New year, new life: 8 ways to the best travel better in 2019

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New year, new life: 8 ways to the best travel better in 2019

The best travel– 2018 was fantastic, yes, but it has already come to an end. That’s why we’re planning new adventures for the new year that begins. And the best way to prepare these exciting trips is to learn to the best travel in a safer and more efficient way.

We teach you how to buy like an expert and look for new adventures. So you can the best travel better in 2019. Take ideas to plan your 2019 trips.

Maintain a proactive attitude

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Do you want to be like that friend who always gets the bargains? The one who finds a round trip to New York for 200 euros or ends up getting a hotel super-room for four dollars? No, your friend does not have luck, but a proactive attitude. To find these bargains you need to have a bit of skill and, above all, know where and how to look. It may seem like a contradiction, but finding a good offer and traveling spontaneously requires a bit of planning. Our advice? Subscribe to our newsletter It will only cost you a little while and, in return, you will receive the best travel offers directly in your email. What’s more, if you have a destination in mind, you can set Price Alerts and we will let you know if the price of that desired ticket goes up or down.

Be a little more flexible

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It is clear that we all have dates in mind when we are going to the best travel, but you can not imagine how much you could save yourself if you were a little more flexible. Normally we choose to go on vacation during the weekend, but if you start during the week, you will surely save a few dollars.

The best travel to a totally new destination

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It does not matter if you travel to a new continent or if you decide to explore another part of a country that you already know. Whatever you do, make sure you visit at least one new place in 2019. Falling into the routine is easy, so traveling to a completely unknown destination should be at the top of your list of priorities. If you need to take ideas from new destinations. Our tool will allow you to see which sites you can visit according to your budget. Choose the date and the price and discover in the interactive map which are the new destinations to which you can the best travel.

Discover the destinations that are closest to your home

It does not matter if you rent a car, you get a train or you wear hiking boots … This year you have to live a little adventure. Sometimes we find it hard to appreciate what we have next to home and we forget everything that our country can offer us.

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When traveling, forget about Instagram

You can criticize everything you want the overactive photos of your friends’ trips, but we know you’ve planned more than a vacation thinking how beautiful your photos would be on Instagram. However, this year we want to move from the networks and live the moment. Which means that we encourage you to leave the camera at the hotel when you go to visit that ancient temple or choose a destination for its fantastic cuisine, music or culture, instead of thinking how good that image would be on Instagram. You can not imagine the things you can live if you forget the camera for a while.

Watch and listen

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It is hard to decide on a destination if you have never seen it, but traveling is much more than seeing beautiful things. Traveling is feeling and experiencing a lot of adventures. Take the time to listen to the locals, that way you will understand better what your life is like and you will create unique memories that you can take home. Compare how different that destiny is and your city. Look at how people communicate or simply listen in silence while you contemplate the landscape from the top of that mountain that you have taken hours to climb … If you pay attention, all destinations will be unforgettable.

Take care of the planet

If you are on vacation it is very easy to forget about those little things that we all have to do to help the planet be sustainable. Yes, we know that taking a plane is not recommended, ecologically speaking, but there are also ways to respect the environment when you travel. For example, you can use hotel towels more than once or buy a reusable bottle, instead of a disposable plastic bottle. If you want to commit more, buy local products and avoid tourist attractions that have a negative impact on the local community or the environment. As we have already told you, there are many ways to the best travel and to maintain an ethically and ecologically more coherent attitude.

Travel alone

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You have always wanted to do it. Well this year is your year! It does not matter if it is a weekend in that European city that you have always wanted to visit or if you plan a longer trip to Southeast Asia. I’m sure you’re surprised at how rewarding it can be to the best travel alone. You will be the one to set the rules and you will also gain confidence when you have to drive alone, without help from anyone, in the new destination.

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