Getaways: route through the best tapas bars in Granada

tapas bars

Getaways: route through the best tapas bars in Granada

Tapas bars-We have talked a lot about what to see in Granada and the infinite charms, innumerable, capable of surprising you at each visit-of a city with the legacy, tradition. And attractiveness of this capital. Whether it’s a relaxing getaway, urban leisure or skiing in the Sierra Nevada, the city of the Alhambra is always a good destination to travel at any time of the year. Aware of the reasons why choose this southern city with Arabic charm. It is still known where to eat in Granada to round off the experience with the best charming restaurants. The tapas bar that you cannot miss and the final gastronomic route to appreciate Granada with all the senses.

What to do in Granada: the best tapas in the city of the Alhambra

best tapas bars

If anything characterizes this Andalusian capital is that any drink, however small, will be accompanied by a generous cover that would be worth the visit to the city alone. This phenomenon is not common in the rest of the country here has become an art. With such a varied and tasty offer that it is difficult to choose where to eat or dine in Granada to not miss any of the proposals. More delicious Tourism, culture, history, monuments, gastronomy, restaurants, the Andalusian city is all this and much more.

Where to eat in Granada: best tapas bars Granada

Although, as we have already said, a trip to Granada from time to time never hurts, so you can discover the best places of the tapas culture. We have prepared this selection of renowned bars from Granada.

Where tapas in Granada? Route through the area Bib Rambla – Cathedral

tapas bars in Granada

In the downtown area, from Bib-Rambla to the cathedral, there are authentic icons of tapas from Granada with views of the Red Fort. Very close to the Barcelo Carmen Granada hotel, one of the best options to visit the center and its bars and restaurants. Granada and its gastronomy offer the perfect opportunity to discover the monumental center from the Plaza de Bib-Rambla, full of terraces. And colorful flower kiosks. If you are going to tapas in Granada, do not forget to visit the nearby Plaza de la Pescadería and La Romanilla, surround. The cathedral through the Pasiegas square and Alonso Cano square. And get lost in the old silk bazaar known as the Alcaicería. You will dive into the best Spanish tapas .

What to see in Granada: 5 places outside the Alhambra

Variety is the essence of life in this tapas bar whose tasty recipes reflect the Arab influence of the city. With any consumption a wide variety of dishes is offered to choose from, including an exquisite cous cous. And with vegetarian and gluten-free options that do not renounce a bit of flavor.

La Pililla is, above all, a traditional restaurant where you can sit down in a bar or in one of the typical Granada tables. And try a good tapa. Here time passes to another rhythm and one can enjoy the after-dinner. And the surroundings while savoring local products.

More tapas bars in Granada: route through the City Hall – Navas area

the best tapas bars in Granada

In the heart of the city, discover in the Plaza del Carmen, the old convent of Carmelitas, current City Hall, and continue the visit by Navas street. Here lies the authentic essence of tapas in Granada and its carefree spirit, from which you can stay hosted in Occidental Granada , especially. If you choose to make a stop in the new gastrobar that the hotel has. “Jamar” is a bar restaurant that was created by the chef Silverio Ramos, known for its 100% homemade cuisine and for using seasonal products of excellent quality. A great way to start the gastronomic tour of this city and start your visit to the historic center.

Los Diamantes the most emblematic tapas bar in Granada

Los Diamantes is one of the places of worship where tapas in Granada  of worship in the capital. So it is usually always quite full. But it is worth waiting. And here tapas are authentic rations that have triumphed in each of its three establishments in the city. As they are specialists in fried fish, normally the tapas are usually of this type. Prawns, anchovies or fried sardines. Although their options of meat and meat are more than recommended.

Restaurants and tapas bars in Granada

From tapas to the most traditional neighborhood of Granada, declared a World Heritage Site. The options become endless. One of the most fun areas of the city, from Plaza Nueva to the Paseo de los Tristes, which houses all the activity of the center. It is this spirit that shares the Allegro Granada hotel. Making available to all guests leisure offers that go into the wonderful neighborhood of Albaicin. There you will find the famous viewpoint of San Nicolas. On the way back to the center you can visit the Sacromonteo, go down to Elvira Street next to the Caldereria. A trip to Granada is not complete without a walk through these corners.

Casa Julio one of the best restaurants in Granada

It is one of those places with its own personality, where one does not feel like a tourist but as a local. Only with entering you will be transferred to the purest essence of the city, that of the typical bars with a charming staff. And dreamy tapas. Raciones more than abundant, specialized in fried fish and to accompany with a good cold beer or a glass of local wine. Casa Julio, must-see!

Babel World Fusion, international food and original tapas

Home to almost every meal in the world,  Babel World Fusion  does not renounce the tradition of tapas but adapts it to the most original flavors you can find in the city. From Indian flavors to Mexican, African or Asian, this alternative to dine in the city offers a respite from fish fry. In addition, they have vegetarian and vegan tapas options   to suit all tastes.

Castaneda Winery a place you have to visit in Granada

the best tapas bars in Granada

Its appearance is that of a tavern of all the life and is very famous because its products are of the most traditional and tasty, especially the peculiar ones combined, like the follaza. You have to try the vermouth, although any drink is accompanied by its cover for the small price of two dollars, with which to taste products from the garden, fried, bravas and many other delicious things.

Aliatar Los Caracoles, do not forget to visit it during your trips to Granada

Los Caracoles is included in all the maps and, as you would expect, the snail cover is the specialty of the house. The seasoned potatoes are also common, which make the visit to the nearby Mirador de San Nicolás with panoramic views of the Alhambra even better .

Where to dine in Granada: tapas route through San Anton – Alhamar

A tour that starts at the modern facilities of the Palacio de Congresos and the Paseo del Salón, crossing the banks of the romantic Genil River and a step away from the Barceló Granada Congress hotel , with U-Wellness, Fitness Center with views of the Sierra Nevada and a new Restaurant that should be a mandatory stop on this route: Arrozante , with its own gastronomic concept based on rice. In the direction of San Antón street, Calle Alhamar awaits you, another great bet to tapas with the best quality.

El Reventaero, among the recommended tapas bars in Granada

The Reventaero is a must on any route to tapas in Granada . It is very popular and traditional, its tapas are giant and, in addition, they put a sweet tapa even with coffee. It’s another bar that always fills up, so if you want to secure a place, you can bet better to go during the week.

Bar Minotauro Coffee and tapas, at the foot of the Alhambra

discover tapas bars

El Minotauro is another of the tapas bars where you can eat with a couple of drinks. And a couple of tapas, simple but very abundant. As usual, each tapa with consumption costs less than two dollars. And the threads, very typical in the city, are usually the main protagonists of this place. Another of the great charms of the Minotauro are its sausage plates and Iberian cheeses. Impossible to resist!

In addition to how cheap and rich everything is, it is a very peculiar establishment for its decoration. Full of napkins stuck on the wall with messages from visitors. The university atmosphere gives very good vibrations. And it is almost impossible not to be seduced by that relaxed atmosphere and the joy of living in Granada. Have we managed to whet your appetite?

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