Most beautiful jamaica beaches

Most beautiful jamaica beaches

When you think of dreamy places, where the water has a deep blue color and the sand looks like gold, you think about the treasures that Jamaica can offer. The land is full of beauty. A paradise with many facets and many colors. The white of the sand, the blue of the sea and the sky, the green of the forests. These are the wonders that the traveler finds on all the beaches of the Caribbean. And for his part, Jamaica is a bit like the home of all these wonders. Halfway between the desire to relax and let go and the desire to party and let loose. Jamaica is certainly the queen among the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. And now we tell you why you should plan a vacation here.

Ocho Rios

It’s hard to believe that Ocho Rios was once a quiet fishing village, not even too far away. Today, in fact, the scenario that presents itself to visitors is completely different: tourists everywhere. Most of them arrive from ships from the numerous cruise ships. In short, we are perhaps not at the levels of Montego Bay, but little is missing. Suffice it to say that the beaches are not the main attraction of Ocho Rios. On the contrary: this wonderful place is full of must-see destinations.

For example, Dunn’s River Falls, the most famous waterfall in Jamaica which – for this reason – is very crowded but also spectacular. One of the most photographed places, about 180 meters of moving water flowing from one natural terrace to another. With the assistance of a guide, it is also possible to climb to the summit, descend by a safe route and immerse yourself in the cool lagoon for a quick swim.

Right outside the city, you should definitely visit Blue Hole. A magical place made up of a series of picturesque pools in the middle of the jungle 25 minutes away by car. It is accessed from a small lagoon using a rope swing, a bit like Tarzan. Then, following the guide, you go up a short path of about ten minutes to a huge waterfall. Below there is a cave that will surprise you. For a tropical adrenaline rush, Rainforest Adventure Mystic Mountain is recommended: the chairlift perched on the river forest is something unique, the view of the cruise ship port too. And there is no shortage of the roller coaster. Dolphin Cove is instead the marine park that is home to the beloved dolphins.

The Nine Mile tour takes you to the birthplace of Bob Marley, reggae legend: if you are passionate, you cannot do without it. You can also enter the singer’s hit, two simple rooms full of memories. With many original photographs that tell of his most intimate life. Next to the cottage is the so-called Bob Marley mausoleum, where the artist was buried. In the small shop, you can find all sorts of souvenirs, while the restaurant offers vegetarian cuisine. Every February 6, Bob Marley’s birthday, concerts are held that are popular with reggae fans.


From a satellite place of Ocho Rios to a renowned place that shines with its own light. All thanks to a beach characterized by its white sand of the Great Antilles, very fine, with the advantage of being less frequented up to now than other more famous locations. Yet Runaway Bay has nothing to envy to the competition. In a context of great relaxation and tranquility. Here it is possible to better appreciate the many beauties of nature and, ultimately, enjoy the true Caribbean atmosphere.

In the period between January and May, the best climatic conditions are found to enjoy this magic. The wind is dry, the rains very rare and the heat much more bearable. The climate, in fact, becomes wetter from June to November with widespread cloudiness. Hurricanes? Between July and November, but these are rare events.         

The Columbus Park Museum opens between the coast road of Runaway Bay and the sea of ​​Discovery Bay, further west. Admission is free and all that remains is to delve into this open-air exhibition of old artifacts that tell the story of a corner of Jamaica where Christopher Columbus also landed. Founded in 1745 by the British, the Seville Great House heritage park is also open to the public with a collection of tools used by African slaves: five centuries of Jamaican history.

Not far from here, here are the Runaway Caves. These are limestone caves once inhabited by the Arawak populations. They keep the secret of an underground lake into which water can be entered aboard a boat. Here the Spanish troops hid to escape the English.

And again, Hedonism III is a very special resort. It hosts nudist weddings. But for those who prefer more traditional solutions, all kinds of services are available for practicing water sports and fishing, playing golf, tennis and beach volleyball, horseback riding, venturing on a river safari by kayak, cycling.


