10 places to enjoy Christmas with children

Christmas with children

10 places to enjoy Christmas with children

 Christmas with children- Christmas is just around the corner and in almost every city there is a special atmosphere. Although many still prefer to stay at home to enjoy the warmth of home, traveling to spend a different Christmas every time it takes more.

At this time, it is impossible not to find a place in the West that does not live Christmas with passion. But this is our selection because there is a little for everyone: cold, snow, reindeer, warmth, good food, traditional activities and other more modern. We are going?

Lapland, Finland enjoy Christmas with children

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Going to Lapland to meet Santa Claus is a classic. It is one of the coldest places in the world and that’s where the North Pole line passes, so it’s time to get warm. But the snowy landscapes of Romanian’s tale , the reindeer, the sleds pulled by dogs and being able to greet Santa Claus in his cabin are well worth the trip.

Hamburg, Germany

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These days, central and northern Europe is filled with festive activities, Christmas markets, sweets, songs and colorful lights. The city of Hamburg , in Germany , is a good place to get away with the kids to enjoy the heat of the holidays. They will love the famous kuchen cookies decorated with shapes, messages and colors.

Tarragons, Spain

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Who said that amusement parks are not for winter? Without a doubt, I was very wrong. Christmas is an ideal time to visit places like Port Adventure , in Tarragona . It may not be the best time to enjoy water attractions, but kids will love being able to meet their favorite characters, watch shows and experience different parties.

New York, United States

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Besides being a paradise for shopping (and more if you can take advantage of the Christmas offers of the “Shopping Week”), New York is beautiful at this time of year. Absolutely everything is decorated and full of icons that, based on seeing them in the cinema, have become familiar: New Year’s Eve in Times Square, the giant tree and the skating rink of the Rockefeller Center. And if dad or mom are runners, you can always take advantage of them to participate in the Midnight Run of Central Park, a very peculiar San Silverware in which more than one is disguised.

Tuscany, Italy

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At Christmas the beautiful Italian Tuscany acquires a very special air. Cities such as Siena, Florence or Arezzo welcome living cribs that will transport you to your childhood and everything is decorated with a very Italian taste. Take advantage to see their mangers and to enjoy the typical cuisine of these dates in Italy with one or more pane tones.

London, England

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Any excuse is good to return to London and the truth is that at Christmas the British capital puts on his best clothes. It is ideal for a family trip because they celebrate the Christmas with children holidays in style: fireworks from the South Bank next to the London Eye, decorations everywhere, the giant Christmas tree of Trafalgar Square, the skating rinks next to the Tower of London, Hyde Park turned into Winter Wonderland and the markets are an irresistible temptation.

Sydney, Australia

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From time to time, you want to escape from the cold and a Christmas with children in the sun can be a perfect plan to enjoy as a family. In the antipodes, these festivities are celebrated with a summery climate, perfect to discover new traditions such as fireworks and barbecues on the beach. There the gifts are distributed by Swag Man, a peculiar character who is dressed in a hat, a blue tank top and shorts, accompanied by a kangaroo during his travels. Very appropriate for Australia !

Sahara, Morocco

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Maybe Morocco is not the most Christmas place in the world … but celebrating Christmas sleeping in a tent in the middle of the desert under the light of the moon and the stars has its magic. And more if we imagine that, perhaps, the Magi went through the same dunes as us. The experience can be combined with routes in 4 × 4 or traditional cooking workshops in which the whole family can participate.

Vienna, Austria

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Vienna is an icon when it comes to celebrating Christmas with children. The capital of Austria lives these days with intensity and is ideal for the whole family to soak up the most authentic Christmas spirit. Although getting tickets for the New Year ‘s Concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Vienna at the Musikverein is almost impossible (are drawn and resale prices are prohibitive), see it on the big screen of the Town Hall Square is free. Their Christmas markets are perfect and they are full of delicious food and drink.

Bethlehem, Palestine

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The story tells that the Baby Jesus was born in a stable in the town of Bethlehem, nowadays in Palestine. It is one of the essential places to visit at Christmas with children for the most believers. Perhaps there are no ornaments, no lights, but the spirituality of the moment is intact. If you have time, go to Jerusalem to visit the oldest church in the world, the Basilica of the Nativity of 335 AD, live the Miss led Gallo in the Church of Santa Catalina or in the Field of the Shepherds, where it is said that the angel He gave the good news.

Finally, December has already arrived , and with it the decorations and Christmas lights . The time of year in which family reunions and magic abound is also when the children have holidays and are eager to enjoy them. For this reason, we wanted to offer you some plans to do at Christmas with children. It is clear that nobody enjoys Christmas like  children. For them it is a magical time in which they will receive the gifts they love the most, provided they have behaved well throughout the year, of course. But the real magic of Christmas is not in the material: it is the best opportunity for the whole family to make plans and spend unforgettable moments together, which they will remember for a lifetime.

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