing you have inside with unique activities that you should try now.

Things to do in Lake Tahoe

Discover Emerald Baythings to do in Lake Tahoe

Described by Mark Twain as “the most perfect landscape on Earth” this small part of Lake Tahoe will make you feel true love at first sight; This islet is fantastic from the moment you look at the shores of the lake with huge acres bordering it you will wonder how Mark Twain fell so short with his description.

Kayak practicethings to do in Lake Tahoe

Of course, the star activity cannot be missed in this adventure and in Lake Tahoe there are 2 recommended places to do it: Emerald Bay that, if it was already beautiful to see her when walking, imagine how it will be on a kayak trip, it is undoubtedly an extraordinary experience. On the other hand, Camp Richardson, this place is a different environment to Emerald Bay since it is more beach, but this does not take away from making the experience more sensational.

Add adrenaline with the zip linethings to do in Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Mountain Resort is a famous ski resort during winter and in summer it becomes a beautiful place equally where those green tones are unmissable and you must live them by climbing the cable car where you can have that panoramic view of this paradise and then descend by the zip line that goes from the highest point of the mountain to the foot of the track. Without a doubt a feat that you must live on your trip.

Admire your wild side

Of course, it is a natural and free place where finding a bear while exploring will be normal, just keep in mind and be very careful, since these animals, besides being beautiful at the end of all, are wild.

Enjoy a beautiful sunsetthings to do in Lake Tahoe

Needless to say, you should enjoy a cool and beautiful sunset in this place discovering the various shades that sunset clauses. It is one of the best things to do in Lake Tahoe.

Taste its delicious cuisinethings to do in Lake Tahoe

Try the local food that goes from a very American-style BBQ, pizza, a glass of wine or a large glass of craft beer to a very elegant dinner enjoying magic shows.

So you know, you can’t wait any longer to enjoy the wonders that Nevada has for you. Come and enjoy them now.

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