6 reasons for not starting (immediately) on a honeymoon

6 reasons for not starting (immediately) on a honeymoon

6 reasons for not starting (immediately) on a honeymoon

The honeymoon is the special journey that every couple of newlyweds awaits. And actually, after months and months of preparations in which you have thought of a thousand details. Such as the wedding placeholders for each guest, the participation. The music rather than the choice of the bouquet bride. You will surely want to enjoy well-deserved relaxation. However, there are some reasons that may deter you from setting off on your honeymoon. At least at a very short distance from the wedding. Let’s see them together.

1. You can’t afford it6 reasons for not starting (immediately) on a honeymoon

You know, marriage involves a costly expense and. Unless you have opted for a low-cost wedding with the aim of balancing your budget so that you can also pay for your honeymoon. It is not to be ruled out that you cannot afford a journey for newlyweds due to lack of funds. Moreover, even buying a cheap wedding dress and drawing up a limited list of guests. It is not easy to save money in organizing your wedding.

2. You have other projects in mind

Many couples prefer to invest money in other projects related to marriage. Such as, for example, buying a home or having married shortly after having a child (so much so that you have personalized the wedding invitations by choosing to have the great event right from your child) and you don’t feel like traveling because the birth of a baby imposes established routines.

3. You can’t for business reasons6 reasons for not starting (immediately) on a honeymoon

If due to work commitments you cannot take a vacation period to enjoy your well-deserved honeymoon, think that you can always postpone it. In fact, nothing prevents you from postponing this journey and doing it when it is most appropriate for you.

4. You have organized a Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding (literally: wedding in a destination, .ndr ) is a real wedding ceremony celebrated in a different place from where you live. If you have decided to get married abroad, you can take advantage of this choice to extend your stay and enjoy the honeymoon in the host country. But don’t forget to keep some details of your big day like the bouquet of flowers.

5. You are too tired

The fact that you spent all your energy on organizing your wedding, from setting up the reception room to preparing your original wedding invitations, may have made you too tired to travel and, for this reason, you prefer to quietly stay at home to rest, all the more so if you are not a travel lover or, on the contrary, precisely because you have traveled a lot so far, perhaps for work reasons. Why not organize a weekend in a Spa?

6. Come from different countries

If yours is a case of marriage between foreigners, your concern will probably be to ensure that your loved ones have the means to come to your wedding, or to organize part of the holidays – or at least one visit – in the other country. We add than that, in some cultures, the honeymoon is not a tradition.

If for any of these reasons you cannot make a honeymoon immediately after the wedding, remember that you are always in time to organize a Mini Moon or you can postpone your Honeymoon at a time that suits you best. And then you don’t have to imagine exotic places like the Maldives or Thailand to go! Sometimes even a trip to neighboring places can help just enough to enjoy some healthy relaxation and, in this case, forget about wedding dress rehearsals and more!

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