The 25 most popular destinations to travel in the world

travel in the world

The 25 most popular destinations to travel in the world

Most popular destinations to travel in the world is so big that when we travel we need inspiration to decide for one destination or another. Nowadays we can reach practically any corner of the planet; we look at maps , we read travel books,, we see movies and images shared on social networks by other travelers.  It’s so hard to choose between all the options we have at our fingertips!

For this, nothing better than being advised by the experience of others who traveled before us. Like every year since 2002, the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards collect the most popular destinations in the world: the best, chosen by those who know best , the travelers themselves. Winning destinations are selected annually through an algorithm that takes into account the comments shared and the scores that appear on this website specialized in collecting opinions from different users.

Bali, Indonesia most popular destinations

The island of Bali , in Indonesia, is number one. Why will it be? It is possible that the beaches are white sand like Lovina Beach , the intense green of its jungles in the National Park of Western Bali , the ancient temples (more than 10,000) or the different hiking trails. Rent a motorbike to move around the island: do not forget to go to the Tanah Lot temple to see the sunset, get lost by the rice fields of Jauntily or in Tegalalang , choose a beach or lake, visit a volcano or even take advantage of the opportunity to get married. Bali is the Island of the gods!

London, Great Britain

Although they circulate on the left and measure distances in miles and yards, London is the most popular of the cities in the world. History and character, monuments that are true icons such as Big Ben or the very traditional taxis are ingredients for a perfect getaway . There is everything for everyone: the art of Tate Modern , the hottest fashion trends through its streets, the markets like Camden, the different parks to walk. Climb to the London Eye , London can only be covered from the heights.

Paris France

most popular destination to travel

It could occupy the first position among the most popular cities in the world; but this time, Paris , has remained in the third position. The city of light, of love, the city of literature, is full of enough attractions for a life. It is the only city that has two of the ten most interesting places in Europe : the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. But what else? A whole class of art in the Louvre Museum , stroll through its neighborhoods like Marais or the Latin Quarter , enjoy the cuisine in some of its bistros , stroll along the banks of the Seine or visit the world of Amélie Poulain, Paris never ends!

Rome Italy

The eternal city is a history lesson for any traveler. Also, who has not felt the need to travel to Rome after watching some classic Fellini movie? Or who has not wanted to travel the city on Vespa as in Holidays in Rome ? There is so much to do in Rome: go to the center of the Roman Empire, see the Colosseum and all the archaeological ruins, the Pantheon, cross the Sant’Angelo Bridge, Plaza España, be amazed by the works of art of the Vatican Museums. The Basilica of St. Peter of the Vatican, in addition, is the most popular tourist attraction of all in Europe.

New York, USA

If there is a universal idea of a city, that is what New York embodies . We have seen it so many times in movies, that when you visit it for the first time it seems that you walk from scene to scene. This city is boundless and has so many faces that it would take different lives to say that it is well known. Strolling through Central Park in the fall or spring, going to MoMA , the cradle of modern art, seeing the Statue of Liberty, mythical skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building , crossing the Brooklyn Bridge , Little Italy, Coney Island, is just one Small part of everything you can do in New York .

Crete, Greece

most popular destination to travel in the world

History and charming beaches are the main reasons for many travelers to consider this island of Greece , the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea, as one of the most popular destinations in the world. Crete was the cradle of the god Zeus and the origin of the Minoan civilization, the oldest known in Europe. In ancient times it was called the “island of olive trees” and today it still has a large number, which makes its landscape an authentic beauty topped by beaches such as Elafonisis and Kechodassos .

Barcelona, Spain

The city of the Mediterranean welcomes travelers from all over the world who come enchanted by the surprising forms of Gaudi’s architecture , by the lively streets such as the Ramblas , the varied museums, the most urban trends, exhibitions, bars and restaurants at the last. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city but you can still walk as if it were a town, with the different personality of each of its neighborhoods. The Sagrada Familia , the popular atmosphere of the Boquería Market , the Gótic , the Raval , the cultural atmosphere of Gràcia , are just some essential.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Many travelers agree that in this city of Cambodia , in the province of Siem Reap, you can see some of the best sunrises in the world . If we add the ancestral ruins of the temples of Angkor Wat, we will have two of the main reasons why Siem Reap is among the 25 most popular destinations in the world. The temple of Banteay Srei, next to the jungle, the stilts of Lake Tonlé Sap and the night market of Siem Reap will transport you to the origin of a fabulous culture that continues to leave behind the atrocities of the Pol Pot regime and its Khmer Rouge.

