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When we start a train travel we always think about arriving at the destination as soon as possible. And we rarely look at the landscape that we travel. When really, in many occasions, it is what is worthwhile. The landscapes that we can observe in some train travel are fascinating and leave before our eyes unbelievable and incredible images.

Top best train travel in the world

Transcantabrico (Spain)


From April to mid-October, this train travel offers two types of trips , in which you can see the Cantabrian background , surrounded by nature. One of the options is the Great Luxury trip , in which you can travel from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela for $ 4,900. And the other option, the Classic , which goes from León to Santiago and you can choose to make only part of the trip.

The Ghan (Australia)

Top best train travel

If you want to discover the beautiful landscape of Australia, do not hesitate to ride this train. He travels across the country , from north to south, between Adelaide and Darwin , for three days and two nights, stopping at Alice Spring, the heart of the country. For $ 1,499, you can purchase this trip that departs every Sunday and does not rest throughout the year.

Rocky Mountaineer (Canada)

Top best train travel in the world

Four routes through the west of the country, where you can enjoy incredible landscapes, surrounded by wild nature. The train operates between October and April and, halfway through the train travel. You will spend a night in a hotel.

The locomotive (Ecuador)

Top best train travel in the world

This mountain is home to the legend that to finish building the railroads, had to make a pact with the devil. And it is easy to believe it , because when you observe the course of this road train, you hallucinate. 12 kilometers, in the heart of the Andes , that unite the stations of Alausi and Sibambe. And in which you will cross one of the most difficult roads in the world.

Bernina Express (Switzerland)

train travel in the world

It crosses the imposing Swiss Alps , through 55 tunnels and 196 bridges and slopes, more typical of a cogwheel train. The landscapes that you can observe will be wonderful, since it is considered one of the most spectacular train trips in the world.

Emerald Isle Explorer (Ireland)

Top best train travel in the world

It is the first steam train that runs through Ireland, in these times. The train leaves from Dublin, and it crosses places like Galway, Killarney, Limerick, Tralee, Waterford and Kilkenny. The success has been such that there is a waiting list for the September itinerary.

Flam Railway (Norway)

Top best train travel in the world

This train trip is considered one of the most beautiful in the world . Two hours crossing the Norwegian fjords , from the banks of the Aurlandsfjord, crossing one of the deepest fjords, the Sognefjord, to the Myrdal station. This train runs throughout the year, and the trip costs around $ 50.

California Zephyr (California)

 train travel in the world

The same route that those of the Beat generation did , is what this train offers you. The trip lasts 52 hours, and you have two types of tickets, a single seat for about € 160, or a family room for about $ 1,400.

Deccan Odyssey (India)

Top best train travel in the world

During this trip you can put yourself in the skin of an Indian Maharaja for eight days. The luxury is breathed in its 21 wagons that can hold up to 80 passengers, it even has a small spa for the privileged travelers. The journey costs $ 5,500, and you can do it in October, November and December.

El Chepe (Mexico)

Top best train travel

The trip connects Chihuahua with the Pacific Ocean , crossing the Sierra Tarahumara. The Chepe, which is the name of this particular train, crosses a route surrounded by incredible landscapes, with 85 tunnels and 39 bridges. Since 1961 it is in operation, and remains unique in Mexico.

These train travel can become a unique experience that you will never forget. Are you ready to live this adventure?  Tell us your opinion in the comments and enjoy the trip!