Basic tips to prepare your trip

prepare your trip

Basic tips to prepare your trip

You already have it decided, you are going to take some time to travel and know the world and you are planning a backpacking trip that can become an unforgettable life experience … Good for you, but before you embark on an adventure there are a series of tips prepare your trip.

Tips for prepare your trip

Visit Australiaprepare your trip

If you are not sure where to go, Australia is one of the main destinations of many backpackers, for its combination of cities, surfing, scenery and excellent facilities for low budget travelers. The trick is to use Australia and its strong currency in our favor. Go to Australia, get a job and save for the rest of the trip to other countries.

Traveling by Busprepare your trip

For many backpackers, an organized bus trip is a wonderful introduction to budget travel and can be a good option to convince parents of the safety of traveling. It is one of the basic tips for prepare your trip.

Take a Curriculum Vitae

Do not leave home without him, but you have to be smart about it. Prepare a generic curriculum and send it by email to our own address so you can print it once in the destination country. We should not underestimate the value of going for door-to-door work. Employers like the initiative and we will have more chances to show them what we value on site than from home. It is one of the best basic tips for prepare your trip.

Limit nighttime outingsprepare your trip

Nightlife is the biggest unforeseen expense of a sabbatical year. Although 10 euros does not seem like an excessive expense when we go out one night in our city, in more than six months of travel we will have spent about 2000, more than on the plane ticket, the insurance, and the accommodation. Decidedly, there are better ways to use the money that has cost us so much to earn.

Respect the norms and customs of each placeprepare your trip

This point is applicable to any traveler. First of all, when in doubt, ask: nobody will call attention to us for taking a photo or entering a temple if we have previously asked for permission. Second, modesty is the best policy. Even in our place of origin, we can be denied entrance to a monastery or church if we go in shorts and t-shirt with handles. Finally, and most importantly, follow the example of the local population at all times.

Beware of electronic devicesprepare your trip

Electronic devices and sabbaticals are not good companions. Nothing can ruin our great adventure more than losing the iPad when falling from a canoe in Madagascar. Nowadays we can find bars with Internet everywhere, and to maintain contact is enough with an old mobile in which to insert a local SIM card.

Prevent possible health problems

The health preparations “have to start eight weeks before traveling”. Going to a specialized clinic is a good idea, but vaccines and travel medications are not cheap. Do not forget the basics: headaches and colds may appear during the trip as they do at home, so we must plan accordingly.

Choose a good insuranceprepare your trip

Without questioning the importance of having travel insurance, it is important to carefully choose the policy. We must hire an insurance policy that is specifically designed for trips of more than 90 days and ensure that it covers medical expenses, legal costs and the loss of personal items or money, especially if we are traveling outside of Europe. It is important tips for prepare your trip.

Travel to Japanprepare your trip

Japan is a land of opportunity for anyone who decides to take a sabbatical year. There are some excellent offers of travel and accommodation, as the country seeks to recover visitors after the earthquake last March.

Moneyprepare your trip

The preload purse cards are becoming the traveler’s best friend. We have to pay a fee to get one but, once loaded with cash, they offer maximum security. In case of theft or loss, for about 10 euros we provide another with the funds we had. In addition, we will obtain more advantageous currency exchange rates and lower commissions for withdrawing money. The Caxton FX Global Traveler card ( is ideal if you are traveling to many different countries and can recharge online, by phone or by SMS.

New friends

On the way, you can make friends for a lifetime. Many of them will be traveling, like us. However, the best moments will be spent on dealing with the local population.

Resist the desire to leaveprepare your trip

It is usual to feel nostalgic on long trips. when we no longer have the courage to continue, maybe a couple of nights of flashpacking will give us back the desire for adventure. The companions who have stayed at home imagine us in an exotic place and they die of jealousy. Remember that also in moments of weakness.

Around the worldprepare your trip

The tickets to travel the world continue to have an excellent price and often offer a flexibility that has disappeared on most of the plane tickets we use to go on vacation. We may not need one, but: it is possible to get round trips with stops in Asia, New Zealand and Australia for less than 1,200 euros; and for a few more euros you can also add North America. South America, will increase the price. If you are looking to escape the crowds, it is best to head south: only 3% of the tickets to travel the world go through Africa.

There are 3 airline alliances that offer the possibility of buying tickets to go around the world: One World, Sky Team and Star Alliance. They all have a route planner that identifies the best connections between two geographical points and calculates the total price of the ticket, including taxes.

Convert a trip into a sabbatical year

If we want to save on everything (from food to travel insurance) and, in addition, have the opportunity to live an experience similar to that of a sabbatical year but fitting it in the summer holidays before going to university, there are organizations that offer A lot of shorter trips to committed travelers, many of which combine adventure and professional work.

Traveling in a groupprepare your trip

There are a lot of projects and organizations to take a sabbatical year. Year Out Group brings together more than 35 of them and offers suggestions and planning tips. All organizations adhere to a letter and a code of practice. It is important tips for prepare your trip.

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