10 of the most beautiful places in Spain- Prepare your smartphone

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10 of the most beautiful places in Spain- Prepare your smartphone

In the age of social networks, we spend our time hanging images of our experiences and hoping that those who follow us will give us some likes and know a little more about the wonderful world in which we live. If you are looking for new corners in which to take snapshots, we present you 10 of the most beautiful places in Spain.

You like the type of landscape that you like, the following places will allow you to decorate your social profiles with really impressive images. Thanks to the great geographical variety of Spain – a country full of surprising curiosities – you have the opportunity to take photographs on islets, cliffs, lakes, small coastal towns, forests … and even inland beaches! Do not miss the next list!

10 of the most beautiful places in Spain

1. San Juan de Gaztelugatxebeautiful places

If you’ve seen the last seasons of Game of Thrones, surely this impressive wall in Bermeo (Vizcaya) sounds good to you.

At the end of the staircase with almost 250 steps, in particular, 241, you will find the hermitage in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. It is a bit tired, but we assure you that it is worth all the effort and sweat it requires. This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

2. Stone Monasterybeautiful places

You are visiting Zaragoza (Aragón) and everyone from the Monasterio de Piedra talks to you, for sure that its reputation as one of the most beautiful places in Spain is totally deserved.

It is a magical place, not only because of its ancient architecture but because of the place where it is located. Waterfalls, lakes … A water that brings a mystic aura to the Monasterio de Piedra and that will make you want to take photographs irremediably.

3. Peratalladabeautiful places

You decide to escape to Catalonia, to see the Costa Brava, but the beach part of this you already know. It’s time to visit Pertallada. A charming town with a medieval architectural core that is very well preserved, in which you will take great snapshots. Everything is very aesthetic. Perfect to take some pictures to hang on your social networks.

4. Beach of Gulpiyuribeautiful places

An indoor beach? Exists. In Llanes (Asturias), there is the small beach of Gulpiyuri. A gem of the peninsula that is also, without doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

5. Monte Nemebeautiful places

If you visit Galicia, specifically the Costa da Morte, you will cross with Monte Name. A place that is not known by many and that hides tremendous histories because once the tungsten mines were active in the place.

This desolate corner is unique for its colors and appearance and is one of the most beautiful places in Spain to take snapshots, always remembering its past.

6. Sanabria Lakebeautiful places

Does this name sound like? Besides being one of the most beautiful places in Spain, it is also the largest lake in the country. It is of glacial origin and it does not matter what time you visit it: it always has a spectacular landscape for you.

7. The Castle Hill of Morella

It is a hill on which stands the medieval castle of Morella and that from the right perspective is one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

If you love medieval, you have to take some pictures here. Your most fanciful side will wake up!

8. The Cliff of Los Gigantesbeautiful places

On this occasion, we left the Iberian Peninsula to get closer to the Canary Islands, specifically to Tenerife. Here we will find this impressive cliff, which has managed to gain a place among the most beautiful places in Spain. Without a doubt, its landscape is impressive.

If you’re in Santa Cruz, you can barely be separated by 125 kilometers of these cliffs. Cheer up to visit them!

9. Irati Forestbeautiful places

It is a Navarrese beech, the second largest in Europe, which extends over thousands of hectares and is also one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

In it, you will connect with nature and you will have the opportunity to take impressive photographs.

By the way, it is advisable to visit it in the fall and avoid it in winter, due to the presence of snow.

10. The viewpoint of San Nicolasbeautiful places

We went down to the south of Spain, to Granada, to get to know the last of our most beautiful places in Spain. From this viewpoint you can see the palace of the Alhambra, day or night, so with a camera that has a good capacity, you can take amazing snapshots.

What do you think about this compilation of 10 of the most beautiful places in Spain? Have you taken any snapshots of them? Do you know other locations in which it is worth taking pictures to hang later on social networks? Send us your experience and, if possible, share your images with us! It will be great that we can expand this list and let us know the most beautiful corners of Spain!

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