Prague, Czech Republic

This city is a classic of Europe. At the same time it is the bohemian atmosphere of a modern city and the magic of a fairy tale. Prague is perfect for a weekend getaway with your partner or friends; but also an ideal place to spend a long vacation. This is a destination where you will never run out of time, because it has the famous astronomical clock , a marvel both artistic and technological, right in the historical heart of the Czech capital. An essential plan is to walk through the narrow streets of Staré Mesto, the Old City and cross at dusk the Charles Bridge with its thirty statues that seem to watch the artists, musicians and walkers.

Phuket, Thailand

discover most popular destination

Many travelers agree: Thailand is the best destination to start getting to know Asia. So, Phuket is the beginning. The largest island in Thailand has dreamy beaches such as Patong and Karon Beach, always very visited, or the more isolated as Surin Beach. In the area of Chalong and Kata, is the main symbol of the island, a large white Buddha 25 meters high that gives us amazing views of Phuket. Another entertainment is strolling through the lively historic center of the city as a contrast to the emerald waters that surround the island.

Istanbul, Turkey

First it was Byzantium, then Constantinople and now Istanbul. The city is a historical crossroads of cultures: Istanbul  was the capital of four empires. Perhaps for this reason, and because of its location on the Bosphorus, it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Istanbul is two worlds at once: yesterday and today, united by the Galata Bridge . A visit to the city will take us to discover treasures such as the Blue Mosque , Hagia Sophia , or the sumptuousness of the Topkapi Palace . All this without forgetting to browse through the thousands of shops of the Grand Bazaar.


In the most turquoise Caribbean we find Jamaica, a melting pot of cultures from Africa, Asia and Europe. If we were to think about destinations in a musical key, with this island there is no confusion: it sounds like reggae and Bob Marley was its icon. Jamaica is a mountainous surface surrounded by beaches bathed by the Caribbean Sea. A dream scenario to visit with places like the waterfalls of Dunn’s River or the famous cliff of Negril Cliffs .

Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam is an increasingly popular destination among travelers from all over the world, and the coastal city of Hoi An is one of its jewels, although it does not look anything like the rest of the country’s cities. Set to travel to Hoi An, do it on the 14th of each lunar month, because that night the stage takes on magic when illuminated by traditional colored lanterns instead of electric light. The old part of the city is a World Heritage Site ; To learn more about the history of the place you have to visit the Chapel of the Tran Family and for a photo, the Japanese Bridge is one of the favorite places for travelers.

St. Petersburg, Russia

a most popular destination

The second city of Russia is a window to the West. St. Petersburg , unlike Moscow, is a friendly city to be paraded as for example by Nevsky Avenue . It was built looking at the best of French architecture, and as a result we found the amazing Winter Palace, which transports us to the times of the tsars . Another architectural gem, this one of “Russian style”, is the Church of the Savior on the spilled blood, a beauty of orthodox temple that is an icon of the city. For lovers of art, one of the most important art galleries in the world awaits you, the Hermitage Museum .

Roatán, Honduras

In Central America is this  paradise in the form of an archipelago . One of those islands is Roatan; but Utila and other inhabited keys are also famous. The Bay Islands, as they are known to this set of islands of Honduras , are a popular place among lovers of water sports; especially among divers. Surrounded by reefs, its waters are calm and are inhabited by a lot of marine life so they are perfect for scuba diving . The prices of the academies are very competitive.

Marrakech, Morocco

The “red city”, named for the color of its buildings, especially with the light of dusk, is one of the imperial cities of Morocco . Although Rabat is the capital of the country, Marrakech has become a modern and densely populated metropolis. In spite of them, when walking through its Medina or seeing a twilight on the square of Yamaa el Fna , one is transported to a magical time. The sound of the place, the traditional Moroccan hospitality, the craftsmanship and the beautiful architecture are still arguments to visit the city.


The keys are small islands that are formed on the surface of colares. They are delicate ecosystems; but beautiful. Being surrounded by coral, its waters are shallow and very colorful. Belize is a jewel for divers. The largest island in Belize is Ambergris Caye. The mecca of diving is a well of water in limestone more than 120 meters deep, the famous Blue Hole .

