Bangkok to Bangsaen: Thai beach town at 1.5 hours from Bangkok

Bangkok to Bangsaen: Thai beach town at 1.5 hours from Bangkok

Taking advantage of not being very hot in Thailand at night, last week I went a couple of days to meet Bang Saen. It is not a very famous town, I had not heard too much about it, and I did not know what I would find. Get the route of Bangkok to Bangsaen. 

Bangkok to Bangsaen route

bangkok to bangsaen

The beach of Bang Saen is not anything special, but I liked it more than, for example, Pattaya. The best thing about Bang Saen is that it is 100% Thai, there are practically no foreigners. The tourists are almost all local. So if you go, you’ll have to do like them and lie down in a hammock under an umbrella in front of the sea, and order all kinds of Thai seafood dishes. You can also accompany it with som tam (papaya salad) and a good Beer Leo very cold while you wait to watch the sunset.

In general, I thought it was a very recommendable town. Especially during the week and for a couple of days since it is only 1.5h from Bangkok. I was on a Thursday, and there was an atmosphere but without being crowded. On weekends it will probably be different.

As I said, Bang Sean is a beach destination very focused on Thais, but that does not mean there are not good hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. On the contrary, 5 minutes from the beach there are several 4-star resorts with fairly complete facilities (pool, gym, etc.) and rooms at THB 1500-2500 per night (for example the Bangsaen Heritage Hotel ). You do not have to spend that much sense if you come without a hotel reservation. You can also easily find rooms close to the beach and even with sea views for THB 300-1000.

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What to do in Bang Saen?

During the day beach, hammock and local food. At night, you can select between several hotels with outdoor tables and bars with live music in which the typical Thai beer girls serve beer towers.

If you want something quieter, you will see people doing barbecues on the beach or walking along the shore taking advantage of the low tide at night. Thai people love to look for starfish and all kinds of marine life when the tide is low.

An ideal place of Thailand

Bang Saen has surprised me positively, but it is not a place I would recommend to someone who came just two weeks on vacation to Thailand. It is a more suitable town for those who live in Bangkok and want to make a short break to see the sea, eat Thai seafood with papaya salad and, in short, relax a bit. If you are searching for beaches, then I recommend you go a little further and reach Koh Samed or, even better, Koh Chang or Koh Maak.

Bang Saen from Bangkok

How to go to Bangkok to Bangsean?

You can take a 1.5h van from Bangkok to Bang Saen (110 THB) at the Victory Monument BTS Skytrain station. Specifically, in the vans stop that is next to the Century The Movie Plaza shopping center. Also from the Eastern Bus Terminal (near the Ekkamai BTS Skytrain station ), you can take buses for Bangkok to Bangsean trip.

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