10 tips for flying with kids safely and carefully

tips for flying with kids

10 tips for flying with kids safely and carefully

Traveling on a plane with babies or small kids can be an adventure with safety. I grew up as a frequent traveler boy. As a mother, I have traveled on a plane several times with my own children. Here are my best tips for flying with kids to keep your trip stress free and help you. By this way, your kids to arrive intact.

Tips for flying with kids

Use your stroller

Use your stroller

Even if your child walks normally everywhere or is a ninja of upbringing. If they fit in your stroller, take it. In addition to holding your child and freeing your back, your stroller can be a convenient place to store all your things together. Keep your diaper bag, coats and any other item you have to carry in your own portable bag.

Do you have a connecting flight? Your stroller is very valuable to carry everything quickly from point A to point B. You will be able to carry your kids and their things and take you to your next fastest flight if your son were on your own.

Get a stroller bag

Protect your investment: Get a stroller bag

Now that your trusty stroller has reached the door, you will have to fold it to mount it on the plane. This will result in visible wear on your stroller, by baggage handlers.

Buy a bag to protect your investment, especially if you have a good stroller. A huge canvas bag or stroller bag is better than nothing, but even better is a padded bag for your stroller. I have a padded bag and it gives me the security of receiving my stroller, from point A to point B in perfect condition.

Use a diaper bag

Use a diaper bag compatible with the stroller

When we fly, we carry a bag just for the baby, a bag for our older child (a backpack that he uses) and a bag that my husband and I share. To help make transporting the baby bag easier, we have a jump board for the diaper bag. It has special clips that attach it to your stroller, and then it easily disengages if you want to carry it like a messenger bag. This particular bag has lots of large pockets both inside and outside, perfect for storing cell phones, water bottles, baby food and more.

important documents

Keep important documents

Between registering with your airline, going through security and boarding the plane, you will need to have your official identity documents and boarding passes handy. You will also want easy access to money or credit cards. Be sure to keep these items hidden in your pockets, to facilitate access and avoid searching your purse.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Between a lot of walking and the dry air circulating in the aircraft, it is easy to become dehydrated. Bringing your own stainless steel water bottle and keeping it full to encourage drinking, is a very good idea. Due to liquid prohibitions, you can keep the bottle empty and fill it after passing through the checkpoint.



There is nothing worse than a grumpy child on a plane. Being hungry (along with the other stress factors of traveling) brings out the worst in everyone, especially children. A personalized lunch box for each member of your family with an assortment of healthy snacks will avoid the odd tantrum. Some of our favorite travel snacks are apples, banana chips, string cheese, sandwiches, bananas, mixed nuts, and dried fruit.

If you are traveling with a baby, you are also authorized to carry pumped breast milk, formula or baby food in the normal amount of liquid allowed. Just be sure to pack all of your baby’s feeding needs in a bag and declare them at the TSA checkpoint.

plan for travel

Have a plan to blow up your ears

Although most adults can blow their ears to order, kids usually need a little help. If you are still nursing, nursing for takeoff and landing will help your baby uncover their ears.

For older kids or infants who are no longer nursing, a sipping cup with a straw is a good option. Large kids can also suck on hard candies to help their ears uncover.

activities of the plan

The activities of the plan

Find out in advance how you and your kids will spend time on your flight. Usually, have a variety of digital and analog activities, games and movies downloaded on our tablet, coloring books, colored pencils, blank paper and some appropriate small toys (quiet) for their age. Be sure to bring a pair of headphones to watch movies or listen to any of the sounds that come out of your device.

Extra package of everything

Take extra diapers, clothes, a shirt for mom, cash, etc. In case an accident happens or if you are late, you will be glad if you are in a hurry.

Avoid getting sick, keeping everything clean

I have a phobia of germs. I need to do everything possible to prevent my kids from being sick while on vacation. While it is always preferable to the use of hand sanitizer with soap and water, we also make liberal use of aerosol disinfection to clean both our hands, as well as the trays and seat handles in our areas. When choosing a disinfectant, look for one that does not have toxic ingredients.

I hope these tips for flying with kids help you stay safe and healthy as you travel with your little ones.

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