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

When you climb to the highest point of the city on the mountain of Corcovado, as for example to the viewpoint of the Statue of Christ the Redeemer , you can see the fabulous location and beauty of Rio de Janeiro . The Botafogo inlet is a spectacular landscape . Rio de Janeiro is a place of mythical beaches, such as Ipanema or Copacabana, a place where Brazilian rhythm, festivity and joy attract visitors from all over the world. You can not leave without going up to the icon of the city, the “Pan de Azúcar”, the 338-meter-high rock, which is accessed by a cable car with impressive views.

Island of San Martin

A Caribbean jewel shared by the French and the Dutch on the same level. Legend has it that the cast did it through a physical test: one chosen among the French and another among the Dutch, they would run along the coast until they met again. The meeting point would be the dividing line. Rumor has it that the French gave the Dutch participant a gastronomic night full of good wine. The result is that the Dutch runner advanced much less than the French. Therefore, the French part of the island is larger. Be that as it may, the island has more than 35 beaches that are a delight .

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen was once a small fishing village located in the state of Quintana Roo, in Mexico . Today is one of the most visited sites in the Riviera Maya. The blue skies and the white sand beaches next to a turquoise sea typical of the Caribbean Sea are constant in its landscape. Playa del Carmen is one of the main most popular destinations in the world of diving. But if you get tired of the sea water, you have the option to bathe in one of the cenotes that are in the area. And if you get tired of soaking, you can explore the ruins of Coba , an ancient Mayan city.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a modern city stolen from the desert. It seems inconceivable that a city like this has risen as quickly as it has been done: huge skyscrapers, some are icon of the most contemporary architecture, luxury exhibition, eccentricities, power. It is surprising to find the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world , projecting towards the sky, or to see Burj Al Arab up close, the only hotel in the world with 7 stars . But there is also some tradition preserved, such as the abra, the traditional boats that run along the Creek of Dubai, on whose shores is the souk of spaces or gold. To know its history it is essential to go through the Center for Cultural Understanding Jeque Mohammed.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

popular destination to travel in the world

The pirate Francis Drake was the first Englishman to arrive in the Cayman Islands, an archipelago that is a jewel in the Caribbean Sea and is next to Cuba and Jamaica. Since then, its islands sound like adventure. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands and George Town, the capital, attracts cruise ships attracted by duty-free shops. If you get away from the bustle of the docks, you can go on a trip to Stingray City to bathe with stingrays or snorkel in the barrier reef . To know more wildlife of the place, it is convenient to visit the Turtle Farm, a delight for young and old alike.

Kathmandu, Nepal

The capital of heaven: a city full of mysticism in Nepal. There is constant bustle in the traffic chaos, bicycles, cars and motorcycles, but just walk a few hours through the Thamel neighborhood to discover that the Nepalese people do not lose their sympathy and kindness. In the vicinity of Kathmandu we find 8 of the 14 eight-thousanders in the world . And maybe that’s why, this is a land of legends and adventurers. The best known legend is the one that has to do with the Yeti; so if you dare, the adventure is waiting for you in this Asian country.

Bora Bora, Society Islands

Perhaps few places in the world arouse as much fascination as these islands in French Polynesia, one of the most serious postulants to the paradisiacal place in the world. Here you will find some of the most spectacular beaches in the world that have attracted adventurers and artists throughout history. Bora Bora is an atoll with a central mountainous area that is surrounded by a coral reef barrier and numerous islets. Can you imagine a place like that? The sea is so crystalline that boats, by optical effect, seem to float instead of navigate.

Cuzco, Peru

most popular destination

A trip to the encounter of the Inca mysteries passes safely through Cuzco, the capital of Peru. However, the Peruvian Constitution recognizes this city next to the Andes mountains as the “historical capital” of the country. It was founded, nothing more and nothing less, than by the children of the Sun God, or at least that is what Inca mythology says. From the city you can do a lot of excursions to know the Sacred Valley of the Incas or make the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu . Stroll through the Market of San Pedro to take the pulse of the day to day of the people of Cuzco and dare to take a traditional breakfast to get enough energy and go out to discover the myth of the Incas.

Finally, among the 25 most popular destinations in the world is the city  in addition, you will find a lot of beach, paradisaical islands, urban trips to the most vibrant cities and some mountain so that the adventure never fails. You could go around the world adding all the places in this list one by one. Without a doubt, it would be a return to the world of the most popular, do not you think?

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