10 tips for your trip to the Basque Country

10 tips for your trip to the Basque Country

1. Planning:

As with any trip, it is essential to have a prior idea of ​​what we want to do and experience in the Basque Country. We propose some brushstrokes of what could be a route plan in Euskadi, places to see and experiences to enjoy. Let’s start with some of the most emblematic spaces of our land.

These are just some of the places in our geography, a small example of what we cannot miss on any trip to Euskal Herria.

2. Gastronomy:

Food is an important part of our nature, of our way of being, a special moment in which to enjoy around a table, some vineyards, a cupola (barrel in Basque), or any other space

3. Experiences:

Being a shepherd for a day, enjoying one of the few underwater wineries in the world or sailing down the Bilbao estuary are some of the experiences that await you at your destination. Euskadi is full of adventures to discover.

This is simply an example of what our trip plan could be, a summary or an idea of ​​what we want to see and do once we are in the Basque Country.

4. Route:

Once this summary or basic idea of ​​what the trip is going to be has been done, we must reorganize it so as not to go through the same place twice, we must plan a route to follow. A typical route is to enter from the south (Navarra/ Álava), continue to the north (Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia) and finish in the French Basque Country. In this way, we try to optimize our route to make the most of our vacations in the Basque Country.

5. Suitcase:

Check your travel luggage, an oversight can lead to unexpected problems.

6. Iparralde:

Don’t forget to visit the French Basque Country, an area of ​​incalculable value, simply spectacular. Villages of great value such as Hendaia, San Juan de Luz, or Sara, are mandatory to understand the Basque people. This area is so spectacular that we have a section of our website dedicated to this entire area, informally called Iparralde (north in Basque).

7. Pintxo-poteo:

The concept of pintxos, the name given to Basque gastronomy in miniature, is accompanied in most cases by a poteo of our most traditional wines such as txakoli, Basque cider, a wine from Rioja Alavesa, a beer or a kalimotxo. A compulsory experience, which is concentrated in most of the urban centers of our cities and towns.

8. Cinema:

Cinema reaches its peak in the Basque Country with the celebration of the San Sebastian Zinemaldi and MendiFilm, two events of great worldwide repercussion that annually attract a large number of film lovers.

9. Active tourism:

Thanks to our mountains, beaches, rivers, cliffs, and green pastures, active tourism is one of the key pieces of our tourism, enjoying the environment through sport. An example of all this can be found in the Uribe region, on the Biscay coast.

10. Transport:

We find it very interesting to be able to have private transport during any trip to Euskal Herria. Many of our most striking attractions are located in places that are not very well connected by public transport. The freedom of private transport allows us to optimize our time without having to depend on third parties.

After indicating these little tips for any trip to the Basque Country, we can only indicate that you enjoy our land to the fullest. As we say around here, what happens!

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