4 alternatives for your first trip alone

4 alternatives for your first trip alone

4 alternatives for your first trip alone

4 alternatives for your first trip alone. If there is one thing that unites all the women who found themselves for the first time to sprout the idea of starting alone, this is the doubt. Sometimes it is about pleasant doubts, how to choose the right destination, other times, a series of concerns that risk wrecking the very idea of departure.

Within our Facebook group , many women have shared the fears they are struggling to overcome , ranging from meeting only couples or groups, facing loneliness, not knowing how to organize the days and then dealing alone with possible moments of “Empty”, to the shame of dining and dining alone and the fear of being vulnerable as women alone, a fear that often arises from the concerns of others. The feeling, for some of them, is that of feeling “inferior” to those who have more ease in leaving and organizing trips alone even in very distant lands.

We are not all the same, as there are those who have no difficulty imagining themselves traveling alone there are those who, despite having already made the decision, feel crushed by the fear of achieving this desire. We do not all live alone in the same way. And there is no single goal or way of getting started. Starting from a weekend in a B & B in Tuscany does not mean anything less than a backpacker trip to South America. So, just to celebrate this diversity of organization – in a positive sense – among the “work in progress” travelers, I want to talk about 4 different ways to break the ice. And to leave for that solo journey that you have been dreaming for a long time.

Method 1: weekend out of town4 alternatives for your first trip alone

Arrange to leave for the weekend to a destination near home, choose a cozy B & B and propose activities for its guests (there are many!) And booked for two nights, they are enough for the first time alone. In this way, you will have the possibility to have your privacy, spend time with yourself. But also to socialize and try new experiences.  It is one of the best tips for a first trip alone.

Method 2: return to an already visited place4 alternatives for your first trip alone

This is what I did for my first trip alone. I returned to Portugal, a country that I had already visited and loved. Returning to a familiar place, where you have been well, is a good starting point. You will feel at ease, you will not have the feeling of loss that characterizes most of the trips. And you will already know how to move to organize. I recommend you go back to a different period than the first time. Because it is really beautiful to see how the places change depending on the time of year in which they visit. It is one of the best tips for a first trip alone.

Method 3: Contact an agency4 alternatives for your first trip alone

If you do not feel like organizing everything yourself, especially if your goal is a trip overseas, contact an online travel agency that can offer you a trip based on your needs. And that gives you the confidence to be followed step by step. Without intermediaries and with support 24 hours a day. If your destination is the Center or South America, I suggest you contact Tuttaltromondo. An online travel agency created by 3 Turinese women deeply passionate about this part of the world. Their travel proposals are varied and adaptable to every need. And all have the common denominator of the discovery of Latin America. In addition to the possibility of tailor-made travel. Tuttaltromondoalso the possibility, even if starting alone, to be included in small groups.

Method 4: European capital4 alternatives for your first trip alone

Europe offers the possibility to travel freely within it. And to discover, even moving a few hundred kilometers, a people and culture completely different from ours. Choosing a European capital greatly simplifies the organization of the trip. Because the connections are easy to find, either by air or by land. Each city offers different types of hospitality: hostels, hotels, B & B, rooms and houses on AirBnB and if you have a few days available. You can accommodate on CouchSurfing and live with someone from the place for a few days. In addition, if your main fear is to get bored. And deal with gaps in time, cities offer a series of events, experiences. And opportunities with which you can fill your days from morning to night.  It is one of the best tips for a first trip alone.

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