Travel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world!

Travel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world!

Travel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world!

Travel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world! Living abroad can be an exciting experience, an opportunity to open your mind and is the best way to learn about new cultures. Better still if you spend less money than you would spend remaining at home. Here are five of the cheapest countries in the world to live or to take a vacation, maybe longer and more intense than the usual trip. Places very different from the standards we are used to, places where life has another rhythm and different needs.

1. ThailandTravel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world!

The land of smiles does not need further presentation. We say that the life and culture of these parts, in South East Asia, is able to make us feel foreigners (western) welcome. If you have already been there, you will know the satisfaction of walking through the stalls of a market, paying 25 baht (less than 1 euro) for a plate of fried rice, then sit on a plastic chair and watch the world go by. Then there are the cozy and cheap houses to rent, you may find yourself in a beach hut. What a misfortune, right? Between one-euro beer and very cheap buses, you could cross the whole country with what you would spend to go from one city to another in Italy … And nobody prevents you from doing it! Moreover, living here is practically cheaper than a sightseeing tour. In Bangkok, for example, a small apartment costs about 100 euros a month and if you move to places like Chiang Mai, prices can go down to 30 euros. With little money – less than an average rent payment – you could maintain a more than a decent lifestyle for a month or more. Flights to Thailand

2. CambodiaTravel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world!

This country has a very complex history and, for now, it is not among the most popular destinations, but there are few places in the world where it is cheaper to live than Cambodia, indeed in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Even in the capital, Phnom Penh, you could live with only € 300 a month. An air-conditioned apartment costs about 150 euros a month, a bit more expensive than in Bangkok, but definitely a cost that can be faced alone, even if it is always better to share the expenses. Compared to Thailand, food and drinks are probably cheaper. With less than two euros you can fill your stomach in a local restaurant, while the drinks cost about one euro. Costs that are lowered even if you go around the teeming street markets. Flights to Cambodia

3. PhilippinesTravel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world!

Can a budget of 400 euros be enough to make an interesting holiday? Certainly and also with fascinating cities and a myriad of beautiful beaches, indeed, it is the second largest archipelago in the world. A small apartment in the smaller cities is around 30 euros, while in the largest and most frequented centers the figure rises to around 140 euros. Even here, eating and drinking is cheaper than in Thailand, a beer costs around 50 cents, while a full meal in the most famous and expensive places reaches a maximum of 8 euros. Drastically cheaper in smaller and less busy locations. Flights to the Philippines. It is one of the cheapest countries.

4. Costa RicaTravel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world!

This is one of the best destinations in Latin America, regardless of how much you want to spend, even better you’re on a tight budget. The most expensive part, as for other destinations, could be flying, but in this case, you would have the privilege of flying over a stretch of the Caribbean and Pacific coast! Do we want to stay on 400 euros a month as a ceiling? Great, you will have no problem, at most in San Jose expect to pay a little more. If you venture out of the capital, the prices drop quickly, with entire houses available for only € 150. The food is decidedly exotic, it is well priced and you can have a nice meal with just over 1 euro at a local restaurant. Consider that a bunch of bananas from an outdoor market costs less than 50 cents. Flights to Costa Rica. It is one of the cheapest countries.

5. VietnamTravel low cost: the 5 cheapest countries in the world!

Vietnam is considered to be one of the cheapest and should be at the top of your list of places to stay for a year, or even two years or more. An exalting mix of enchanted landscapes, unparalleled food, and a very lively population. So, once you take into consideration the 140 euros a month for the apartment, how much do you expect to spend for a typical day in Vietnam? If you walk through the myriad of stalls, you could have a nutritious breakfast with some excellent Pho Bo (Hanoi Beef Broth) for only 70 cents, and then get on a bus for less than 1 euro. At the same price, you could have lunch with some good rice or a Vietnamese Curry in a local restaurant for about 3 euros. You certainly will not miss a glass of Bia Hoi at 15 cents. Flights to Vietnam. It is one of the cheapest countries.

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