It is certainly a good starting point from which to start exploring all of Jamaica, in the lush nature, between wonderful waterfalls, forests, jungles, and dream beaches. From Negril any excursion is possible, but in the meantime, spending some time at Seven Mile Beach is not a bad idea at all. It is a strip of white sand about 7 kilometers long , bathed by wonderful water.

Walking along with it, walking on the sand, is a very pleasant experience. With inevitable stops to admire the huts with souvenirs, the craft markets. Or for a cocktail on the beach where you will be charmed by the “psychedelic” sunset. The West End landing place reserves for the visitor food markets, small family-run taverns, and, above all, access to coral reefs to be discovered while snorkeling. Those who want to walk can climb the 103 steps of the Negril Lighthouse and discover an unparalleled view of the Caribbean Sea

A must is Rick’s Cafe, the very famous place where you can taste Jamaican beers while listening to live music and admiring the view. This also includes the cliff overlooking the sea, from where the local kids – in exchange for a tip, unless you want to try your hand directly – are ready to dive into the sea, drawing trajectories that are as spectacular as they are frightening due to their danger. In the evening, outdoor beach parties are everywhere, advertised on flyers crowding house walls and lamp posts.

Excursions to Ys Falls are organized here . A minibus takes you to your destination in about two hours, the scenery is worth the trip and deserves a nice dip. On Bamboo Avenue, a stop will be useful to admire the side dish and enjoy a coconut milk drink. On the way back, then, there will be time to stop at the Black Driver where on a boat you can move around the lagoon among the crocodiles. Speaking of waterfalls, the Mayfields in Hanover Parish are also worth a visit.

Montego Bay

Donald Sangster Airport opens the doors of a hugely popular tourist destination to tourists from all over the world. Montego Bay, due to the millions of visitors it hosts every year, is considered the tourist capital of Jamaica. The climate here is tropical, with temperatures between 23 and 30 degrees, often accompanied by a high level of humidity. The crystalline sea gives absolutely extraordinary colors that make this place similar to an earthly paradise: the sand is white. The water has an incomparable blue for how bright it is. And the tropical vegetation surrounds each landscape with a thousand shades of green, under a sky deeply blue.

The forests are home to colorful birds, starting with toucans and parrots. However, it is better not to venture too far (and without guides) in the wildest areas: it is not unlikely to meet snakes, crocodiles, or very often poisonous spiders. Montego Bay’s beaches inspire serenity but are also the perfect backdrop for any sporting activity. Doctor’s Cave Beach is famous because it is believed that therapeutic waters gush out. Along the coast, there are clubs where you can obviously dance to the rhythm of reggae music. After all, it is in Montego Bay that the Reggae Sumfest has been held every year since 1993.

The Marine Park is a protected area and extends along the coast. An authentic paradise for snorkelers, ideal environment for tropical fish with the coral reef just a few meters from the shore. Diving or boat trips: you choose the best way to discover and savor these beauties. But also the center of Montego Bay is worth a visit, every year the cultural and gastronomic offer increases in addition to the typical bars and characteristic corners.

A further destination takes us to Rose Hall, a Georgian villa built at the end of the 18th century. And endowed with rather sinister fame due to the legend of the White Witch. It is said that the landlady, Anna Palmer, was a ruthless killer capable of eliminating husbands and lovers, buried in nameless graves. Let’s also add the ingredients of voodoo rites and black magic, and here the legend is made. And many tourists visiting the villa swear they feel the presence of the White Witch.

Falmouth Beach

If we say that it is known as the ” Glistening Waters ” or the ” luminous lagoon “, don’t you want to rush to visit it? First of all, we start from the small village where there is a guesthouse at a good price, the country has kept its ancient Georgian splendor, has intact the original Caribbean colonial architecture . From here the excursion can start. The lagoon is called luminous due to the presence of some microorganisms that light up if stimulated, therefore even if only touched.

An almost unique phenomenon in the world. We leave at sunset, by boat, the tour lasts about an hour. At a certain point, at sea, the captain of the boat will turn off the lights. And all these small fluorescent organisms in motion will reveal themselves to the sight of the water. If you want you can take a dip in that luminescent water.

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